Panel: Thriving under the Influence: Catherine the Great and the European Enlightenment
Organizer: Valeria Nollan, Rhodes College
Phone: (901) 843-3743
Proposed papers to date:
Valeria Nollan, “The Italian-Russian Connection: Catherine the Great’s Reception of Italian Composers, Writers, and Architects at Her Court”

Description: This panel will focus on the rehistoricizing of Catherine occasioned by the bicentennial in 1996 of her death. Instead of being disparaged and dismissed in large part because of her gender or supposed "foreignness" to things Russian, she has been recast in recent years as a far-sighted, talented, and shrewd stateswoman with an abiding desire to bring beauty and intellectual ideas to her subjects. Submissions on any aspect of her political and cultural impact are welcome. We are especially interested in proposals on the reciprocal influence between Russia and Italy, France, and other West European nations in the areas of literature, music, and architecture.

Panel: Translating Poetry and Prose
Organizer/Chair/Discussant: Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College
Phone: (610) 328-8143
Papers: Alexander Burak: “The Soviet Legacy in the “Enlivening” Russian Translation of English Fiction”
Anne O. Fisher: “On Translating Il'f and Petrov’s Twelve Chairs and The Little Golden Calf”
Timothy Sergay: “Pasternak’s Shakespeare Under the Magnifying Glass (Pasternak and Nikiforovskaia)”

Panel: Danilo Kiš
Organizer: Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College
Phone: (610) 328-8143
Description: Seeking proposals on the works of Danilo Kiš

Workshop: Poetry Translation
Organizer: Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College
Phone: (610) 328-8143

Roundtable: Venerating the Beloved
Chair: Alexander Burry, Ohio State University
Organizer: Ruth Rischin, Independent Scholar
Discussants to date: Valeria Nollan, Rhodes College
Ruth Rischin, Independent Scholar
Catherine Legouis, Mount Holyoke College
Jamilya Nazyrova, Ohio University

Roundtable: In Memory of Elena Shvarts
Chair: TBD
Organizer: Stephanie Sandler, Harvard University
Discussants: Catherine Ciepiela, Amherst College
Thomas Epstein, Boston College
Sarah Pratt, University of Southern California
Stephanie Sandler, Harvard University
Julia Trubikhina, Hunter College, CUNY
Michael Wachtel, Princeton University

Roundtable: Choosing and Using Translations in the Undergraduate Classroom
Chair: Michael Heim
Organizer: Michael Heim
Phone: (310) 825-7894
Description: Virtually all of us teach our undergraduate courses on the basis of translated texts, but how much attention do we pay to choosing the translations we teach? How much attention do we pay to making our students aware that they are reading translations? This roundtable will center on turning the translation itself into a pedagogical tool.

Panel: Corpus-based Approaches to Russian Pedagogy
Organizers: Anna Yatsenko and Olesya Kisselev, Portland State University
Description: This panel will focus on the advantages of corpus linguistics methodology in the study of Russian learner language especially at the advanced levels of language competency. We will discuss methodologies and criteria for the development of Russian learner corpora, as well as technological issues in the creation and analysis of Russian language data bases. Most importantly, we will suggest ways to utilize data from learner corpora for the multidimensional analysis of intricacies of learner inter-language, development of teaching materials, and assessment of pedagogical intervention on the examples of recent corpus studies of Russian learner language.

Panel: Computer-Assisted Innovation in Language Teaching
Organizer: Victoria Hasko, University of Georgia

Workshop: Editing video for language purposes
Organizer: Victoria Hasko, University of Georgia
Workshop Leader: Richard Robin, George Washington University
Description: In this workshop, participants will, as a group, shoot a one minute foreign language video and edit it for upload to a public site such as YouTube. Skills to be covered include: (1) assuring good sound and lighting; (2) language oriented subjects; (2) basic editing practices; (3) including material from the Internet; (4) optional captioning; (5) upload to Internet sites. In this workshop, we will be using Premiere Elements on the demo computer. But nearly all consumer video editing programs are similar. This is a group participation demonstration. Participants are welcome to bring laptops and cameras, but that equipment is not required for the actual workshop.

Workshop: Between Learner and Text: Mapping out a Pedagogy of Reading at the Intermediate Level
Organizer: Victoria Hasko, University of Georgia
Workshop Leader: William Comer, University of Kansas
Description: What can a teacher do with reading in the intermediate classroom with learners who have already completed a basic language course, but who have a restricted vocabulary and a limited ability to process the target language syntax typical of organized written communication? How central a place should reading occupy in the curriculum at this level? What claim on classroom time should reading instruction make? What texts are “readable” at this level? What reading strategies do learners use in working through texts? What kinds of tasks and scaffolding can help learners process a text? What kinds of activities can push learners to incorporate aspects of the text’s language into their developing language system? What kind of activities can create an engaged classroom discussion following the reading of a text?
The presenter will argue for the centrality of reading to the curriculum and will layout materials for teaching reading with a range of texts (adapted, authentic, informational, artistic). The examples will mostly be drawn from Russian texts, but the approach can be used with any language.

Special Russian Poetry Events

Submissions are invited for the 2011 annual AATSEEL Russian poetry events. To stimulate conversation between poets, the academic community, and other attendees, events will include several poetry readings, followed by discussion that will be led by a commentator. Past panels have included themes such as

"Russian Poets in America," "Poets of Several Cultures" and "Contemporary Poetry and the Visual Arts." There is limited space in the schedule, but the selection committee would like to showcase a wide variety of authors. Poets who would like to read their work are invited to submit three representative poems to Olga Livshin at by August 15, 2010.

Guidelines and forms for submitting proposals are online at: