AATSEEL Annual Meeting

27-30 December 2005, Washington, D.C.

Preliminary Program

The preliminary program published in the AATSEEL newsletter was current as of October 2, 2005. This web publication reflects ongoing changes to the program. In case of discrepancies, the web version of the program should be considered authoritative. If you are interested in chairing a panel which currently lacks one, please contact the Chair of the Program Committee, William J. Comer (wjcomer@ku.edu).


The AATSEEL Constitution restricts participation in the annual AATSEEL meeting to members in good standing.  In conformity with this requirement, on 1 November all persons listed in the Preliminary Program who are not current members of AATSEEL (or who have not received a membership waiver) will be eliminated from the final program. All persons listed on the program must preregister for the conference by 30 September. The preregistration deadline for all other attendees of the conference is 30 November, although attendees may also register at the door. Preregistration information was mailed to all AATSEEL members in August. It is also available on the web at: http://www.aatseel.org.  Please direct renewals, registrations, and inquiries to Kathleen Dillon, Executive Director, AATSEEL, P.O. BOX 7039, Berkeley, CA 94707-2306. Office phone/fax: 510-526-6614, email: aatseel@earthlink.net



Non-Panel Events


December 27

AATSEEL Program Committee (5-7 p.m.)

AATSEEL Executive Council (7-10 p.m.)

Conference Registration (5-7 p.m.)


December 28

Conference Registration (7:30 a.m.—7 p.m.)

SEEJ Editorial Board Meeting (9:30-11:30am)

Meeting of Language Program Coordinators (12:15-1:30p.m.)

Conference panels

Exhibits (9 a.m.—4:30 p.m.)

ACTR Board Meeting (5-7 p.m.)
International Association of Teachers of Czech (7:00 – 9:00 pm)

Middlebury College Reception (9 p.m.)
Indiana University Alumni and Friends Reception (9 p.m.)


December 29

Slava/Olympiada Breakfast (8—10 a.m.)

Conference Registration (7:30 a.m.—5 p.m.)

Conference panels

Exhibits (9 a.m.—4:30 p.m.)

AATSEEL Business Meeting 10 a.m.

Keynote Address: 11:00am

ACTR General Membership Meeting (5:15 p.m.-6:30 p.m.)

AATSEEL President's Reception/Awards held jointly with ACTR at Russian Embassy, 7pm


December 30

AATSEEL Executive Council (7-10 a.m.)

Conference panels

Exhibits (9 a.m.—noon)

AATSEEL Program Committee (12-1 p.m.)





(The title of each paper links to the abstract.)


Note: Equipment requests are noted in parentheses following the panelist’s name.

CP=Computer projector

OP = Overhead Projector

CD=portable audio cd/tape player       

VCR or DVD includes a television)



December 27 7:30PM

Special Event: Theatrical Performance: Isaac Babel

Performer: Andrei Malaev-Babel (Stanislavsky Theater Studio)


December 28 Session A: 8:00-10:00

28A-1 Workshop: The Job Interview

Workshop Presenters

Arlene Forman, Oberlin College

Elizabeth Skomp, Sewanee: The University of the South

Joseph Peschio, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Michael Gorham, University of Florida

Seamas O’Driscoll, Northwestern University


28A-2 Panel: Nikolai Gogol

Panel Chair: Paul A. Karpuk, Central Connecticut State University

Panelist:          Maksim Klymentiev, University of Southern California

Title: The Dark Side of the Nose: The Olfactory in Nikolai Gogol’s Works

Panelist:          Elizabeth M. Sheynzon, Northwestern University

Title: “The Nose”: Objectlessness in the Megapolis

Panelist:          Colleen McQuillen, Columbia University

Title: The Ukrainian Morality Play as Gogol's Didactic Compass in Dead Souls
Discussant: Edyta Bojanowska, Harvard University


28A-3 Panel: Illness in Literature and Culture

Panel Chair: Catherine O’Neil, University of Denver

Panelist: Tetyana Varenychenko, Holy Family University (OP)

Title: Chekhov’s Story “Sleepy”: A Case Study of a Child Living in an Abusive Environment

Panelist:          Mary Delle LeBeau, University of Southern California

Title: From Consumption To Tuberculosis In Late 19th Century Russian Letters

Panelist:          Frederick H. White, Memorial University

Title: Diary of a Madman: Leonid Andreev’s Melancholic Moods

Panelist:          Benjamin M. Sutcliffe, Miami University

Title: The Chronotope of the Alcoholic in Venedikt Erofeev’s Moskva-Petushki


28A-4 Panel: Platonov and Early Soviet Literary Culture

Panel Chair: Eric Laursen, University of Utah
Jennifer E. Sunseri, Texas Tech University

Title: Evgenii Zamiatin and Andrei Platonov: The Benefactor and the Logos

Panelist:          Lenka Pankova, University of Pittsburgh

Title: The New Woman That Was Not: Andrei Platonov’s Moskva Chestnova

Panelist:          Keith Blasing, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Title: Platonov’s Sokrovennyi chelovek and the Road to Chevengur


28A-5 Panel: Historical Developments in East Slavic
Panel Chair:
Daniela Hristova, University of Chicago

Panelist:          Matthew Feeney, University of Kansas

Title: Slavic Ethnonyms in the Reconstruction of Proto-Slavic and the Process of Naming

Panelist:          Miriam Shrager, Indiana University (OP)

Title: Reflexes of AP-D in Northwest Russian Dialects

Panelist:          Hakyung Jung, Harvard University

Title: On the development of the Perfect Participial Constructions in Northwest Russian


28A-6 Panel: Particles
Panel Chair:
George Fowler, Indiana University

Panelist: Maya Bringe, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Screen)

Title: A Russian Particle on the Periphery: xot'

Panelist:          Eun-ji Song, Seoul National University

Title: Topic-Marking Particle –TO and Scalar Implicature

Panelist: Hyug Ahn, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Screen)

Title: Additional Information Introduced by -ся in Russian


28A-7 Panel: Issues in the Language Teaching Theory

Panel Chair: Eloise Boyle, Independent Scholar

Panelist: Nataliia Sinichkina, Pushkin Institute of Russian Language

Title: Технология учебного диалога на занятиях по методике преподавания русского языка

Panelist: Georgii Khruslov, Pushkin Institute of Russian Language

Title: Teaching Russian among Other Languages of the Russian Federation

Panelist:          Richard Robin, George Washington University

Title: Legitimizing Semi-Authenticity


28A-8 Forum: “Rossija v kontekste”: A Content-Based Coursepack and Web Materials for Teaching Advanced Russian (CP)

