Using Student-made Video for Evaluation of Oral Communicative Skills

Katya Nemtchinova, Seattle Pacific University

How many students can say that their oral final exam was an extremely enjoyable experience? This is what students think about the course requirement to make a video in the Russian language. Combining the advantages of a creative drama technique and video recording technology, this means of evaluation of oral communicative skills can be very beneficial for students as well as teachers. Students enjoy the opportunity to use meaningful language for communicative purposes in a creative way and to evaluate themselves from aside. Recording a rehearsed presentation on video diminishes test anxiety allowing students to perform to their best ability and turns an intimidating oral examination into a rewarding group project. At the same time the medium of video permits the instructor to bring a creative element into language testing, to assess students’ linguistic progress in a dynamic situation that more or less closely mimics a real-life language encounter, and to consider various aspects of students’ oral performance in a careful way that is not provided by traditional testing media. Drawing on the successful use of student-made video for the assessment of linguistic progress, the presenter will point out its advantages, explain the process of incorporating the video into the course syllabus, discuss the evaluation guidelines and scoring criteria, and provide suggestions for using the technique in a language class. A video developed by second year students will be presented.