A Note on Contacting AATSEEL

AATSEEL welcomes input from both the organization's members and the public at large regarding ways to improve the content and appearance of the website. Many of the pages on the website are not maintained directly by the webmaster but by volunteers; if a page is maintained by a volunteer, please direct questions regarding that page to that individual.

Correspondence which is of a commercial nature, advertising services, products, or offering collaboration of some sort falls outside the mission of the website and will not be answered. If you desire to advertise a product or service which would be appropriate for our membership, please consider making a posting on SEELANGS (subject to the SEELANGS guidelines for commercial postings); information can be found at https://seelangs.github.io

We also are usually unable to respond to specific requests for research-related information. Again, the best way to find an answer to a question on some aspect of Slavic Studies is to make a posting to SEELANGS, where many professionals will see the inquiry. Another option for reference questions is the Slavic Reference Service https://www.library.illinois.edu/ias/spx/srs/. This is a federally funded, FREE service for all researchers.

If you have questions about the organization, please contact:

Jillian Costello, PhD
Executive Director
AATSEEL of U.S., Inc.
University of Colorado Boulder
276 UCB, McKenna 129

Boulder, CO 80309
Fax: (303) 492-5376
Email: aatseel@colorado.edu

If you have questions about the annual conference, please contact:

Sarah McEleney AATSEEL Conference Manager
Email: aatseelconference@colorado.edu