2015 AATSEEL Conference Photo Contest

2015 AATSEEL Conference Photo Contest

Here are this year's winning photos. The theme was "Time". We were interested in photos that capture the coexistence of old and new in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Photo by Irina Pidberejna, University of Central Florida

Moscow, Russia, June 2013. The St. Basil Cathedral is an iconic image of Russia. However this image shows it in a grey tone, wrought with construction, concert set-up and change all around it as it maintains its presence in the new era.

Photo by Jack Pitt, University of East Anglia

The photo was taken in Ljubljana, Slovenia in Spring 2014.This area of the city is home to Metelkova, the autonomous social centre based on former army barracks, which provides a cultural outlet for a lot of young people from the city. However, the area around Metelkova also contains a home for elderly people amongst other things, it noticeable how the two purposes of this area crossover as you walk between them.

Photo by Inna Tigountsova, University of Nottingham

August 2014. An old Soviet children's toy automobile left to rust in the backyard where my Grandmother lived. Former German seaside town Kranz, now Zelenogradsk, Kaliningradskaia Oblast', Russia. About 50 meters to the Baltic Sea. The old red-brick wall in the background is a part of the surviving German structure, made into a Soviet post office, where my Grandmother worked as a telephone operator in the 1950s onwards.