Elicitation of Independent Forms of Speech Activities in Students - Native Speakers of Russian

Alina Gulak, Long Island University

This presentation addresses some specific orientations to foreign language instruction that was actively implemented at Rutgers University during the past few years. Forms of independent speech activities and their use and functions are discussed. The following forms of speech activities are emphasized:

1. Literary work or feature film reviews;

2. Group reports (history, literature, etc.);

3. Discussions on the following topics: How do you see your future? Different views on various literary works; Problems in higher education, etc.;

4. Theatrical productions;

5. Competitive term papers; History of my family, etc.;

6. Journals and literary miscellany;

7. Film productions: Documentary; Films based on fiction; Films based on students' own screen plays.

The importance of each of these types of classroom activities is discussed.