Conference Overview

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

5:00pm - 7:00pm Conference Registration
5:00pm - 7:00pm AATSEEL Program Committee Meeting
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Job Interviewing Workshop

Organizer: Elizabeth Skomp, Sewanee: The University of the South Discussants: Tony Anemone, The New School Yvonne Howell, University of Richmond Brian Johnson, Swarthmore College Kevin Platt, University of Pennsylvania Ariann Stern-Gottschalk, Indiana University

8:00pm - 10:00pm AATSEEL Executive Council Meeting
10:00pm Reception for Graduate Students

Monday December 28, 2009

7:30am – 6:00pm Conference Registration
8:00am - 10:00am SLAVA/Olympiada Breakfast
9:00am - 10:00am SEEJ Editorial Meeting
9:00am – 4:30pm Exhibit Hall
8:00am - 10:00am Conference Panels 28A
10:00am - 10:45am Complimentary Coffee Break
10:45am - 12:45pm Conference Panels 28B
12:45pm - 2:15pm Language Coordinators' Luncheon
2:15pm - 4:15pm Conference Panels 28C
4:30pm - 6:45pm ACTR Board Meeting
4:30pm - 5:30pm Coffee with Leading Scholars: Gary Saul Morson (Northwestern University), Stephanie Sandler (Harvard University)
5:30pm - 6:30pm AATSEEL Graduate Student Committee Meeting
7:00pm - 9:00pm Russian Poetry Reading
7:30pm - 9:00pm Reception hosted by Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Indiana University (all are welcome)
9:00pm - 11:00pm AATSEEL President’s Reception and Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

7:30am – 5:00pm Conference Registration
8:00am - 10:00am Conference Panels 29A
9:00am – 4:30pm Exhibit Hall
10:00am - 11:00am AATSEEL Business Meeting
11:00am – 12:00pm Keynote Address by Gary Saul Morson, Northwestern University
12:00pm – 1:00pm Coffee with Leading Scholars: Caryl Emerson (Princeton University)
1:15pm - 3:15pm Conference Panels 29B
3:15pm - 3:45pm Complimentary Coffee Break
3:45pm - 5:45pm Conference Panels 29C
5:30pm - 7:15pm ACTR General Membership Meeting
7:00pm - 9:00pm Staged Reading of J. Slowacki's Balladyna, translated by Bill Johnston

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

8:00am - 10:00am AATSEEL Executive Council Meeting
8:00am - 8:45am Coffee with Leading Scholars: Vladimir Alexandrov (Yale University)
9:00am - 11:00am Conference Panels 30A
9:00am - 12:00pm Exhibit Hall
11:00am – 12:00pm AATSEEL Program Committee
12:15am - 2:15pm Conference Panels 30B


December 28, 8:00am-10:00am

28A-1 Panel: Reception of Nineteenth-Century Literature

Panel Chair: Daria Solodkaia, Princeton U

Panelist: Jason Strudler, Princeton U
Title: Searching for the Slavic Pushkin: Khlebnikov Revisits Boris Godunov

Panelist: Elena Murenina, East Carolina U
Title: Gogol Émigré Criticism within the Context of Cultural Memory and Literary Jubilee Discourse: 1930s and Beyond

Panelist: Erik McDonald, U of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: Nekrasov and Literary Sincerity in Russian Criticism

28A-2 Panel: Dostoevsky’s The Idiot

Panel Chair: Michael Katz, Middlebury College

Panelist: Alexander Burry, Ohio State U
Title: Averted Execution and Trauma in Dostoevsky’s The Idiot

Panelist: Tom Roberts, Stanford U
Title: Transcendence and the Novel: The Problem of Representation in The Idiot

Katherine Bowers, Northwestern U

28A-3 Panel: Russian Modernism and the West

Panel Chair: Elise Thorsen, U of PIttsburgh

Panelist: Sarah Lowry, Ohio State U
Title: The Tale of Two Cities: Myopic Vision in Leonid Dobychin's The Town of N and James Joyce's Dubliners

Panelist: Viktor Finkel, Independent Scholar
Title: Дикинсон и Ахматова: Соприкосновение великих поэзии

Panelist: Irina Barclay, Appalachian State U
Title: Vivisection as Allegorical Warning to Social Engineering in H.G. Wells ’ The Island of Doctor Moreau and Bulgakov’s Heart of a Dog

28A-4 Panel: Vexed Forms of Race and Speech in Soviet Culture

Panel Chair: Jennifer Wilson, Princeton U

Panelist: Roy Chan, UC Berkeley
Title: Broken Tongues: Race, Sacrifice and Geopolitics in Vsevolod Ivanov’s Armored Car No. 14-69

