2022 Special Events

The Program Committee is currently working on the conference program, and this page will be updated throughout the months leading up to the conference in February. Check back occasionally for updates.

Groups and individuals seeking space for meetings, events, or other gatherings at the conference should contact AATSEEL's Conference Manager, Rachel Stauffer (aatseelconference@usc.edu) by November 7, 2021 to request space.

If your group routinely holds a meeting at the conference, we have already reached out and asked for scheduling preferences by November 1, 2021.

Organizations seeking to sponsor a coffee break or the President's Reception should contact AATSEEL's Executive Director, Elizabeth Durst (aatseel@usc.edu).

Executive Council Meetings

Thursday, February 17, 2022: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Thursday, February 24, 2022: Time TBD, remote in Zoom

Coffee Breaks in the Exhibit Hall

Friday, February 18, 2022: 10:00am-10:30am
Saturday, February 19, 2022: 3:00pm-3:30pm

President's Reception and Awards Ceremony

Friday, February 18, 2022: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Keynote Address

Saturday, February 19, 2022: 11:00am-12:00pm

"Do We Need to Teach Eighteenth-Century Russian Literature? If Yes, Why and How?"
Irina Reyfman (Columbia University)

Exhibit Hall

Friday, February 18, 2022 and Saturday, February 19, 2022: 9:30am-4:30pm


American Council of Teachers of Russian (Board) (TBD)
American Council of Teachers of Russian (Members) (TBD)
AATSEEL Graduate Student Committee (TBD)
AATSEEL Members Meeting: Saturday, February 19, 2022,10:00am-10:50am
AATSEEL Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion (AWGDI): (TBD)
International Association of Teachers of Czech (TBD)
North American Association of Teachers of Polish (TBD)
Slavic and East European Journal Editorial Board (TBD)
Russian Language Journal Editorial Board (TBD)

Translation Workshop

Details TBD

Poetry Reading

Details TBD

Coming soon!

Panels curated for K-12 teachers by Lauren Nelson (Pritzker College Prep)
Panels curated for graduate students by AATSEEL Graduate Student Committee