Kosovo Polje and The Alamo: A Comparative Study in Myth and Nationalism

Charles Wukasch, Prairie View A & M University

The Battle of Kosovo Polje in 1389 has had important historical and cultural ramifications from the Middle Ages until the very present. Indeed, various political and historical commentators have recently attempted to show that many of today's problems in Kosovo have their origins in Kosovo Polje and have demonstrated how recent political figures in former Yugoslavia have used (and misused) the legacy of the battle for political ends.

Other cultures have also attempted to incorporate former battles into their cultural heritage. A good example from American culture is the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. This paper will attempt to demonstrate how a society can use past events to bolster its own legitimacy. In particular, the paper will compare and contrast the Battles of Kosovo Polje and The Alamo from a historical and cultural perspective.