Panelist: Sasha Senderovich, Harvard U
Title: A Stutterer in the Circus: Jewish Speech, Foreign Body and Socialist Construction in The Return of Nathan Bekker

Panelist: Anastasia Kayiatos, UC Berkeley (DVD/VCR, monitor)
Title: “Sooner Silent than Mute”: Soviet Pantomime after Stalin

Rebecca Jane Stanton, Barnard College

28A-5 Panel: Problems of Translation

Panel Chair: Amanda Murphy, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Panelist: Andrew Corin, Defense Language Institute
Title: Comparative Stemmatology of the Croatian Glagolitic Breviaries and Missals

Panelist: David Danaher, U of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: Czech duchovní as English spiritual? Examining a Havelian Key Word and Its Translation

Panelist: Stephen Pearl, Independent Scholar
Title: Oblomov: (Re)Translating a Classic

28A-6 Panel: Music and Literature

Panelist: Anna Gascienica-Byrcyn, U of Illinois, Chicago
Title: The Music of the Tatra Mountains in Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer’s In the Rocky Podhale

Panelist: Anna Berman, Princeton U
Title: The Unifying Principle in Tolstoy’s and Prokofiev’s War and Peace

Panelist: Jeffrey Riggs, UCLA
Title: The Musical Divine: Early Music in Russian Metaphysical Symbolism and the Late Imperial Orthodox Liturgy

28A-7 Panel: South Slavic Linguistics

Panel Chair: E. Wayles Browne, Cornell U

Panelist: Victor Friedman, U of Chicago
Title: Alive and Well in the Balkans: The Continuing Life of Sprachbund Phenomena

Panelist: Miriam Shrager, Indiana U
Title: The Accentual System of the Susak Dialect Spoken in New Jersey

Panelist: Melissa Witcombe, Indiana U
Title: Je Behavior in Serbo-Croatian: Syntactic and Phonological Considerations

28A-8 Panel: Computer-Assisted Language Learning (I)

Panel Chair: Meghan Murphy-Lee, United Stated Military Academy at West Point

Panelist: Victoria Hasko/Olga Thomasson, U of Georgia/U of Oslo
Title: Promoting Narrative Skills in Russian through Digital Storytelling

Panelist: Julia Houkom, U of Pittsburgh
Title: The Use of Geospatial Technology to Augment Russian Language Learning in Beginning and Intermediate Russian

Panelist: Svitlana Malykhina, Independent Scholar
Title: Vodcast in the Language Classroom: Theory and Practices

28A-9 Roundtable: Preparing Graduate Students for the Language Classroom: Current Practices in Training Programs

Panel Chair: William Comer, U of Kansas

Panelist: Alla Symslova, Columbia U

Panelist: Julia Mikhailova, U of Toronto

Panelist: Anna Kudyma, UCLA

Panelist: Jeffrey Holdeman, Indiana U

December 28, 10:45am-12:45pm

28B-1 Panel: Tolstoy Between Human and Natural Sciences

Panelist: Nina Perlina, Indiana U
Title: Vico's Concept of the World of Nations and Its Reflections in Tolstoy

Panelist: Lina Steiner, U of Chicago
Title: Tolstoy and Humanism

Kevin Platt, U of Pennsylvania

28B-2 Panel: Social Types in Nineteenth-Century Prose

Panel Chair: Amanda Murphy, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Panelist: Ekaterina Neklyudova, Stanford U
Title: Case Histories in the Russian Prose: Sources, Dynamics, and Perspective

Panelist: Victoria Thorstensson, U of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: “New Man” on Rendezvous and His “Bourgeois Happiness”: Towards the Search for the Positive Literary Hero

Panelist: Allison Leigh-Perlman, Rutgers U
Title: The Unbearable Superfluity of Being in Nineteenth-Century Russian Art and Literature

28B-3 Panel: Central Asia in Soviet and Post-Soviet Literature

Panelist: Lisa Yountchi, Northwestern U
Title: Soviet Tajik Literature: Between Russia and Iran

Panelist: Vladimir Bilenkin, North Carolina State U
Title: Reading against the Grain: History and Its Suppression in Andrei Volos’s Hurramabad

28B-4 Panel: Voracious Utopias: Colonizing the Future in Soviet Science Fiction

Panel Chair: Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College

Panelist: Yvonne Howell, U of Richmond
Title: The Limits of Genius: Human Ingenuity and the Global Environment in the Strugatskys’ Za milliard let do kontsa sveta

