If you are interested in contributing a few hours a year on an AATSEEL Committee, please contact the committee chairs listed below. If you have a suggestion for a project, write the President of AATSEEL and s/he will help you find an appropriate venue for that project.


Finance Committee - Ben Rifkin brifkin@temple.edu

Nominations, Elections, and Awards Committee - Ben Rifkin brifkin@temple.edu

Outreach Committee - Todd Golding toddgolding@email.com

Program Committee - William Comer wjcomer@ukans.edu

Publications Committee - Julie Buckler buckler@fas.harvard.edu

Slavic Language Program Directors Committee - Jeff Holdeman jeffhold@indiana.edu

Statistics on the Field Committee - Mary Nicholas man3@lehigh.edu

Graduate Student Recruitment Committee - Emily Johnson emilydjohnson@ou.edu

Testing & Professional Development Committee - Richard Robinrrobin@gwu.edu