Forum Presenters

Jason A Merrill, Michigan State University

Irina Agafonova, Michigan State University

David Prestel, Michigan State University


December 28        SessionB: 10:15-12:15

28B-1 Panel: Dostoevsky’s Later Fiction

Panel Chair: Marina Balina, Illinois Weslyan University

Panelist:          Michael Katz, Middlebury College

Title: Stepan Verkhovensky’s “Dangerous” Poem in Dostoevsky’s Devils

Panelist:          Guru Paran Gunaratnam, Independent Scholar

Title: Double-endedness in Dostoevsky

Panelist:          Ioan Onujec, Independent Scholar

Title: The Ontology of Nonbeing in The Brothers Karamazov

Panelist:          James L Rice, University of Oregon

Title: Dostoevsky's Endgame: The Projected Sequel to The Brothers Karamazov


28B-2 Round Table: Babel’s Odessa

Roundtable Chair: Janneke van de Stadt, Williams College
Roundtable Discussants

Rebecca J. Stanton, Barnard College

Emma Lieber, Columbia University

Barry Scherr, Dartmouth College

Andrei Malaev-Babel, Stanislavsky Theater Studio


28B-3 Panel: Soviet Cinema from the 1950s to the 1970s

Panel Chair: Yuri Leving, The George Washington University

Panelist:          Marina Madorskaya, University of Michigan (TV/DVD and VCR)

Title: The End of the Typical Hero: Aleksei Batalov in the films of Iosif Kheifits.

Panelist:          Jason A Merrill, Michigan State University

Title: Shepit’ko’s Voskhozhdenie: Christian Imagery and the Link with Dostoevsky

Panelist:          Robert Efird, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Title: Artists and Fools: Iurodstvo in Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev

Panelist:          Raisa V Solovyova, Brigham Young University (TV/DVD)

Title: Tarkovsky’s (Un)Realized Films


28B-4 Panel: The Language of Early Slavic Manuscripts

Panel Chair: David J. Birnbaum, University of Pittsburgh

Panelist:          Irina Barclay, Appalachian State University

Title: Tver's Spiritual Testaments as a Linguistic Source of the Russian Language

Panelist:          Alexander Kulik, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Title: Retroversion as a Tool of Interpretation

Panelist:          Natalia Fedorovskaya, Far-Eastern State Technical University, Vladivostok

Title: A New Method for Analyzing Text-music Relationships in Russian Sacred Compositions


28B-5 Panel: Slavic Aspect and Grammar in Context
Panel Chair:
Steven Clancy, University of Chicago

Panelist:          Susan Kresin, University of California, Los Angeles and Stephen Dickey, University of Kansas

Title: Aspect and Negation in Czech and Russian (in pdf format)

Panelist: Laura Janda, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Screen)

Title: Constraints on the Formal Structure of Russian Verb Clusters

Panelist: Nicholas LeBlanc, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Screen)

Title: Another Look at Secondary Homogenizations in Russian

Panelist:          Masako Fidler, Brown University

Title: Sound Symbolism and Grammar in Czech: A Cognitive Approach


28B-6 Round Table: Teaching Russian at the Pre-College Level

Roundtable Chair: Todd Golding

Roundtable Discussants

Jane Shuffelton, Brighton HS, Rochester, NY

Elizabeth Sandstrom, Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and
Technology, VA

Elena Farkas, Turnagain Elementary School, Alaska


28B-7 Forum: Pedagogical Considerations for Developing Online Listening Lessons for Russian Intermediate and Advanced Learners (CP)

Forum Presenters

Natalia Antokhin, Defense Language Institute

Richard Mayer, Defense Language Institute



December 28        Session C:1:30-3:30PM

28C-1 Round Table: Undergraduate Slavic Programs

Roundtable Chair: Lena Lencek, Reed College

Roundtable Discussants

Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College

Marina Balina, Illinois Weslyan University

William Comer, University of Kansas
Ilya Vinitsky, University of Pennsylvania


28C-2 Panel: North American Pushkin Society

Panel Chair: Elizabeth Blake, Saint Louis University

Panelist:          Larissa Bondarchuk, Ohio State University

Title: Anchar through the Prism of Structuralism

Panelist:          Zaur V Agayev, Princeton University

Title: The Influence of Barry Cornwall and the Phenomenon of Polygenesis in Alexander Pushkin’s “The Little House in Kolomna”

Panelist: Joseph Peschio, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Title: Once More about Rodzianko, Pushkin, and The Green Lamp

Panelist: Luba Golburt, Stanford University

Title: The Labyrinthine House of History: Pushkin’s Queen of Spades and Lazhechnikov’s House of Ice


28C-3 Panel: Tolstoy

Panel Chair: Slava Yastremski, Bucknell University

Panelist: Tatiana Kuzmic, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Title: The Slavonic Question and the Dismembered Adulteress

Panelist:          Edgar L. Castillo, California State University, Fresno

Title: Tolstoy’s Resurrection: Man as Individual

Panelist:          Nicholas K. Kupensky, Bucknell University

Title: “Death was Defiance”: Being, Suicide and the Threshold of Knowledge in Mrs. Dalloway and Anna Karenina


28C-4 Panel: Urban Text in Slavic Context

Panel Chair: Olga Matich, University of California, Berkeley

Panelist:          Julie A. Buckler, Harvard University

Title: Placing the Past in a Frame: The Paradoxical Practice of Looking Back at Late Imperial St. Petersburg in Photographs and Picture Postcards

Panelist:          Thomas Seifrid, University of Southern California

Title: Gods in the Streets: The Mystery Genre and Urban Space in Early Soviet Culture

Panelist:          Polina Barskova, University of California, Berkeley

Title: Slums of Leningrad: Observing the Uneasy Outburst of the Genre (1924-1934)

Panelist:          Brinton Tench Coxe, Columbia University

Title: Marketing Moscow: Vladimir Sorokin’s Ochered’ and Aleksandr Zel’dovich’s Moskva

Panel Discussant: Alexander Mihailovic, Hofstra University


28C-5 Panel: Literary Projections of Jewish-Russian Relations

Panel Chair: TBA

Panelist:          Evgenii Bershtein, Reed College

Title: Revolution, Sex, and Jewish Masculinity in Eduard Bagritsky’s “February”

Panelist:          Marat Grinberg, University of Chicago

Title: Boris Slutsky's Jewish Linguistics: The Notions of Yiddish and Hebrew in "Ya osvobozhdal Ukrainu..." and "Pereobuchenie odinochestvu..."


