AATSEEL Annual Meeting

27-30 December 2003, San Diego

Preliminary Program

If a chair is listed as “coordinator,” that means that the chairmanship is still open. Please contact the panel coordinator if you are interested in chairing a particular panel. Participants are generally allowed to chair only one panel, or two if otherwise making only one other appearance at the conference. If you are already chairing a forum, you may also chair a panel.

The AATSEEL Constitution restricts participation in the annual AATSEEL meeting to members in good standing. In conformity with this requirement, on 1 October all persons listed in the Preliminary Program who are not current members of AATSEEL (or who have not received written approval of a membership waiver request) will be eliminated from the final program. All persons listed on the program must preregister for the conference by 30 September. (The preregistration deadline for others is 30 November; those not listed on the program may also register at the door.) Preregistration information was mailed to all AATSEEL members in September. It is also available on the web at: http://www.aatseel.org. Please send direct renewals, registrations, and inquiries to Kathleen Dillon, Executive Director, AATSEEL, P.O. Box 7039, Berkeley, CA 94707-2306. Office phone/fax/messages: 510-526-6614, e-mail: aatseel@earthlink.net.


December 27

4:00 – 9:00 pm: Exhibitor Set-Up (Exhibitors Only)
5:00 – 7:00 pm: Conference Registration
5:00 – 7:00 pm: Program Committee Meeting
7:00 – 10:00 pm: Executive Council Meeting

December 28

7:30 am – 7:00 pm: Conference Registration
9:00 am – 4:30 pm: Exhibits Open
10:15 am – 12:15 pm: SEEJ Board Meeting
4 :00 – 6:00 pm: Friends and Alumni of Indiana University Reception
5:00 – 7:00 pm: ACTR Board Meeting
7:00 – 8:30 pm: Committee on College and Pre-College Russian (CCPCR) Meeting
9:00 pm: AATSEEL President’s Reception and Awards Recognitions

December 29

7:30 am – 5:00pm: Conference Registration
8:00 am – 10:00 am: Slava/Olympiada Breakfast for Pre-College Teachers of Russian
9:00 am – 4:30 pm: Exhibits Open
10:15 – 10:45 am: AATSEEL Business Meeting and General Session
5:15 – 6:30 pm: ACTR General Membership Meeting
7:00 – 9:00 pm: Committee for Slavic Language Program Directors
9:00 pm: Reception: Middlebury Russian School

December 30

7:00 – 10:00 am: Executive Council Meeting
9:00 am – 12:00 pm: Exhibits Open
12:15 – 1:30 pm: Program Committee Meeting


(The title of each paper links to the abstract.)

December 28, 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Pre-Conference Job Application/Interview Workshop
Karen Evans-Romaine, Ohio University
Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College
Jason Merrill, Michigan State University
Benjamin Rifkin, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Roundtable: Book Publication in Slavic Studies
Chair: George Fowler, Indiana University

December 28, 10:15 am - 12:15 pm

Panel 28B-1: Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture
Chair: George R. Rueckert, University of Washington
Equipment: CP
Paper: Writing Fire with Fire: Lomonosov as Pyrotechnician (Ian Chesley, Harvard University)
Paper: The Symbolism of Astraea and the Russian Throne: Politics and Poetry in Eighteenth-Century Russia (Vera Proskurina, Cornell University)
Paper: The Russia of Catherine the Great: A View From Outside (Pedro L. Talavera-Ibarra, State University of New York, Fredonia)

Panel 28B-2: North American Čexov Society
Chair: Julie de Sherbinin, Colby College
Paper: A Man without a Spleen: Early Čexov and the Melancholy Tradition (Ilya Vinitsky, University of Pennsylvania)
Paper: The Autobiographical and Metapoetic Significance of Čexov’s “Rasskaz neizvestnogo cheloveka” (Michael C. Finke, Washington University)
Paper: Čexov’s Theodicy: Good and Evil “In the Ravine” (Lyudmila Parts, McGill University)
Paper: Anton Čexov in Soviet Film Criticism of the Thaw (Marina Madorskaya, University of Michigan)

Panel 28B-3: Silver Age Culture
Chair: Margo Rosen, Columbia University
Equipment: SP
Paper: Beyond the Mirror: Liminal Discourses in Petersburg and Poem without a Hero (Colleen McQuillen, Columbia University)
Paper: Akhmatova’s “Staryi portret” (1910) and Pavil’on Armidy (Kelly E. Miller, Dickinson College)
Paper: Literary Mystifications of Russian Symbolism (Yuliya Ilchuk, University of Southern California)
Paper: God and Art: The Emergence and Decline of Mir iskusstva (Barbara A. Brown, Central Washington University)

Panel 28B-4: Bulgakov
Chair: Nina Perlina, Indiana University
Paper: Following the “Red Brick” Road: Was There a Wizard in Bulgakov’s Moscow of the 1920s? (Galina Krivonos, Indiana University)
Paper: The Theater as an Enchanted Kingdom and as a State: Authors and Authority in Bulgakov’s Molière cycle and Theatrical Novel (Lina Khawaldah, Indiana University)
Paper: Master of the Categorical Imperative: Kantian Doctrines of History and Religion in Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita (Elizabeth M. Sheynzon, Northwestern University)
Discussant: Dodona Kiziria, Indiana University