Panelist: Kevin Reese, U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Title: Will the New Soviet Man Still Be Human? Post-Humans in the Strugatskiis' Works

Panelist: Elise Thorsen, U of Pittsburgh
Title: Voracious Utopias: Totalized Space and its Critics in Soviet Science Fiction

Anthony Anemone, The New School

28B-5 Panel: Russian Prose Today

Panelist: Svetlana Corwin, Belmont Abbey College (North Carolina)
Title: Domestic Disturbance: Labyrinthine Writing Through Trauma in Pelevin’s The Helmet of Horror

Panelist: Virginia Bennett, U of Hawaii, Manoa
Title: France/Atlantis vs. USSR/Dystopia in Andrei Makine’s Le Testament français

Panelist: Adrian Wanner, Pennsylvania State U
Title: The Erotic Charm of Russianness: Lara Vapnyar’s Memoirs of a Muse and Irina Reyn’s What Happened to Anna K?

28B-6: Master Class: Tools for Teaching the Post-boom Bakhtin – as Philosopher, Carnivalist, Post-Modernist, Formalist, and “Dialogic Classic”

Panel Chair: Caryl Emerson, Princeton U

28B-7 Panel: East Slavic Dialect Phenomena

Panel Chair: Robert Channon, Purdue U

Panelist: Christina Bethin, SUNY Stony Brook
Title: Raising of /a/ to /o/ in East Slavic Dialects

Panelist: Elena Boudovskaia, Vassar College (LCD)
Title: Declensional classes in the plural in Hutsul and Transcarpathian Ukrainian dialects: new data

28B-8 Panel: Computer-Assisted Language Learning (II)

Panel Chair: Olga Kagan, UCLA

Panelist: Edie Furniss, Monterey Institute of International Studies (Overhead projector)
Title: Promoting Russian Language Learner Autonomy through Technology

Panelist: Shannon Spasova, Dalhousie U (LCD projector)
Title: Language Learning 2.0: Web Tools for the Tech-Wary Teacher

Panelist: Natalia Kazakova, Columbia U
Title: Об использовании информационных сайтов в курсе

28B-9 Roundtable: The Russian AP ® Prototype Exam: Everything You Want to Know

Panel Chair: Cynthia Ruder, U of Kentucky

Panelist: Masha Lekic, U of Maryland/ ACTR-ACCELS

Panelist: Camelot Marshall, ACTR-ACCELS

Panelist: Mary Nicholas, Lehigh U

Panelist: Elizabeth Sandstrom, Thomas Jefferson Science & Technical High School

28B-10 Panel: Poets of Several Cultures: A Reading and DIscussion

Panelist: Valentina Sinkevich, Philadelphia, PA

Panelist: Alexander Stessin, New York, NY

Panelist: Keren Klimovsky, Brown U

Panelist: Olga Livshin, U of Alaska, Anchorage

Maria Khotimsky, Harvard U
Marina Adamovitch, Novyi zhurnal, New York

December 28, 2:15pm-4:15pm

28C-1 Panel: North American Pushkin Society

Panel Chair: Lina Steiner, U of Chicago

Panelist: Lindsay Ceballos, Princeton U
Title: From “Rafaeleva Madona” to “Moia Madona”: Pushkin as Creator through the Lens of His Mary Poems

Panelist: Douglas Clayton, U of Ottawa
Title: Intertextuality in Pikovaia dama: Pushkin and Diderot

Panelist: Olga Voronina, Harvard U
Title: “The Sun of World Poetry”: Pushkin Celebrations of 1949 and the Cold War Alienation Rhetoric

Michael Wachtel, Princeton U

28C-2 Panel: Chekhov and Non-Prosaic Behaviors

Panel Chair: Svetlana Evdokimova, Brown U

Panelist: Carol Apollonio, Duke U
Title: Chekhov’s Non-Prosaics: Creation and Apocalypse

Panelist: Nina Wieda, Northwestern U
Title: Secular Kenosis in Chekhov’s Neighbors and The Seagull

Panelist: Katherine Bowers, Northwestern U
Title: Through the Opaque Veil: Chekhov’s Depictions of the Irrational

Gary Saul Morson, Northwestern U

28C-3 Panel: Theater and Space in Bulgakov and Olesha

Panel Chair: Boris Wolfson, Amherst College

Panelist: Peter Larson, U of Alberta
Title: Patriarch’s Ponds as Space of Resistance in Mikhail Bulgakov’s Novel The Master and Margarita