28C-6 Panel: Case

Panel Chair: Wayles Browne, Cornell University

Panelist: Steven Clancy, University of Chicago

Title: From Jakobson's Cube to Semantics Maps: Multidimensional Scaling and Slavic Case Semantics

Panelist:          Valery Solovyev, Kazan State University

Title: Combinability of Emotive Words with Case-Preposition Marks in Russian Language

Panelist:          Dana Akanova, University of Chicago

Title: On translating Ethical Datives in Russian and Macedonian

Panelist:          Mirjam Fried, Princeton University

Title: The Lithuanian dative of possession


28C-7 Panel: The Russian Advanced Placement (AP) Curriculum and Examination: Results of the 2004-5 Pilot Program and Prospects for 2006 and Beyond (Screen)

Panel Chair: Richard Brecht, University of Maryland

Panelist:          Maria Lekić, University of Maryland

Title: The Russian AP Examination Construct: Weighting and Integrating of L-2 Skills at the School-to-College Juncture

Panelist:          Camelot Marshall, American Councils

Title: The Russian AP Score Report: How it is Calculated, Implications for College Placement of Entering Freshmen

Panelist:          Ken Petersen, ACTR

Title: Russnet: Online Resources for Teaching a Russian AP Course

Panelist:          Jane Shuffelton, Brighton HS, Rochester, NY (OH)

Title: Performance Assessment Activities in the AP Russian Classroom

Panel Discussant: Elizabeth Sandstrom, Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and
Technology, VA


28C-8 Round Table: Czech, Polish, and Ukrainian: Strategies for Expanding Offerings

Roundtable Chair: Alexander Dunkel, University of Arizona

Roundtable Discussants

Susan Kresin, University of California, Los Angeles

John Leafgren, University of Arizona

Oksana Sachyk, Foreign Language Institute (Ottawa, Canada)


28C-9 Forum: Modern Russian Culture by Lauren G. Leighton (CP)

Forum Presenter: Slava Paperno, Cornell University


December 28        Session D: 3:45-5:45

28D-1 Round Table: New Paradigms in Literary and Cultural Theory

Roundtable Chair: Vladimir Alexandrov, Yale University

Roundtable Discussants

Caryl Emerson, Princeton University

Mikhail Epstein, Emory University

Svetlana Boym, Harvard University

Catharine Nepomnyashchy, Barnard College-Columbia University


28D-2 Panel: Readings of Crime and Punishment

Panel Chair: John Bartle, Hamilton College
Brian R. Johnson, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Title: Economic Gender in Crime and Punishment

Panelist:          Nina Familiant, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Title: Crime in Absentia, Punishment in Praesentia: Raskol’nikov’s father

Panelist:          Lily Alexander, University of Toronto

Title: Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, and Hitchcock: The Motifs of Crime and Punishment on British, Russian and American Screen


28D-3 Panel: Polish Literature and Culture

Panel Chair: Andrzej Karcz, University of Kansas

Panelist:          Anna Frajlich-Zajac, Columbia University

Title: The Image of the Romantic Poet in the Making: Adam Mickiewicz and Walenty Wankowicz

Panelist:          Edward Manouelian, University of Texas, Austin

Title: Jews in The Promised Land

Panelist:          Magdalena Kay, University of California, Berkeley

Title: Questioning, Imagining, Mythologizing: “Lwów” in the Poetry of Adam Zagajewski

Panelist:          Kinga Maciejewska, University of Chicago

Title: Epistemic Responsibility and Literary Journalism in Modern Poland


28D-4 Panel: From Soviet Satire to Socialist Realism: Literature of the 1920s and 30s

Panel Chair: Yvonne Howell, University of Richmond
Emily E. Schuckman, University of Washington

Title: The Smooth Operator Strikes Again: Ostap Bender as Bulgakov’s Woland

Panelist: Eric Laursen, University of Utah

Title: No Indecent Language Here!: Language and Control in Bulgakov’s Heart of a Dog

Panelist:          Viktoria Ivleva, Vassar College

Title: Literary Theory in Practice: Rethinking Tynianov’s The Wax Figure

Panelist:          Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College

Title: Putting the Truth to Work: The Socialist Literary Subtext in Lidija Chukovskaja’s Sof’ja Petrovna


28D-5 Panel: Russian and East European Expatriates in Film and Theatre (TV/VCR and DVD)

Panel Chair: Klawa N. Thresher, Randolph-Macon Woman's College

Panelist:          Steven P. Hill, University of Illinois (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Title: “Not To Be Confused With”: Name and Title Difficulties in Emigre Cinema

Panelist:          Richard Stites, Georgetown University

Title: Hungarian Cinema Expatriates Before and After Summer 1919

Panelist:          Allison Comins-Richmond, Independent Scholar

Title: Nazimova/Lewton: The Film Dynasty That Might Have Been

Panel Discussant: John Rimberg, Narva-Joesuu Keskkool, Estonia


28D-6 Panel: Literature in Its Social and Political Dimensions

Panel Chair:   Ilya Vinitsky, University of Pennsylvania

Panelist:          Vadim Shkolnikov, Columbia University

Title: Reality and Sotsial’nost’: The Civilizing Mission of Belinsky’s Natural School

Panelist:          Rolf Hellebust, University of Calgary

Title: Russian Anti-Literature and the Anti-Hero

Panelist:          Kathleen Parthe, University of Rochester

Title: Writers And Citizens In Russia: Whose Voice Is It?

Panelist:          Alexandra Kostina, Rhodes College

Title: “In the Beginning Was the Word”: Logocentricity of the Russian Mentality


28D-7 Panel: Lexicon and Semantics

Panel Chair: Elena Shmeleva

Panelist: Valentina Apresjan, Russian Language Institute, Moscow, Russia

Title: A perfect soul in a perfect body: different conceptualizations of physical and spiritual phenomena in language

Panelist:          Olga Yoshizumi, Brown University

Title: Discourse-semantics of Borrowed Words in Russian after Perestroika

Panelist:          Jeff Holdeman, Indiana University

Title: Lexical evidence of the homeland of the Russian Believers in Erie, Pennsylvania

Panelist:          Boris Iomdin, V.V.Vinogradov Russian Language Institute

Title: The Notion of Understanding in Russian and English


28D-8 Panel: Linguistics and Pedagogy

Panel Chair: Meghan Murphy-Lee, University of Arizona

Panelist:          Victoria Driagina, Pennsylvania State University

Title: About Muzhik-babushka, Six-year-old Zhenshchina and the Like: The Role of Conceptual Fluency in Advanced Proficiency Attainment

Panelist: Jeanette Owen, Arizona State University

Title: Russian request speech acts and the art of persuasion

Panelist:          Maria Shardakova, Bryn Mawr College

Title: Teaching Pragmatics to American Learners of Russian

Panelist:          Jane Hacking, University of Utah

Title: Can Explicit Instruction Improve Socio-Pragmatic Competence?


