Advanced Russian Learning Modules on the Web: Ecology, Putin, Disarmament, Chechnya, Computer Piracy

Thomas R. Beyer, Jr., Middlebury College

This is a series of modules designed for Internet-based learning mini-courses that combines Russian language content from the above mentioned areas with guides to using the Internet to search, access and read Russian sources. Each course or module is intended for approximately four weeks of instruction, meeting with an instructor once or twice weekly, but may be utilized for individualized instruction. They have primarily been designed for advanced students of the language, i.e. those at or beyond the Intermediate High level on the ACTFL scale (1+ on the ILR scale). This normally requires several years of study including some significant time spent in a Russian speaking country. Students who are less proficient may still use the course responding to the tasks indicated by "That's too hard!!"

The material in each module is broken down into the following major areas:

Lesson 1 Configuring your computer and browser to read and type Russian. Using Russian search engines. Consulting Russian language aides, general and specific dictionaries.

Lesson 2 Identifying the major themes related to the topic using available Russian and English electronic sources.

Lesson 3 Specialization — picking your own research topic and area.

Lesson 4 The final research report — and you are on your own.

The modules are available free of charge for use by students and instructors. Instructors may with permission adapt the templates for their own use or modify them for their own topic areas.