Panelist: Kathryn Schild, U of California, Berkeley
Title: Execution and Assassination in Master and Margarita

Panelist: Kathleen Manukyan, Ohio State U
Title: Casting and Crashing the Two Bits: Theatricality in Olesha’s Envy

Panelist: Irina Panchenko, Independent Scholar
Title: Юрий Олеша как интерпретатор драмы «Украденное Счастье» Ивана Франко

28C-4 Panel: Late Twentieth-Century Poetry

Panelist: Sara Orr, Ohio State U
Title: The Passion of Elena Shvarts

Panelist: Gerald Janecek, U of Kentucky
Title: Dragomoshchenko’s “Nasturtium as Reality” as Metametaphoristic

Panelist: Natalia Vesselova, U of Ottawa
Title: Topical Versus Eternal: Satire and Irony in Contemporary Russian Poetry

28C-5 Panel: Contemporary Russian Pop Culture

Panel Chair: Kevin Reese, U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Panelist: Ryan Walker, Ohio State U
Title: The Modern Hero in Night Watch: Comparisons of Novel and Film

Panelist: Saara Ratilainen, Tampere U (Finland) (DVD/VCR, monitor, overhead projector)
Title: Business for Pleasure Representations of New Rich Women in Contemporary Russian Popular Media

28C-6: Readings: Renewing the Classics

Panelist: Stephen Pearl, Ind. Scholar
Title: Translation of Oblomov

Panelist: Irina Reyn, U of Pittsburgh
Title: What Happened to Anna K?

28C-7 Panel: Syntax-Semantics Interface

Panel Chair: Alina Israeli, American U

Panelist: James Lavine, Bucknell U
Title: On the Aspectual Theory of Accusative

Panelist: Mark Nuckols, Independent Scholar
Title: Sweating Blood: The Instrumental Case with Body Parts and Functions

Panelist: Elena Koudinova, Defense Language Institute
Title: Heads or Tails: Clarifying Cultural Choices

28C-8 Panel: Heritage Language Education

Panel Chair: Gerald McCausland, U of Pittsburgh

Panelist: Julia Titus, Yale U (LCD)
Title: Select Issues in Testing and Assessment of Heritage Learners

Panelist: Yuri Shevchuk, Columbia U
Title: Teaching Ukrainian Pronunciation to Students of Russian Language Background

Panelist: Svetlana Korshunova, U of Pennsylvania
Title: Trans-rational Russian: The Use of “Model Poems” of Russian Avant-gardists in the Russian Heritage Classroom

28C-9 Roundtable: Bohdan-Ihor Antonych: in Comparative Contexts on the 100-Year Anniversary of His Birth

Panelist: Michael Naydan, Pennsylvania State U

Panelist: Larysa Bobrova, Horlivka U

Panelist: Mykola Polyuha, U of Western Ontario

28C-10 Panel: Russian Poets in America: A Reading and Discussion

Panelist: Oleg Vulf, Storony Sveta, New York

Panelist: Irina Mashinski, Storony Sveta, New York

Panelist: Andrey Gritsman, Interpoezia, New York

Panelist: David Patashinsky, Muncie, IN

Olga Livshin, U of Alaska, Anchorage

December 28, 7:00pm-9:00pm

28D-1 Panel: AATSEEL Featured Poet: A Reading and Discussion

Panel Chair: Olga Livshin, U of Alaska, Anchorage

Panelist: Vera Pavlova, Moscow and New York

December 29, 8:00am-10:00am

29A-1 Panel: Adapting the Classics

Panelist: Nicholas Rzhevsky, Stony Brook U
Title: The Ethics of Adaptation: Russian Examples

Panelist: Jennifer Wilson, Princeton U
Title: Tennessee Williams’s Queer Chekhov

Panelist: Tatiana Alenkina, Moscow State U
Title: The Seagull by Anton Chekhov in a Postmodern Version of Tom Stoppard (1997)

Panelist: Agnieszka Gutthy, Southeastern Louisiana U
Title: Literature as Opera – Zygmunt Krasiński’s Un-divine Comedy

29A-2 Panel: Mandelstam as Essayist

Panel Chair: Kathryn Schild, UC Berkeley

Panelist: Leeore Schnairsohn, Princeton U
Title: Truth and Consequence: Traces of Ivanov in Mandelstam's Acmeist Manifesto

Panelist: Keren Klimovsky, Brown U
Title: Metaphors of Poetic Language in Osip Mandelstam’s “Conversation About Dante”