28D-9 Forum: V puti: Second Edition

Forum Presenters

Frank Miller, Columbia University

Anna Kudyma, University of California, Los Angeles (CP)

David Gasperetti, University of Notre Dame

Lynne deBenedette, Brown University



December 28        Session E: 7:00-9:00PM

28E-1 Special Event: Russian Poetry Reading

Chair: Andrey Gritsman, Independent Scholar


Polina Barskova, California

Ina Bliznetsova, New York

Dmitry Bobyshev, Illinois

Vladimir Gandelsman, New York

Bakhyt Kenzheev, Montreal, Canada

Irina Mashinskaya, New Jersey

Ian Probstein, New York

Yevgeny Slivkin, California

Grigory Starikovsky, New Jersey


28E-2 Special Event: Legacies of Robert Maguire

Chair: Irina Reyfman, Columbia University


Carol Ueland, Drew University

William Mills Todd III, Harvard University

Judith Kornblatt, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Margo Rosen, Columbia University

Emily Johnson, University of Oklahoma

Andrew Durkin, IndianaUniversity


26E-3 Panel: Elena Guro and St. Petersburg in Twentieth-Century Russian Literature (OP)

Panel Chair: Rolf Hellebust, University of Calgary

Panelist: Adele Di Ruocco, University of Southern California

Title: The Notion of “Impressionism” in Russian Aesthetic Criticism and in the Works of Elena Guro.

Panelist: Milica Banjanin, Washington University

Title: Urban Montage in Blok and Guro: From Baudelaire to Eisenstein

Panelist: Juliette Stapanian Apkarian, Emory University (CP)

Title: Eyeing the City: The Early Work of Elena Guro and Natal’ia Goncharova

Panelist: Marina Alexandrova, University of Texas, Austin

Title: Nature and the City in Elena Guro’s ‘Organic’ Futurism

Panel Discussant: Inna Tigountsova, University of Victoria


December 29        Session A: 8:00-10:00AM

29A-1 Panel: The Life and Death of the Hero

Panel Chair: Angela Brintlinger, Ohio State University

Panelist:          Inna Caron, Ohio State University

Title: The Hero is Dead – Long Live the Hero: Boleslaw Prus’s Response to the Russian Realists

Panelist:          Justin Weir, Harvard University

Title: Hadji Murad, Violence, and Narrative

Panelist:          William Nickell, University of California, Santa Cruz

Title: Quietus of the Hero: Suicide as Rhetoric

Panelist:          Matthew P. McGarry, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Title: From Hero to Person: Narrative and the Development of Self in Andrej Bitov’s Pushkin House

Discussant: Rolf Hellebust, University of Calgary


29A-2 Panel: The North American Chekhov Society

Panel Chair: Robert Louis Jackson, Yale University

Panelist:          Radislav Lapushin, University of Chicago

Title: The Poetry of Prose: The Motif of Clouds in Chekhov’s “Beauties”

Panelist:          Yanina Arnold, University of South Carolina

Title: Space and Self in Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters

Panelist:          Carol Flath, Duke University

Title: How is More Better: Chekhov’s Letters in English Translation

Panel Discussant: Michael Finke, Washington University


29A-3 Panel: Osip Mandelshtam

Panel Chair: Elena Glazov-Corrigan, Emory University

Panelist: Patrick Henry, University of California, Berkeley

Title: The Church With Five Cupolas: The Lessons of Lowell’s Adaptations of Mandelstam

Panelist:          Tom Dolack, University of Oregon

Title: Mandel'shtam's Nightingale and Literary Ventriloquism

Panelist:          Marilena Ruscica, Stanford University

Title: Iazyk prostranstva: Dante and Mandelstam’s Geography of Exile

Panelist:          Victoria Thorstensson, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Title: Echoes of Pushkin’s Journey to Arzrum in Mandelstam’s Journey to Armenia


29A-4 Panel: Contemporary Russia and Its Reflections in Literature and Film

Panel Chair: Thomas Garza, University of Texas, Austin
Eliot Borenstein, New York University

Title: Gratuitous Violence and Gratuitous Acts: Defining Bespredel

Panelist:          Gerald McCausland, University of Pittsburgh

Title: Miniseries Realism: Aleksandr Chervinskii’s Cinemanovel’ “Shishkin les”

Panelist:          Alexei Pavlenko, Colorado College

Title: Senchin’s Satiric “I”


29A-5 Panel: Czech Literature, Film and Culture

Panel Chair: Masako Fidler, Brown University
Kirsten Lodge, Columbia University

Title: Decadence for Marxism?: The Debate on Exploiting Literary Decadence for Radical Political Ends in 1890s Bohemia

Panelist:          Holly Raynard, University of Florida (TV/VCR)

Title: Living the Part: Heave Ho! We Want to Live! from Silver Screen to Social Sphere

Panelist:          Malynne Sternstein, University of Chicago

Title: Citizen Czech, or, the Dialectics of Genderlessness in Czech Surrealism

Panelist:          Christopher Harwood, Columbia University

Title: The Troubled Ecology of Ivan Klíma’s Love and Garbage


29A-6 Panel: Lithuanian Syntax

Panel Chair: Lydia Grebenyova, University of Maryland

Panelist: James Lavine, Bucknell University

Title: Repassivization in Lithuanian

Panelist:          Cori Anderson, Princeton University

Title: Oblique Passivization in Lithuanian

Panelist:          Leonard Babby, Princeton University

Title: Deriving Hybrid Verbal Categories: Evidence from the Comparison of Lithuanian and Russian

Panelist:          Steven Franks, Indiana University

Title: The Curious Case of Lithuanian Adjuncts (in pdf format)


29A-7 Panel: Corpus and Database Approaches to Linguistics

Panel Chair: Viktoriya Dragina, Pennsylvania State University
E.A. Grishina; Rakhilina E.V., Institute of Russian language, Russian Academy of Sciences; VINITI, Russian Academy of Sciences