Panel 28B-5: Post-Soviet Literature
Chair: Olga Prokopenko, Ohio State University
Paper: Paradigm of Foolishness in Christ in Post-Soviet Literature: Svitlana Vasilenko’s Little Fool (Svitlana Kobets, Pontifical Institute of of Mediaeval Studies)
Paper: Sash-Bash versus the Refrigerator People: The Redemptive Power of Art in Nina Sadur’s Čudesnye znaki spasen’ja (Anthony Qualin, Texas Tech University)
Paper: The Exhaustion of Postmodernism (Gerald McCausland, University of Pittsburgh)

Panel 28B-6: Phonetics and Phonology
Chair: David J. Birnbaum, University of Pittsburgh
Paper: The State of Stress: Zaliznjak’s Stress Charts and the Accentual Properties of Post-accented 2nd -declension Nouns in Russian (Brian E. Felt, Emory University)
Paper: On Hard and Soft Velars in Russian: How They May Be Changing and How They Illustrate Linguistics Change (Robert Channon, Purdue University)
Paper: Intonational Correlates of Cognitive States and Procedures in Russian (Tatyana Yanko, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

Panel 28B-7: Roundtable on Models of Instruction in Teaching Polish
Chair: Andrzej Karcz, University of Kansas
Equipment: OP
Katarzyna Dziwirek, University of Washington
Anna Frajlich, Columbia University
Christopher Howard, Indiana University
Dariusz Skorczewski, Rice University

December 28, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Panel 28C-1: Teaching Lolita (I)
Chair: Zoran Kuzmanovich, Davidson College
Equipment: CP
Paper: My Sin, My Soul: Making a Monster in Frankenstein and Lolita (Rebeca Helfer, Columbia University)
Paper: ‘To borrow and to borrow and to borrow’: Teaching Lolita Through Parody (Charles Fischer, University of Washington)
Paper: A Question of Focal Adjustment: Teaching Lolita with Its Film Adaptations (Christopher A. Link, Boston University)
Paper: On the Road with Lolita (Corinne Scheiner, Colorado College)

Panel 28C-2: Philosophy and Russian Modernism
Chair: Evgenii Bershtein, Reed College
Paper: Ostranenie, Kenosis, and Dialogue: The Metaphysics of Formalism (Alexei Bogdanov, University of Colorado)
Paper: Nietzsche and Solov’ev: An Unlikely Convergence in the Critique of Subjectivity (Peter Huk, University of Southern California)
Paper: Rozanov and the ‘Deconstruction’ of Literature (Natalia Kazakova, New York)

Panel 28C-3: Literature, Cinema, and Politics in Russia Today
Chair: Megan Swift, University of Manitoba
Equipment: VCR
Paper: Death Wish and Vorošilovskij strelok: Ideological Contexts of the Revenge Fantasy (Avram Brown, University of California, Davis)
Paper: Prisoners of the Mountains (Tatiana Karmanova, Missouri Southern State University)
Paper: A Writer on Trial: The Institutional Persecution of Literature (The Case of Vladimir Sorokin) (Yuri Leving, University of Southern California)

Panel 28C-4: Russian Literary Spaces
Ann Komaromi, Swarthmore College
Paper: Enchanted House: Social Ideal and Uncanny Familiarity in “The House with a Mezzanine” (Elena Vassilieva, University of Southern California)
Paper: Janus Sisters: Ol’ga Forš and Virginia Woolf (Martha W. Hickey, Portland State University)
Paper: Revisiting the Topoi of Petrograd’s House of Arts: The Role of the Kitchen “Club” in the Creation of a Collective Narrative (Margarita Nafpaktitis, University of Michigan)
Paper: The Communal Apartment in Literature (Erin Collopy, Texas Tech University)

Panel 28C-5: Cognitive Categories in Slavic Languages
Chair: Jane Hacking, University of Utah
Equipment: OP
Paper: Language-Specific Rhetoric Strategies: the Russian Concept of ‘Concession’ (Valentina Apresjan, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Russian Language)
Paper: Russian Language-Specific View of the World (Alexei Shmelev, Moscow Pedagogical State University and Anna Zalizniak, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Linguistics)
Paper: Narrative Scheme in Personal Stories Interpreting Historical Events (Recurring Motif: Desecration of a Church/Temple) (Olga Levitski, York University, Toronto)
Paper: Exploding the Myth of the Aspectual Pair in Russian (Laura Janda, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Panel 28C-6: Slavic Languages Other Than Russian: From Official Policy to the Classroom
Chair: Eloise M. Boyle
Equipment: OP
Paper: Assessing Language Policy in Belarus: Toward Rehabilitation or Death for Belarusian (Tony Brown, Bryn Mawr College)
Paper: Communication Skills in the Beginning Czech Classroom (Katya Koubek, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Panel 28C-7: Roundtable: Literacy in Russian: Teaching a Basic Course for Heritage Speakers
Chair: Julia Verkholantsev, University of Pennsylvania
Joan Chevalier, Brandeis University
Lyudmila Parts, McGill University
Stanislav Shvabrin, University of California, Los Angeles
Victoria Somoff, University of California, Berkeley

