Book Awards

Year Language Pedagogy Linguistics Literary/Cultural Scholarship Translation
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2002 ACTR. Business Russian. 1999 Greenberg, Marc. A Historical Phonology of the Slovene Language. Universitatsverlag C. (Heidelberg), 2000 TIE: Peterson, Dale. Up from Bondage: The Literatures of Russian and African American Soul. Duke University Press, 2000. AND Safran, Gabriella. Rewriting the Jew: Assimilation Narratives in the Russian Empire. Stanford U. Press, 2000 Bird,Robert, trans. And Wachtel, Michael, Ed. Selected Essays by Viacheslav Ivanov. Northwestern U. Press, 2001
2003 Boyle, Eloise and Genevra Gerhart, Eds. The Russian Context: The Culture behind the Language. Slavica, 2002 Collins, Daniel. Reanimated Voices: Speech Reporting in a Historical Pragmatic Perspective. John Benjamins, 2001 Olcott, Anthony. Russian Pulp: The Detektiv and the Russian Way of Crime. Rowman & Littlefield, 2001. Levine, Madeline. Milosz's ABC's by Czeslaw Milosz. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2001


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