Eurasianism and the Works of Nikita Mikhalkov

B. Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz, Independent Scholar

This paper will trace the influence of the ideological movement of Eurasianism in the works of Nikita Mikhalkov, particularly his film Urga/East of Eden. While scholars have looked at the influence of classical Russian literature on the works of Mikhalkov, particularly the work of Anton Chekhov, no attention has been drawn to the influence the popular ideological school of Eurasianism has had on his works. The paper will start by outlining the most important features of Eurasianism, with particular focus being paid to how it constructs cultural and political relationships as outlined by N. S. Trubetskoi in his essay “My i drugie.” (Istoriia, kul’tura, iazyk, 1995, 349-361) and L. Gumilev’s theory of passionarnost’ as postulated in Etnogenez i biosfera (2003). It will then look at how Mikhalkov appropriates these concepts in his treatment of Russian nationality, particularly Urga/Close to Eden and Utomlennye solntsem/Burnt by the Sun .

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