December 28, 3:15pm - 5:15 pm

Panel 28D-1: North American Pushkin Society: Readings of Pushkin
Chair: Aaron Beaver, University of Chicago
Paper: Ukrainian Poets and Readers in Pushkin’s Poltava and Hrebinka’s Poltava (Nicole Boudreau, University of Chicago)
Paper: “Life’s Novel” and the Poet: Reading Lenskij (Heather Smith Buckser, Princeton University)
Paper: A Poet Astray: Puškin and the Image of a Nomadic Wanderer in Putešestvie v Arzrum (Ingrid Kleespies, University of California, Berkeley)
Paper: Taking History by the Wig: Pushkin’s Captain’s Daughter as an Locus Of Russia’s Historical, Cultural, and Ideological Differences (Maksim Y. Klymentiev, University of Southern California)
Paper: Don Juan as Dissident Poet in Venedikt Erofeev’s Val’purgieva noch’, ili shagi komandora (Alexander Burry, Princeton University)

Panel 28D-2: Soviet Myths: Looking to the Soviet Past and Future
Chair: Carol Ueland, Drew University
Paper: Anti-Utopia as a Means of Polemics: Some Aspects of Bogdanov’s Red Star and Zamjatin’s We (Vera Aginsky, Iowa State University)
Paper: Competitive Consciousness in Zamjatin’s We (Brett Cooke, Texas A & M University)
Paper: Marietta Shaginjan and the Soviet Production Novel (Mary Nicholas, Lehigh University)
Paper: Life in the Deep End of the Gene Pool: Making the Case for the Evolution of Altruism under Interrogation (1932) and in the Private Letters (1988) of V. P. Efroimson (Yvonne Howell, University of Richmond)
Paper: Towards the Radiant Past: Nostalgia in Aleksandra Marinina’s Detektiv (Elena V. Baraban, University of Victoria)

Panel 28D-3: Teaching Lolita (II)
Chair: Zoran Kuzmanovich, Davidson College
Paper: Being Cruel to be Kind: Teaching Lolita’s ‘Trifles’ and ‘Telltale Tingles’ (Harriet Hustis, The College of New Jersey)
Paper: Humbert Humbert and the Five D’s: Dramatics, Dance, Debating, Dating, and Democracy (David Clippinger, Pennsylvania State University)
Paper: Peddling Pedophilia, Murder, Lesbianism, and Suicide: Teaching Controversial Texts at a Religious College (Marianne Cotugno)
Discussant: Galya Diment, University of Washington

Panel 28D-4: The Literary and the Visual I: The Russian Avant-Garde
Chair: Nikita Nankov
Equipment: CP, SP
Paper: The Grotesque in the Literary and Visual Output of the Russian Satirical Weekly Journal Satirikon (Oleg A. Minin, University of Southern California)
Paper: Against Blending In: Natan Altman’s Jewish Art of the 1910s (Alina Orlov, University of Southern California)
Paper: A Modernist Revision of Manuscript Art: Aleksej Remizov’s Illustrated Albums (Julia Friedman, Brown University)
Paper: The Polyphonies of the Russian Experimental Book: Vladimir Majakovskij (1923) and Vladimir Druk (1991) (Olga Livshin, Northwestern University)

Panel 28D-5: Sociolinguistics
Chair: Alla Nedashkivska, University of Alberta
Equipment: OP
Paper: Language Attitudes, Ethnic Relations, and Ethnic Identity in Crimea (Mica Hall, Medina Joint Language Center Department of Defense)
Paper: Restructuring Language: Turkisms and Westernisms in the Bosnian Media Since 1992 (Maria Belyavski-Frank, DePauw University)
Paper: Doublets in the Russian Lexicon of the Old Believers of Erie, Pennsylvania (Jeffrey D. Holdeman, Indiana University)

Panel 28D-6: Roundtable on Music and Song in the Slavic Language Classroom
Chair: Jeanette Owen, Arizona State University
Equipment: OP, VCR
Jennifer Sanders, Indiana University
Janneke van de Stadt, Williams College
Katya Koubek, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ruby Jones, University of Texas-Austin

Panel 28D-7: Roundtable on Teaching the Mixed Classroom
Chair: Richard Robin, George Washington University
Tatiana Akishina, University of Southern California
Rebecca Wells, University of California, San Diego
Lynne deBenedette, Brown University
Olga Kagan, University of California, Los Angeles

December 28, 5:20pm - 7:00pm

Panel 28DE-1: Film: “Nina Berberova, à l'ouest de Petersbourg”
Chair: Ruth Rischin, San Francisco
Equipment: VCR

December 28, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Panel 28E-1: Dostoevskij
Chair: Yekaterina Vernikov, Indiana University
Paper: Gorjančikov’s Two Voices: Tensions in the Redemption Narrative of Dostoevskij’s Notes from the House of the Dead (Yulia Borisova, Northwestern University)
Paper: Literary Conventions and Social Models of Love in The Idiot (Eugenia Kapsomera Amditis, University of Kansas)
Paper: The Tree is Known by its Fruits: The Word Made Flesh in Dostoevskij’s The Devils (Jacqueline A. Zubeck, Manhattan College)
Paper: Simple Forms in Brat’ja Karamazovy (Kate Holland, Yale University)
Paper: Dostoevskij and the Question of the Scientific Method (Anna Kaladiouk, Keene State College)

