An Intermediate Czech Text from Paper to Screen

Neil Bermel, University of Sheffield

In December 2001, I received a grant from the University of Sheffield to transform a paper-based intermediate Czech proto-textbook I had written into a CD-ROM package. The project, which began in February 2002 and is expected to reach completion in mid-2003, has involved a team from the Sheffield University Learning Media Unit including a lead programmer, graphic designer, and educational consultant, as well as my co-author Ilona Koranova, additional support staff and native speakers.

This talk will focus on some of the instructional issues involved in re-thinking a paper-based course as a computer-based package, and will focus on the parts of the package that are planned for completion by December 2002, including demonstrations where appropriate. Central to the discussion will be an evaluation of what the computer format has added to the original conception, how our plans have changed over the course of the project's initial phases, and an evaluation of how the new package will stack up to the heightened expectations we all have for computer-based language materials.