Audiovisual Equipment for Presenters

Audiovisual Equipment for Presenters

With the cost of renting audiovisual (AV) equipment for AATSEEL’s annual meeting approaching over $10,000 per year, AATSEEL asks presenters to carefully consider their AV equipment needs, especially their need for an LCD (computer) projector, and to submit all AV requests with their abstracts by August 1.

For presentations on topics such as visual arts, an LCD (computer) projector may be useful and even necessary. In the case of most other papers, however, other means can be used to accomplish the functions of a computer projector with equal efficiency. Handouts usually work as well as or better than projected images, and a DVD/VCR player and monitor can be used to show excerpts from films, TV shows, operas, etc. We ask that you request an LCD projector only if it is absolutely necessary to convey your ideas effectively.

AATSEEL provides the following equipment upon request, at no charge to the presenter:

  • Standard overhead projector (for use with transparencies), cart, screen
  • DVD/VCR player and monitor
  • CD player

Presenters needing an LCD (computer) projector pay a surcharge to defray the cost to AATSEEL of renting the projector, as follows:

  • LCD projector for a single presenter:  $50
  • LCD projector for a panel: $120

AATSEEL is not able to provide laptop computers.

Presenters must submit AV requests by August 1, the second deadline for submitting abstracts.  Presenters requesting an LCD projector must pay the fee by September 30, the deadline for presenters to pre-register for the conference.

Please direct questions regarding AV support at the AATSEEL Conference to Dianna Murphy.