Panel 28E-2: The Literary and the Visual II: Contemporary Experiments
Chair: Nikita Nankov
Equipment: CP, SP
Paper: Words in Action: Rimma and Valery Gerlovins’ Visual and Linguistic Experimentation (Tatiana Nazarenko, University of Manitoba)
Paper: Mirrors, Pictures, and Tropes: Ol’ga Sedakova and Ivan Ždanov (Stephanie Sandler, Harvard University)
Paper: The Poetry of Absence: Parataxis in Bob Perelman and Lev Rubinštejn (Gerald Janecek, University of Kentucky)
Discussant: Natalia Rulyova, University of Surrey

Panel 28E-3: Russian Romanticism
Chair: George Gutsche, University of Arizona
Paper: Silence and the Rest: On the Inexpressible in Russian Romantic Poetry (Sofya Khagi, Brown University)
Paper: Ненависть, презрение, любовь в прозе Лермонтова (Georgii V. Moskvin, Moscow State University)
Paper: The Demon Myth and History in Lermontov’s Vadim (Saera Yoon, Indiana University)
Paper: The Politics of Friendship in Nicholaevan Russia (Vadim Shkolnikov, Columbia University)

Panel 28E-4: The Westward Glance in Russian Literature and Culture
Chair: Irene Masing-Delic, Ohio State University
Paper: Turgenev’s Button on Stevenson’s Shirt: The Strange Case of a Resuscitated Lover (Inna Caron, Ohio State University)
Paper: Gumilev’s Don Juan and Its Literary Antecedents (Francoise Rosset, Wheaton College)
Paper: Trading Perceptions, Changing Stereotypes: the United States in the Travelogues of Mikhail Zadornov and Igor Svinarenko (Olga Mesropova, Iowa State University)

Panel 28E-5: Visual Adaptations
Chair: Alexander Prokhorov, College of William and Mary
Equipment: VCR, OP
Paper: Culturally (Re)Contextualizing an Icon: Visual Presentations of Il’f and Petrov’s Ostap Bender (Anne Fisher, University of Michigan)
Paper: Anna Karenina L'va Tolstogo: Comics as Culture or Culture as Comics (Irina Makoveeva, University of Pittsburgh)
Paper: Отношения между литературным произведением и его визуальными адаптациями (на примере трёх ранних экранизаций романа Л.Н.Толстого «Анна Каренина») (Raisa Solovyova, Brigham Young University)
Paper: Five Spoons of Elixir by the Strugackij Brothers and Temptation B by Arkadij Sirenko (Andrei Rogatchevski, University of Glasgow)
Discussant: Dragan Kujundzic, University of California, Irvine

Panel 28E-6: Slavic Languages in Contact with Non-Slavic Languages
Equipment: OP
Chair: John Dingley, York University
Paper: Trilingual Lexicography: Sorbian - German – English (Gunter Schaarschmidt, University of Victoria)
Paper: Central Europe: A Sprachbund Overlooked? (Mark Nuckols, Ohio State University)
Paper: Non-Indo-European Cognates of Slavic Words: Contact Origin and Traces of Remote Genetic Relationship (Kirill Reshetnikov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Linguistics)

Panel 28E-7: Roundtable on Using the Internet in Czech Language Instruction
Chair: Susan C. Kresin, University of California, Los Angeles
Andrew Drozd, University of Alabama
Masako Fidler, Brown University
Laura Janda, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Anne Keown, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
David Danaher, University of Wisconsin, Madison

December 29, 8:00am - 10:00am

Panel 29A-1: Cvetaeva and Pasternak
Chair: Karen Evans-Romaine, Ohio University
Paper: Marina Cvetaeva and the Economy of Romance (Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College)
Paper: Object Language and Metalanguage in Cvetaeva’s Poetry (Anastasia Graf, Princeton University)
Paper: The Genres of “An Otherworldly Evening,” or How Marina Cvetaeva Rewrites her Encounter with Mixail Kuzmin (Julia Zarankin, Princeton University)
Paper: Естественно-научная ветвь поэзии Пастернака: локализация, генезис, физический уровень (Viktor Finkel, Independent Scholar)

Panel 29A-2: Myths of St. Petersburg
Chair: Timothy Harte, Bryn Mawr College
Equipment: VCR
Paper: Forms of the End in the Literature of Soviet Modernism (Polina Barskova, University of California, Berkeley)
Paper: Remembering Another Jubilee: Notes on the Commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of St. Petersburg/Leningrad (Emily Johnson, University of Oklahoma)
Paper: Petersburg in the Films of Aleksej Balabanov (Jennifer J. Day, Bard College)

Panel 29A-3: Theoretical Approaches to Literature
Chair: Gina Kovarsky, Virginia Commonwealth University
Paper: Narrative Realms and Narrative Limits: Čekhov’s Story “Doma” (“At Home”) in the Context of Modernity (Nikita Nankov, Indiana University)
Paper: Avant le Bloom: Mandel’štam’s Presciently “Meta-Bloomian” Poems and Essays (Stuart Goldberg, Georgia Institute of Technology)
Paper: The Linguistic Prison-House of the Unconscious: Oedipus Complex in Belyj and Nabokov (Maria Levina Parker, University of Geneva)
Paper: Recycling Literary Legacy: Major Trends in Postmodern Textual Appropriation (Olga Prokopenko, Ohio State University)