Title: Russian National Corpus (RNC): an Overview and Perspectives

Panelist: V. R. Bayrasheva, Kazan State University

Title: Baza dannyx po sochetaemosti emotivnoj leksiki v russkom jazyke

Panelist: Olga Nevzorova, Kazan State Pedagogical University
Title: Applied Problems of Functional Homonymy Disambiguation for Russian Language


29A-8 Roundtable: Current Trends in Spoken Russian
Roundtable Chairs:
Dan Davidson, Bryn Mawr College; Benjamin Rifkin, Temple University
Roundtable Discussants:
Liudmila Verbitskaia, Saint Petersburg State University
Vitalii Kostomarov, Pushkin Russian Language Institute
M. Remnev, Moscow State University


29 A-9 Forum: “Molodets!”: A Dynamic Application for Producing Language Exercises (CP)

Forum Presenters

David J. Galloway, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Kristin Peterson-Bidoshi, Union College

Kristen Welsh, Hobart and William Smith Colleges


December 29        Session B 11:00

Keynote: What's In a Name? The Linguistic and Cultural Boundaries of AATSEEL

Keynote Lecturer: Alexander M. Schenker, Yale University


December 29        Session C 1:30-3:30

29C-1 Round Table: Are We Post-Colonial?

Roundtable Chair: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Columbia University

Roundtable Discussants

Nancy Condee, University of Pittsburgh

Dragan Kujundzic, University of California, Irvine

Serguei Oushakine, Columbia University

Vitaly Chernetsky, Harvard University

Harsha Ram, University of California, Berkeley


29C-2 Panel: Revisiting Nikolai Karamzin’s Letters of a Russian Traveler

Panel Chair:   Aaron Beaver, Indiana University

Panelist:          Stiliana Milkova, University of California, Berkeley

Title: Ekphrastic Vision and Nikolai Karamzin’s Letters of a Russian Traveler

Panelist: Michael Wachtel, Princeton University

Title: Dichtung und Wahrheit in Karamzin’s Prose


29C-3 Panel: Russian Symbolism

Panel Chair: Maria Carlson, University of Kansas

Panelist:          Jonathan Stone, University of California, Berkeley

Title: The Literal Symbolist: Vladimir Solov’ev and the Initial Reception of Russian Symbolism

Panelist:          Daria O Solodkaia, Princeton Univeristy

Title: Andrei Bely’s Silver Dove In Light Of Plato’s Idea Of the Winged Soul

Panelist:          Jacob Emery, Harvard University

Title: The Language of Adam: Heredity and Metaphor in Andrei Bely’s Petersburg

Panelist:          David Borgmeyer, Independent Scholar (Slide Projector & screen)

Title: Wisdom’s Voice, Wisdom’s Body: Women and the Sophian Feminine in the Silver Age


29C-4 Panel: Marina Tsvetaeva’s Art

Panel Chair: Karen Evans-Romaine, Ohio University
Viktor Finkel, Independent Scholar

Title: Музыкальная Компонента Поэзии Цветаевой

Panelist:          Jessica Brandt, Montclair State University

Title: In Defense of the Queen: Hamlet and Ophelia in the Work of Marina Tsvetaeva

Panelist:          Erik McDonald, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Title: Nekrasov and Tsvetaeva’s The Ratcatcher

Panelist:          Irina Morenko-Riviere, University of Paris Sorbonne

Title: Мифологический аспект памяти в автобиографической прозе Марины Цветаевой: на примере: Дом у Старого Пимена (1933), Мать и музыка (1934), Черт (1935).


29C-5 Panel: Russian Theatre and Film From Censorship to ...

Panel Chair: Yana Hashamova, Ohio State University
Elena Vassilieva, University of Southern California

Title: Censorship and Authorial Agency in Soviet Cinema of the 1960s-1970s

Panelist:          Nicholas Rzhevsky, State University of New York, Stony Brook

Title: Beyond Postmodernism: Russian Literature and Theater in the 1990’s

Panelist:          Viktoriya Topalova, University of British Columbia (OP)

Title: Mourning for an Ideal: Russian Literature and Film of the 1990s and early 2000s


29C-6 Panel: Polish Literature and Film in European Contexts

Panel Chair: Inna Caron, Ohio State University

Panelist:          Marysia Dzieduszycka, Columbia University

Title: Adam Mickiewicz: a naive or sentimental poet?

Panelist: Rimma Garn, Defense Language Institute (DVD)

Title: The Implied Author in Kieslowski's White


29C-7 Panel: Slavic Phonology

Panel Chair: Robert Channon, Purdue University

Panelist: Cecilia Odé, University of Amsterdam

Title: Russian Pitch Accents Defined

Panelist:          Christina Bethin, State University of New York, Stony Brook

Title: Word Prosody in the Vladimir-Volga Basin Dialects of Russian

Panelist:          Elena Boudovskaia, University of California, Los Angeles

Title: Evolution of Accentual System: Semantic Factor in the Stress Masculine Nouns in Several Transcarpathian Ukrainian Villages


29C-8 Panel: Examining L-2 Outcomes from Study Abroad at Level 3 and Above: A Report to the Field on the First National Flagship Overseas Program in Russian

Panel Chair: Maria Lekić, University of Maryland

Panelist:          Dan Davidson, Bryn Mawr College

Title: Getting to Level-Three and Beyond: the Relationship of Program Design, Initial Level, and Time-on-Task to Russian L-2 Outcomes in the Study Abroad Environment

Panelist:          Sharon Bain, Bryn Mawr College

Title: L2 Utilization Outside the Classroom: A Comparison of ACTR Program Participants at the Semester, Academic-Year, and Flagship Levels

Panelist:          Darya Shakhova, ACTR (CP)

Title: Language Learning at the Professional Level: Participant Views of the Russian Flagship Experience

Panel Discussant: Kira A Rogova, St. Petersburg University



29C-9 Round Table: Czech Studies in American Higher Education

Roundtable Chair: Neil Bermel, University of Sheffield

Roundtable Discussants

Laura Janda, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Masako Fidler, Brown University

