Reflexes of AP-D in Northwest Russian Dialects

Miriam Shrager, Indiana University

Common Slavic is reconstructed by traditional analysis as having three accentual paradigms (AP):  AP-A, AP-B, and AP-C (Stang 1957, Illič-Svityč 1963, Garde 1976, Kiparsky & Halle 1977, Dybo 1981)However, a recent theory (Dybo et al. 1990, 1993) suggests that an additional type can be reconstructed for masculine nouns, an accentual paradigm D (AP-D). This paradigm has characteristics of AP-B and of AP-C, hence is referred to as “the mixed paradigm”. Reflexes of this paradigm were first noted in Croatian Čakavian dialects of Susak and Istra (Illič-Svityč, 1963). Later, similar phenomena were found in west Ukrainian dialects, and recently, in northwest Russian “Kriviči” dialects (Bulatova et al. 1988, Dybo et al. 1990, 1993, Nikolaev 1991).

My paper contains a comparative study of the Kriviči dialects, which is based on materials obtained in recent fieldwork expeditions. A special attention in this paper is given to reflexes of AP-D. Specifically, nouns that have reflexes of this paradigm in northwest Russian dialects are identified, classified, and analysed according to Common Slavic root-vowels. A further quantitative analysis aims at showing that AP-D is indeed a case of retention, and that it points to an archaic isogloss of Common Slavic origin. In addition, the content of the overall nouns of AP-D will be examined in this paper from a morphological point of view with reference to the original noun stems and certain type of deverbatives. 


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