Panel 29A-4: Linguistic Readings of Literary Texts
Chair: David Polet, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Paper: Tolstoj’s Use of Metaphorical Analogy in Anna Karenina (David S. Danaher, University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Paper: Intimacy and Estrangement: Instrumental Singular Variation in Deictic Pronouns in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literary Prose (Ellen Langer, University of California, Berkeley)
Paper: On the Differences Between Poetry and Prose Recitation (Nila Friedberg, University of California, Los Angeles)

Panel 29A-5: Slavic Syntax
Chair: Daniela S. Hristova, University of Chicago
Equipment: chalkboard/whiteboard and chalk/marker
Paper: A Simultaneous Perception of Things, Relatively Speaking (Daniel G. Altshuler, University of California, Los Angeles)
Paper: Case Marking and Negative Closure: Arguments for A-Chain Reconstruction? (Sue Brown, Harvard University)
Paper: Pro-Drop vs. Clitic-Second in Old Russian: Doesn’t Something Have to Give? (Sukhoon Choo, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and George Fowler, Indiana University)

Panel 29A-6: Technology and Language Teaching
Chair: Richard Robin, George Washington University
Equipment: CP
Paper: Using the Web for Teacher Preparation and Development (Natalie Lovick, Defense Language Institute)
Paper: Using the Internet to Promote Continuing Language Use (Susan C. Kresin, University of California at Los Angeles)
Paper: Asynchronous Computer-assisted Classroom Discussion in the Beginning Level Russian Classroom (Natasha Anthony, Union College)

Panel 29A-7: Striving for Literacy in the Russian Curriculum
Chair: Olga Kagan, University of California, Los Angeles
Equipment: OP
Paper: Vozmozhnosti ispol’zovanija dvujazychnyx kul’turologicheskix tekstov v obuchenii studentov russkomu jazyku (Irina Yulianova, St. Louis University)
Paper: Literacy: An Organizing Principle for Russian Curricula? (William J. Comer, University of Kansas)
Paper: Forging Literacy: A Genre-Based Approach (Joan Chevalier, Brandeis University)

December 29, 11:00 am - 12:00pm

Panel 29B-1

AATSEEL Keynote Lecture: Olga Matich, University of California, Berkeley
Russians in Hollywood/Hollywood on Russia

December 29, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Panel 29C-1: Centenary of Čexov’s Cherry Orchard
Chair: Andrew Durkin, Indiana University
Paper: Čexov’s Cherry Orchard: The Cultural Subtext (Joseph L. Conrad, University of Kansas)
Paper: Real and Dramatic Spaces: Interpreting Čexov’s Cherry Orchard in Pre-Independence Ireland (Maggie Ivanova, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Paper: The Cherry Orchard: A Symphony of Mortality (Jerome H. Katsell, Independent Scholar)

Panel 29C-2: Constructions of Gender in Russia
Chair: Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College
Paper: Ol’ga’s Baptism in the Povest’ vremennyx let (Francis Butler, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Paper: On Šaxova’s Mary Magdalene: A Feminist Reconstruction of an Early Christian Myth and a Nineteenth-Century Poem (Kathleen Dillon, University of California, Davis)
Paper: Through a Crooked Mirror: Documenting Everyday Life in the Prose of Grekova and Baranskaja (Benjamin Sutcliffe, University of Pittsburgh)

Panel 29C-3: International Vladimir Nabokov Society
Chair: Zoran Kuzmanovich, Davidson College
Paper: Sports in Nabokov (Timothy C. Harte, Bryn Mawr College)
Paper: Poshlust’, Hegelian Syllogism, and the Proverb: A Paremiological Approach to Vladimir Nabokov’s Laughter in the Dark (Kevin J. McKenna, University of Vermont)
Paper: Imaginary Journeys and Nightmares: “The Execution” and its Models (Stanislav Shvabrin, University of California, Los Angeles)
Paper: Nabokov’s Theory and Practice of Translation (Joseph Fitzpatrick, Duke University)
Paper: Literalness, Translation, and Commentary : Nabokov’s Eugene Onegin (Julia Trubikhina, New York University)

Panel 29C-4: Czech Literature and Culture (NAATC)
Chair: Holly Raynard, University of California, Los Angeles
Paper: A Blast against Orientalism?: Josef Dobrovský’s Establishment of the Outlines of Czech Music Historiography (Geoffrey Chew, University of London)
Paper: A Bohemian Raskol’nikov: Dostoevskij and Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Czech Literature (Craig Cravens, University of Texas, Austin)
Paper: Bridging the Contradictions: Karel Teige’s Socialist Realism and Surrealism (Deborah Garfinkle, Independent Scholar)
Paper: Always Never the Same: Dramatic Temporality in Havel’s Vernisáž (Cole M. Crittenden, Princeton University)

Panel 29C-5: Poetry and Poetics
Chair: Nila Friedberg, University of California, Los Angeles
Paper: Tjutčev and Poetic Closure (Michael Wachtel, Princeton University)
Paper: Composition Strategies of Some Poems by Vladislav Xodasevič (Milla Fedorova, Independent Scholar)
Discussant: Stuart Goldberg, Georgia Institute of Technology