Susan Kresin, University of California, Los Angeles

Craig Cravens, University of Texas

Hana Filip, University of Florida

Mirjam Fried, Princeton University

Bronislava Volkova, Indiana University

Vilma Anyzova, Embassy of the Czech Republic


December 29        Session D 3:45-5:45

29D-1 Round Table: Russian Realism Reconsidered

Roundtable Chair: William Mills Todd III, Harvard University

Roundtable Discussants

Irina Paperno, University of California, Berkeley

Lina Steiner, University of Chicago

Anastasia Kayiatos, University of California, Berkeley

Victoria Somoff, University of California, Berkeley

Molly Brunson, University of California, Berkeley


29D-2 Round Table: Slavic Linguistics and Slavic Cultures: Intersections and Interventions

Roundtable Chair: Alexander M. Schenker, Yale University

Roundtable Discussants

Henryk Baran, State University of New York, Albany

Barry Scherr, Dartmouth College

David J. Birnbaum, University of Pittsburgh


29D-3 Panel: Russian-European Interchanges Across the Centuries

Panel Chair: Joseph Peschio, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Panelist:          Francis Butler, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Title: Pan-European Motifs in the Martyrdom of Boris and Gleb

Panelist:          Aaron Beaver, Indiana University

Title: Derzhavin’s “Bessmertie Dushi” and Kant

Panelist:          Douglas Clayton, University of Ottawa

Title: The Marquis de Custine as Cultural Hero

Panelist:          Ruth Rischin, San Francisco State University

Title: Once Upon the Oka-Amur: Gor’kii and Makine


29D-4 Panel: Source Texts and Cultural Constructs

Panel Chair: Marat Grinberg, University of Chicago

Panelist:          Ilya Vinitsky, University of Pennsylvania

Title: Amor Hereos: Occult Sources of Russian Romanticism

Panelist:          Maria Carlson, University of Kansas

Title: Velesova Kniga: Folklore? Faith? Fascism? or simply Faux?

Panelist:          Marina Aptekman, Wheaton College

Title: Jewish Kabbalah, Judeo-Masonic Myth and Post-Soviet Literary Discourse: From Political Tool to Virtual Parody

Panelist:          Irene C McManman, University of Washington

Title: Feminine Aspects of Orthodox Traditions of Hagiography and Mysticism in Contemporary Russian Literature


29D-5 Panel: Women and Women’s Bodies in Recent Russian Writing and Film

Panel Chair: Edith Clowes, University of Kansas

Panelist: Jenny Kaminer, Northwestern University

Title: The Ambiguity of Maternal Violence in Liudmila Petrushevskaia’s “Our Crowd”

Panelist:          Elizabeth Skomp, Sewanee: The University of the South

Title: Nature and Nurture in Liudmila Ulitskaia’s Kazus Kukotskogo: Maternal, Male and Medical Subjectivities

Panelist:          Yelena Furman, University of California, San Diego

Title: Female Bodies in Post-Soviet Film: Natal'ia Andreichenko's Shamara


29D-6 Panel: New and Transformed Genres in Russia Since Perestroika

Panel Chair: Valentina Apresjan, Russian Language Institute, Moscow, Russia

Panelist: Elena Shmeleva, Moscow

Title: Transformation of a Speech Genre: The Case of Russian Jokes

Panelist: Irina Mikaelian, The Pennsylvania State University and Anna Zaliznjak, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Linguistics

Title: Email Correspondence in Russian as a Specific Communicative Genre

Panelist:          Michael Gorham, University of Florida

Title: The Speech Genres of Vladimir Putin


29D-7 Panel: Psycholinguistics and Second Language Acquisition (Screen)

Panel Chair: Irina A. Sekerina, City University of New York

Panelist:          Maggie Sikorska, University of Ottawa

Title: The L2 Acquisition of Polish Quirky Subjects

Panelist:          Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva, U of South Carolina

Title: Grammar at the Initial Stage of Acquisition: Evidence from English L1-Bulgarian L2

Panelist:          Kira Gor, University of Maryland

Title: Psycholinguistic Mechanisms in L2 Processing of Russian Verbal Morphology

Panelist:          Angela Shpolberg, University of Odessa

Title: Psycholinguistic Investigations on the Role of Conjunctions in Sentence Processing

Panelist: Natalia Romanova, University of Maryland, College Park
Title: Interaction between Recasts and Task Planning


29D-8 Panel: Art and Film in the Language Classroom

Panel Chair: Jane Hacking, University of Utah

Panelist:          Mara Sukholutskaya, East Central University (DVD)

 Title: Лучше один раз увидеть...: Film Clips in Teaching Russian

Panelist:          Valentina Zaitseva, University of Washington (VCR)

Title: Discourse Grammar for First-Year Russian through Russian Films

Panelist:          Nataliya Getmanenko, Brigham Young University (CP)

Title: Teaching Russian Language and Cultural History through Socialist Realist Art


December 30        Session A: 8:00-10:00AM

30A-1 Round Table: How Has Our Field Changed? (A Dialogue Between 'Fathers' and ‘Children’)

Roundtable Chair: Justin Weir, Harvard University

Roundtable Discussants

Mark Lipovetsky, University of Colorado, Boulder

Eliot Borenstein, New York University

Julie A. Buckler, Harvard University

Stephanie Sandler, Harvard University

Angela Brintlinger, Ohio State University


30A-2 Panel: Chekhov’s Art in Prose and Drama

Panel Chair: Carol Flath, Duke University

Panelist: Nikita Nankov, Indiana University, Bloomington

Title: From Husband To Lover To Husband To Lover To Husband: Chekhov’s Story “Volodia Bol’shoi i Volodia Malen’kii” And Unlimited Semiosis

Panelist: Marjorie Berger, Independent Scholar

Title:  "The Student” and the Reader

Panelist: Vera Zubarev, University of Pennsylvania (DVD)

Title: Three Sisters: Comedy or Drama?: Mystery of the Subtitle

Panelist: Tatiana Alenkina, Columbia University

Title: Translating the Subtext: Paul Schmidt’s 1997 Version of Chekhov’s The Seagull


30A-3 Panel: Transmittals in the Silver Age

Panel Chair:   Jason Merrill, Michigan State University

Panelist:          Timothy J Portice, Princeton University

Title: Fyodor Sologub's three translations of Paul Verlaine’s „Il pleure dans mon coeur”

Panelist:          Jan Terence Peters, Northwestern University

Title: Creation Ex Nihilo in the Works of Paul Celan and Lev Shestov

Panelist:          Maria Y. Khotimsky, Harvard University

Title:  “Govoriu nikomu, tak, v zakat…”: Implicit Poetic Dialogue in the Works of Vladislav Khodasevich and Sophia Parnok