Panel 29C-6: Issues in Language Standardization
Chair: Meghan Murphy-Lee, University of Arizona
Equipment: CP
Paper: “I Have Two Sons and a Child” - Gender in Substandard Central South-Slavic (Danko Sipka, Arizona State University)
Paper: From Dialect to Literary Language: Lexical Transition (Olena V Chernishenko, Princeton University)
Paper: Glagolite Ponaz Redka Zloueza - The Beginnings of Slovene as a Written Language from the Freising Monuments to the Protestant Reformation (Elisabeth Seitz Shewmon, University of California, Los Angeles)

Panel 29C-7: Communicating Across Cultures: Multiple Models of Teaching
Chair: Tatiana Akishina, University of Southern California
Equipment: CP, OP, VCR
Paper: Using the Web-Based Forum CULTURA in Intermediate-Level Russian (Lynne deBenedette, Brown University)
Paper: Obuchenie mezhkul’turnoj kommunikacii pri izuchenii russkoj kul’turnoi istorii (Natalia Getmanenko, Brigham Young University)
Paper: The Russians are Talking! Designing a Language Course Around Student-Conducted Interviews with Native Speakers (Raissa Krivitsky, Cornell University)
Discussant: Alla Akishina, Academy of Social Relations, Moscow

December 29, 3:15pm - 5:15pm

Panel 29D-1: North American Dostoevskij Society: Dostoevskij and Cultural Others
Chair: Vadim Liapunov, Indiana University
Paper: Dostoevskij’s “Poor Folk” and the Traffic in Women (Brian R. Johnson, University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Paper: Dostoevskij and Cultural Others (Susan McReynolds, Northwestern University)
Paper: The Jews and The Poles as Two “Cultural Others” in Dostoevskij’s Writings (Nina Perlina, Indiana University)
Paper: Dostoevskij and Russian Anarchist Thought (James Goodwin, University of Florida)
Discussant: Gary Saul Morson, Northwestern University

Panel 29D-2: East Meets West, or Orientalism in Russian and Post-Soviet Culture
Chair: John Hope, Williams College
Equipment: VCR
Paper: “While Judea Remains Silent”: Biblical Israel in Russia’s Self-Image (David Herman, University of Virginia)
Paper: Yellow Face, White Face: Race in Russian and Japanese Modernism (Susanna Lim, University of California, Los Angeles)
Paper: Buddhist Undercurrents in the Late Work of Velimir Xlebnikov (Andrea Hacker, University of California, Santa Barbara)
Paper: Is the Central Asian Screen Postcolonial? (Seth Graham, University of Washington)

Panel 29D-3: Russian Readings of Shakespeare
Chair: Jason Merrill, Michigan State University
Paper: Silencing the Living Dead: Folk-Hesychast Historicism in Boris Godunov (Jonathan Brooks Platt, Columbia University)
Paper: Shakesperian Images in Čexov’s Works (Margarita Odesskaya, Moscow State University)
Paper: Shakespeare’s Hamlet: A Drama Of Will or an Ideologically-Motivated Version? The Hamletism of Boris Pasternak (Daria Shembel, University of Southern California)

Panel 29D-4: Hrabal
Chair: Craig Cravens, University of Texas, Austin
Paper: A Discourse-Cognitive Approach to Bohumil Hrabal (Masako Fidler, Brown University)
Paper: Kafkarna (Hana Pichova, University of Texas, Austin)
Paper: “One Can’t Survive without Holes in the Brain”: Hrabal and the Gnosis of the Real (Malynne Sternstein, University of Chicago)
Paper: Městecko, kde se zastavil čas (Tim West, University of Texas, Austin)
Discussant: Caryl Emerson, Princeton University

Panel 29D-5: Issues in Semantics
Chair: Yelena Belyaeva Standen, Saint Louis University
Equipment: CP
Paper: The Semantic Development of the Russian Suppletive Pair god - leto>year (David Hart, Brigham Young University)
Paper: Маскулизмы против феминативов: возможна ли гендерная реформа в русском языке? (Marina Rojavin, Temple University)
Paper: Syntax and Semantics of Polish and English Expressions of Emotions: A Corpus Study (Katarzyna Dziwirek, University of Washington and Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, University of Łodź)

Panel 29D-6: The Results Are In: Empirical Studies in Learning Outcomes
Chair: William J. Comer, University of Kansas
Equipment: CP
Paper: Error Gravity and Perception in Written Russian (Meghan Murphy-Lee, University of Arizona)
Paper: Language Gain in Classroom Instruction: Proficiency Paradox or Ceiling Effect? (Benjamin Rifkin, University of Wisconsin, Madison)

December 29, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Panel 29E-1: Russian Poetry Reading
Chair: Dmitry V. Bobyshev, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Polina Barskova. Berkeley, CA
Vladimir Druk, NY
Vladimir Gandelsman, NY
Andrey Gritsman, NJ
Bakhyt Kenjeev, Montreal, Canada
Yuri Kublanovsky, Moscow, Russia
Pavel Lion (Psoi Korolenko) NY - Moscow
Vera Pavlova, Moscow, Russia
Kiril Reshetnikov, Moscow, Russia
Evgenii Slivkin, Monterey, CA