Panelist:          Marijeta Bozovic, Columbia University

Title: Timur Kibirov’s “Intoxicating Silver Age”: Stretching the Canon and the Legacy of Blok


30A-4 Panel: International Vladimir Nabokov Society

Panel Chair: Priscilla Meyer, Wesleyan University

Panelist:          Gennady Denisenko, University of Virginia

Title: Vladimir Solovyov's Syzygy in Vladimir Nabokov's Art

Panelist:          Elena Sommers, Rochester Institute of Technology

Title: Nabokov and the Torture of Children: Shades of Pain in Bend Sinister and Pnin

Panelist:          Rachel Trousdale, Agnes Scott College

Title: Illusory Exiles and The Texture of Time

Panel Discussant: Zoran Kuzmanovich, Davidson College


30A-5 Panel: The Trope of -topia

Panel Chair:   Malynne Sternstein, University of Chicago

Panelist:          Nora Ryan, University of California, Los Angeles

Title: No Place as Someplace: Foucault's Heterotopias in NEP Russia

Panelist: Svitlana Kobets, University of Notre Dame

Title: Dystopia Revisited: Valerii Shevchuk's The Eye of the Abyss


30A-6 Panel: Dimensions of New Russian Film

Panel Chair: John Rim, Narva-Joesuu Keskkool, Estonia

Panelist: B. Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz, Independent Scholar (TV/VCR and OP)

Title: Eurasianism and the Works of Nikita Mikhalkov

Panelist:          Yana Hashamova, Ohio State University

Title: Screening Male Images: Masculinity, Myth, and Meaning

Panelist:          Steven Shaklan, Columbia University (TV/DVD)

Title: Alexander Sokurov’s “Confession”: A Chekhovian Narrative Strangely Suited to the Small Screen


30A-7 Panel: Language Use and Communities in Newly Independent States I

Panel Chair: Joan Chevalier, Brandeis University

Panelist: Tatiana Mlechko, Academy of Public Administration, Moldova

Title: Языки социализации славян в Республике Молдова

Panelist:          Curt Woolhiser, Harvard University

Title: Communities of Practice and Linguistic Divergence: Belarusophone Students as Agents of Linguistic Change

Panelist:          N. Anthony Brown, Brigham Young University

Title: Signage and Documentation of Language in Belarus: Theory or Practice


30A-8 Panel: Issues in Syntax

Panel Chair: John Leafgren, University of Arizona

Panelist: Hana Filip, University of Florida

Title: Negative Yes/No- Questions With The Positive Epistemic Implicature (in pdf format)

Panelist: Lydia Grebenyova, University of Maryland

Title: Selective Multiple Wh-fronting in Slavic

Panelist: Elena Chernishenko, Princeton University

Title: Quantified Phrases in Russian

Panelist: Gary H. Toops, Wichita State University

Title: On the distribution of infinitive and sentential complements in Russian and Upper Sorbian


30A-9 Panel: Challenging Instructional Contexts

Panel Chair: Lynne deBenedette, Brown University

Panelist: Rachel Taylor Stauffer, University of Virginia (OP)

Title: Russian in Foreign Language Exploratory Curricula: Problems, Methods, Benefits

Panelist:          Meghan Murphy-Lee, University of Arizona

Title: A Pragmatic Approach to Declining Enrollments: Reinventing the General Education Course

Panelist:          Anna Geisherik, State University of New York- Stony Brook

Title: Stages of Awareness in Heritage Language Learning: Pedagogical Strategies and Solutions

Panelist: Larry McLellan, University of California, Santa Barbara

Title: Mixed Classrooms for Heritage and non-Heritage Learners of Russian: Student Insight and a Model for Curricular Adaptation




December 30        Session B:10:15-12:15

30B-1 Round Table: Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries

Roundtable Chair: Gary Saul Morson, Northwestern University

Roundtable Discussants:

Elizabeth Beaujour, Hunter College

Boris Gasparov, Columbia University

Irina Paperno, University of California, Berkeley

Olga Matich, University of California, Berkeley

Scott Palmer, Western Illinois University


30B-2 Round Table: Translating Baj Ganjo

Roundtable Chair: Catherine Rudin, Wayne State College

Roundtable Discussants:

Victor Friedman, University of Chicago

Christina Kramer, University of Toronto

Wayles Browne, Cornell University

Daniela, Hristova, University of Chicago


30B-3 Panel: Dostoevsky: Satire, Morality, and Art

Panel Chair: Michael Katz, Middlebury College

Panelist: Sharon Lubkemann Allen, State University of New York, Brockport

Title: Laughter in Dostoevsky’s Early Fictions: Social Satire, Spiritual (In)sight

Panelist:          Lonny Harrison, University of Toronto

Title: The Moral Idea In Dostoevsky’s The Double

Panelist:          Eugenia Kapsomera Amditis, University of Kansas

Title: Dostoevsky’s The Idiot and Chernyshevsky’s What is to be Done?: Art Imitating Life Imitating Art

Panelist:          Gina Kovarsky, Virginia Commonwealth University

Title: Reflections of Prevost’s Manon Lescaut in Dostoevsky’s The Gambler


30B-4 Panel: Culture of the Early Soviet Years

Panelist: Irina Shilova, University of Alberta

Title: Coverage of New Soviet Holidays in Bolshevik Newspapers in the Post-Revolutionary Period

Panelist: James Goodwin, University of Florida

Title: The Critique of ‘Peasant Russia’ in Boris Pil’niak’s Machines and Wolves

Panelist: Irina Panchenko, Independent Scholar

Title: Агитпьеса Юрия Олеши «Слово и дело». Архивная находка

Panelist: Anne Fisher, University of Michigan

Title: “The true sign of success is the destruction of the original intent:” Seven Sequels and Other Continuations of Il’f and Petrov’s Ostap Bender Novels


30B-5 Panel: City Myths and Anti-Myths

Panel Chair: Luba Golburt, Stanford University

Panelist: Lina Khawaldah, Indiana University, Bloomington (CP )