Panel 29E-2: Life-Writing: Auto/Biography and Memoir
Chair: Frederick H. White, Memorial University, Newfoundland
Paper: “Art Is a Reconciliation with Life”: Gogolian Paradox and Aesthetic Credo (Michael Kelly, Brigham Young University)
Paper: Portraiture by Contrast: Andrej Belyj on Three of Aleksandr Blok’s Contemporaries (Virginia Bennett, University of Hawaii)
Paper: Nikolai Gumilev's "The African Hunt": On a Continent Awaiting "Guests" (Gwen Walker, Madison, Wisconsin)
Paper: Nabokov’s Childhood: The Tolstoy Theme in Nabokov’s Autobiography and Fiction (Gabriel White, University of California, Berkeley)
Paper: Venička and the Death of the Russian Author (Ann Komaromi, Swarthmore College)

Panel 29E-3: Modernist Constructions of Gender
Chair: Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College
Paper: Reconsidering Image Criticism: Reception of Nineteenth-Century Russian Classics in Early Twentieth-Century Women’s Periodicals (Jane Gary Harris, University of Pittsburgh)
Paper: Metaliterary Commentaries in Verbickaja’s Keys to Happiness (Charlotte Rosenthal, University of Southern Maine)
Paper: Stars Made in Moscow: Xanžankov and the Creation of the Female Star (Michelle L. Torre, University of Southern California)

Panel 29E-4: Stalin and Stalinism in Russian Literature
Chair: Emily Johnson, University of Oklahoma
Equipment: CP
Paper: Anatoly Rybakov’s Kortik: From First Draft in Exile to Children’s Classic (John Schillinger, American University)
Paper: Laughter in the Dark: Afinogenov’s “Fear” and the Rhetoric of Stalinist Theater (Boris Wolfson, University of California, Berkeley)
Paper: “It’s penal servitude! What bliss!” Play and Survival in Evgenija Ginzburg’s Journey Into the Whirlwind and Andrej Sinjavskij’s Voice from the Chorus (Oana Popescu-Sandu, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Paper: Vasilij Aksenov’s The Burn: An Integral Approach (Tom Dolack, University of Oregon)

Panel 29E-5: Polish Literature and Culture
Chair: Andrzej Karcz, University of Kansas
Paper: Andrzej Szczypiorski’s Początek: Reconstructing Warsaw and the Aesthetics of Reckoning (Todd Patrick Armstrong, Grinnell College)
Paper: Clay and Light in the Poetry of Joanna Pollakówna (Anna Gasienica-Byrcyn, University of Illinois, Chicago)
Paper: The Freedom of Form and the Paralysis of Formlesness: Gombrowicz’s Ferdydurke and Dostoevskij’s Notes from the Underground (Maria Kisel, Northwestern University)
Paper: In the Scope of Hierophany: Sacral Motives in Polish-Jewish Poetry (Ryszard Zajaczkowski, Catholic University of Lublin)

Panel 29E-6: Translation as Path of Influence in Slavic Literatures
Chair: Catharine Theimer Nepomnyashchy, Barnard College-Columbia University
Paper: The Ideology of Russian Translation: From Poetic to National Competition (David L. Cooper, Columbia University)
Paper: Approaches to Translation in Čelakovský’s Česká včela and Tyl’s Květy (Rachel Harrell, University of Michigan)
Paper: Death by Translation: Aesthetic Experience in Maupassant’s “Miss Harriet” and Babel’’s “Guy de Maupassant” (Janneke van de Stadt, Williams College)

Panel 29E-7: Changing Contents and Contexts for Language Instruction
Chair: Seth Graham, University of Washington
Equipment: VCR, OP, CD/cassette player
Paper: A Course on Russian Cuisine, Culture and Language (Zoya Sanatullova, Marat Sanatullov, University of Nebraska)
Paper: Interim in Russia: Integrating Russian into a Literature Course Taught in English (Irina Walter, St. Olaf College)
Paper: Russian TV Broadcasts as a Means of Developing Aural Comprehension Skills in Advanced Russian (Yelaina Kripkov, University of Oregon)
Discussant: Mikhail Palatnik, Washington University

December 30, 8:00am - 10:00am

Panel 30A-1: Literature and History
Chair: James Goodwin, University of Florida
Paper: Dictionary as Historiography: Vuk’s 1818 Srpski rječnik and the Idea of a Serbian Language (Kristin Vitalich, University of California, Los Angeles)
Paper: Gogol’’s Views on Ukrainian History and the Problem of his Dual National Identity (Paul Karpuk, Central Connecticut State University)

Panel 30A-2: Literature and Exile
Chair: Michelle Torre, University of Southern California
Paper: Ayn Rand Within the Tradition of Exile Literature (Elizabeth Blake, University of Memphis)
Paper: Christology in Emigration: Toward a Redefinition of Russianhood (David B. Polet, University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Paper: Women’s Migration in Contemporary Russian Literature (Karin Sarsenov, Lund University, Sweden)

Panel 30A-3: New Economic Criticism
Chair: Susan McReynolds Oddo, Northwestern University
Paper: Economic Metaphors in St. Seraphim of Sarov (Mikhail Gronas, Dartmouth College)
Paper: The Narrative of Noble Decline and the Discourse of Money in Saltykov-Ščedrin’s Gospoda Golovlevy (Ewa Wampuszyc, University of Michigan)
Paper: The New Russian Capitalism and Modern Russian Novel: Economics and Morals in the Novels of M. Butov, M. Višneveckaja and A. Dmitriev (Mikhail Makeev, Moscow State University)
Paper: Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Value and Context in the Case of the Taločkin Collection (Donna Oliver, Beloit College)