Title: The City Re-Framed: Revisiting Dobuzhinsky’s City Portraits

Panelist:          Jamilya Nazyrova, University of Southern California

Title: The Goethean Image Of Helen’s Veil In Benjamin And Gabrichevskii

Panelist:          Melissa J. Sokol, Brown University

Title: The Petersburg Myth Continued: Aleksei Uchitel’’s Progulka


30B-6 Panel: Nabokov: Language and Translation

Panel Chair: Zoran Kuzmanovich, Davidson College

Panelist:          Stanislav A. Shvabrin, University of California, Los Angeles

Title: Revisiting Parnassian Affinities: Nabokov And Heine

Panelist:          Margarit Tadevosyan, Boston College

Title: Zemblan: The Nitra and Indra of Vladimir Nabokov's Exilic Discourse

Panelist:          Julia Trubikhina, Montclair State University

Title: The Translator’s Doubts: Vladimir Nabokov and the Ambiguity of Translation

Panel Discussant: Priscilla Meyer, Wesleyan University


30B-7 Panel: Language Use and Communities in Newly Independent States II (OP)

Panel Chair: Laura Janda, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Panelist:          Yu.N Karaulov, Московский государственный лингвистический университет

Title: Language Situation in Modern Russian

Panelist:          Joan Chevalier, Brandeis University

Title: Bilingualism in the Tyvan Republic, Russian Fedaration

Panelist:          Eleonora Suleimenova and Dana Akanova, al Farabi Kazakh State National University

Title: Language Identity in Kazkhstan

Panelist:          David Gotsiridze and Timur Kobahidze, Tbilisi State University

Title: Konkurentsija mirovyx jazykov na territorii Gruzii


30B-8 Panel: The Noun Phrase

Panel Chair: Gilbert Rappaport, University of Texas at Austin

Panelist:          Christopher Becker, University of Michigan

Title: A Probe-Goal Account of Case and Feature Agreement in the Russian Determiner Phrase

Panelist:          Asya Pereltsvaig, Cornell University

Title: Against Parameterizing the DP-Hypothesis

Panelist:          Alexei Shmelev

Title: Parameters of quantification in Russian

Panelist:          Marina Rojavin, Swarthmore College

Title: Семантическая катергория рода/пола в русском и украинском языках


30B-9 Panel: Focus on Learner Production

Panel Chair: Jeanette Owen, Arizona State University

Panelist: Francis McLellan, Princeton University

Title: Intonation in the Elementary Russian Classroom Revisited

Panelist: Julia Mikhailova, Emory University (OP)

Title: SOPI: In Need of a Revision: Shortcomings of the Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI)


30B-10 Forum: 2005 Update from RAILS: The Russian Advanced Interactive
Listening Series (Screen/power strip)

Forum Presenters:

Benjamin Rifkin, Temple University

Dianna Murphy, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Nina Familiant, University of Wisconsin, Madison


December 30        Session C: 1:00-3:00PM

30C-1 Round Table: Policy Relevance and Humanities Grants in Slavic Studies

Roundtable Chair: Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College

Roundtable Discussants

Robert Huber, The National Council for Eurasian and East European Research

Blair Ruble, Kennan Institute

Dan Davidson, American Council of Teachers of Russian


30C-2 Panel: Pushkin: Influences and Legacy

Panel Chair: Victoria Sevastianova, Dartmouth College

Panelist:          Elizabeth Blake, Saint Louis University

Title: Aleksandr Pushkin and Prosper Mérimée on the Populist Politics of the False Dimitrii

Panelist:          Molly Thomasy, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Title: Pushkin and Chekhov: Exploring the Onegin Myth in Chekhov’s “Ionych”

Panelist:          Olia Prokopenko, Ohio State University

Title: Strolling With Pushkin In Postsoviet Russia: Transformations Of The Pushkin Image In Postmodern Russian Literature

Discussant: Catherine O’Neil, University of Denver


30C-3 Round Table: Mapping Petersburg (1900 – 1920) CP

Roundtable Chair: Julie A. Buckler, Harvard University

Roundtable Discussants

Olga Matich, University of California, Berkeley

Sharon Allen, State University of New York, Brockport

Polina Barskova, University of California, Berkeley

Mieka Erley, University of California, Berkeley

Emily Johnson, University of Oklahoma

Alyson Tapp, University of California, Berkeley


30C-4 Panel: The Self-Reflecting Female Subject in Russian Culture

Panel Chair: Elizabeth Skomp, Sewanee: The University of the South

Panelist: Anna Gessen, Harvard University

Title: Romance or Martyr’s Life: Towards Understanding of the Genre and Composition of Natal’ia Dolgorukaia’s Memoir

Panelist:          Scarlet J. Marquette, Harvard University

Title: What Does Woman Want?: The Narrative (de-)Construction of Feminine Psychosis

Panelist:          Jehanne Gheith, Duke University

Title: Memory, Gender and the Gulag


30C-5 Panel: Russians on/in America

Panelist: Anne Fisher, University of Michigan

Title: Russian Tourists “Discover” Postbellum America

Panelist: Shoshana Knapp, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Title: “Gollivud: Amerikanskii Kino-Gorod”(1926) by A. Rozenbaum (Ayn Rand): Preview of Coming Attractions

Panelist: Sergei Sychov, University of Michigan

Title: Construction of Individuality in Contemporary Russian Narratives about America

30C-6 Panel: Spiritualized Soil and the Imagings of Modern Poets

Panel Chair: Jan Peters, Northwestern University

Panelist: Yevgeny Slivkin, Defense Language Institute

Title: Mythologization as De-canonization: The Image of Velimir Khlebnikov in Boris Viktorov’s Chelokon’

Panelist:          Joanna Madloch, Montclair State University (CP)

Title: Joseph Brodsky's Predstavlenie: At the Crossroads of Poetry and Photography

Panelist:          Ian Probstein, Touro College

Title:  “Песен звонкая тщета”: Роальд Мандельштам, поэт из легенды


30C-7 Panel: Clitics

Panel Chair: Steven Franks, Indiana University

Panelist: Andrea Stiasny, University of Michigan

Title: Do Croatian Clitics Have to Be Verb-Adjacent?

Panelist:          Jasmina Milicevic, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Title: Linear Placement of Serbian Second-Position Clitics. A Dependency-Based Description

Panelist:          Mills Charles, Knox College

Title: The Prosody of 2P: An OT Approach to Czech Clitics


30C-8 Round Table: The Speech and Language of Heritage Learners and their Parents: The Situation with Slavic Languages (OP)

Roundtable Chair: Marina Rojavin, Swarthmore College

Roundtable Discussants

Joan Chevalier, Brandeis University

Nila Friedberg, Portland State University

Anna Geisherik, Stony Brook University

Maria Polinsky, University of California, San Diego


30C-9 Forum: RUSSNET

Forum Presenter: Ken Petersen, ACTR


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