Panel 30A-4: Tolstoj and Narrative
Chair: Martin Bidney, Binghamton University
Paper: Tolstoj’s Scientific Language in War and Peace and Later Works (Arkadi Klioutchanski, University of Toronto)
Paper: A Temporality of Contradiction (Jeff Love, Clemson University)
Discussant: Inessa Medzhibovskaya, Princeton University

Panel 30A-5: Conversational Discourse
Chair: Katarzyna Dziwirek, University of Washington
Equipment: OP, CD/cassette player
Paper: The Russian Particle –to as a Marker of Misplacement (Galina Bolden, University of California, Los Angeles)
Paper: Метафорические Kоличественные Существительные со Значением Неопределенно Большого Количества в Поэтической и Разговорной Речи (Natalia Dizenko, Berlitz Language Center, New York)
Paper: Thank You, No Thank You: Russian and American Thanking Routines (Yelena Belyaeva Standen, Saint Louis University)
Discussant: Jane Hacking, University of Utah

Panel 30A-6: Forum on “Rossija v kontekste”: A Content-Based Coursepack and Web Materials for Teaching Advanced Russian
Equipment: CP
Jason Merrill, Michigan State University
Irina Agafonova, Michigan State University

December 30, 10:15am - 12:15pm

Panel 30B-1: North American Tolstoj Society
Chair: Gina Kovarsky, Virginia Commonwealth University
Equipment: CD/cassette player
Paper: Plantation Owners with a Troubled Conscience: Another Look at Jefferson’s Bible and Tolstoj’s Gospel in Brief (Martin Bidney, Binghamton University)
Paper: Echoes of Islam: Conceptions of Free Will in the Qur’an and War and Peace (Walter Comins-Richmond, Occidental College)
Paper: Natasha Rostova at Meyerbeer’s Robert le Diable (Margo Rosen, Columbia University)
Paper: “Virtue on Display” – Tolstoj’s Treatment of Fame (Kerry Sabbag, Brown University)

Panel 30B-2: Panel: Dramatizing History: Tom Stoppard’s Trilogy The Coast of Utopia
Chair: Jean Laves, University of Chicago
Paper: Dostoevskij and The Coast of Utopia (Nicholas Rzhevsky, State University of New York at Stony Brook)
Paper: The Sound of a Distant Thunder: the Čexovian Subtext in The Coast of Utopia (Anna Muza, University of California, Berkeley)
Paper: ‘The Absolute Whole Perpetually Renewing Itself’: Tom Stoppard’s Cat (Ruth Rischin, San Francisco)

Panel 30B-3: Sexuality in Russian Literature and Thought
Chair: Olga Matich, University of California, Berkeley
Paper: Sergej Bulgakov on Pol and Sexuality (Evgenii Bershtein, Reed College)
Paper: The Green Lamp and the Mystery of Del’vig’s “Fanni” (Joseph Peschio, University of Michigan)
Paper: Sex and Text: Writing the Body in Contemporary Russian Women’s Fiction (Yelena Furman, University of California, Los Angeles)
Paper: Who Is the Cute Little Redhead? A Literary Conversation (David J. Birnbaum, University of Pittsburgh and Karin Sarsenov, Lund University)

Panel 30B-4: Slavic Morphosyntax
Chair: Frank Y. Gladney, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Paper: On Roman Jakobson’s Concept of Irregularity in Russian Conjugation (Ronald F. Feldstein, Indiana University)
Paper: To HAVE or to BE in Russian: an Apology of the Verb imet' (Irina Mikaelian, Universite de Grenoble, France)
Paper: Genitive Absolute (GA) or Genitive of Time with a Participle (Daniela S. Hristova, University of Chicago)

Panel 30B-5: Slavic Languages for Specific Purposes: Producing Specialists for the Department of Defense
Equipment: CP (author-provided)
Chair: Mica Hall, Medina Joint Language Center, Department of Defense
Paper: Focus on Form in Online Task-based Instruction: Developing Reading Comprehension Learning Objects for Russian Intermediate and Advanced Learners (Maria Ortenberg, Natalia Antokhin, Defense Language Institute)
Paper: Pursuing ILR Level 2 Oral Proficiency: Russian and Serbian/Croatian Case Studies (Jack Franke, Anto Knezevic, Defense Language Institute)
Paper: How can 2+ Russian linguists in speaking be produced in 47 weeks at the Defense Language Institute? (Tatiana Hursky, Defense Language Institute)

Panel 30B-6: Roundtable: Pre-College Teachers of Russian
Chair: Todd Golding, Jefferson High School, Lafayette, Indiana
Equipment: CP
Andy Padlo, San Francisco’s School of the Arts
Peter Merrill, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
Betsy Sandstrom, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

Panel 30B-7: Roundtable on Teaching the Languages of the Former Yugoslavia
Chair: Jennifer Sanders, Indiana University
Radmila Gorup, Columbia University
Ronelle Alexander, University of California, Berkeley
Kristin Vitalich, University of California, Los Angeles

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