29A-3 Panel: Literature and the Sister Arts

Panel Chair: Alexander Burry, Ohio State U

Panelist: Ruth Rischin, Independent Scholar (CD player, speakers)
Title: Egyptian Antiquity and the Contemplative Muse: Sofia Gubaidulina's Noch’ v Memfise (1968)

Panelist: Avram Lyon, UCLA
Title: A Confluence of Modernisms in Tatar Writer Gaiaz Iskhaki

Panelist: Gavriel Shapiro, Cornell U (Overhead projector)
Title: Pictorial Origins of Three Biblical Poems By Vladimir Nabokov

29A-4 Panel: Late Soviet Prose

Panel Chair: Yelena Zotova, U of Illinois, Chicago

Panelist: Olga Livshin, U of Alaska, Anchorage
Title: Vagaries of Masculinity in Venedikt Erofeev’s Moscow to the End of the Line

Panelist: Rumyana Cholakova, Washington U (St. Louis)
Title: Country Is in the Eye of the Beholder: The Image of the United States inIlf and Petrov’s One-storey America and Vassily Aksyonov’s In Search of Melancholy Baby

Panelist: Kathryn Duda, U of Chicago
Title: When I was Child, I Spoke as a Child: Narration in Ivan Klíma’s Láska a smetí and Iurii Trifonov’s Dom na naberezhnoi

Elise Thorsen, U of Pittsburgh

29A-5 Panel: Early Soviet Film

Panel Chair: Nancy Condee, U of Pittsburgh

Panelist: Olga Klimova, U of Pittsburgh (DVD/VCR, monitor)
Title: The Last “Bourgeois” or the First Soviet Comic? Igor Il'inskii in Iakov Protazanov’s Silent Comedies

Panelist: Maria Corrigan, UC Santa Barbara
Title: Balázs, Benjamin and the Factory of the Eccentric Actor

Jason Merrill, Michigan State U

29A-6 Roundtable: Roundtable in Honor of Anna Lisa Crone: Love and Creativity in Russian Literature and Philosophy

Panel Chair: Alina Wyman, U of Illinois

Panelist: Caryl Emerson, Princeton U

Panelist: Lina Steiner, U of Chicago

Panelist: Alina Wyman, U of Illinois

Panelist: Nina Perlina, Indiana U

Panelist: Catherine O’Neil, USNA

Panelist: David Powelstock, Brandeis U

Panelist: Liza Ginzburg, U of Chicago

29A-7 Panel: Early Slavdom

Panel Chair: Christina Bethin, Stony Brook U

Panelist: Alan Timberlake, Columbia U (Overhead projector)
Title: The Diffusion of Slavic, Part I: History, Archeology, Onomastics, Sociolinguistics

Panelist: Julia McAnallen, UC Berkeley (LCD projector)
Title: The Diffusion of Slavic, Part II: Languages & Genes

Panelist: Matthew Feeney, U of Kansas
Title: A Methodology for the Reconstruction of Proto-Slavic Dialects

29A-8 Panel: Teaching Materials Development

Panel Chair: William Comer, U of Kansas

Panelist: Christopher Harwood, Columbia U
Title: Teaching Material Options for Advanced Czech

Panelist: Beata Moskala-Gallaher, Bryn Mawr College (LCD projector)
Title: Construction of Learner and Speaker Identities in Polish Textbooks

Panelist: Natalia Bogdanova, St. Petersburg State U (LCD projector)
Title: Графика и Орфография на Службе Произношения

Panelist: Irene Krasner, Defense Language Institute (LCD projector)
Title: Teaching Area Studies and Culture in an Intensive Foreign Language Course

29A-9: Workshop: Intensity of Engagement

Panel Chair: Benjamin Rifkin, The College of New Jersey (LCD projector)

December 29, 1:15pm-3:15pm

29B-1 Panel: Reexaminations of Pushkin

Panel Chair: Nicholas Rzhevsky, Stony Brook U

Panelist: Liza Ginzburg, U of Chicago
Title: Евгений Онегин: О недогадливости няни и о самой необычной рифме в русской поэзии

Panelist: Amanda Murphy, U of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: Melting the Ice: A New Approach to Marina Mnishek in Pushkin’s Boris Godunov

Panelist: Irina Anisimova, U of Pittsburgh
Title: Writing the Family, Creating the Nation in Pushkin’s Captain’s Daughter

29B-2 Panel: Poetic Elaborations of Myth

Panel Chair: Victoria Thorstensson, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Panelist: Catherine O’Neil, United States Naval Academy
Title: Ambivalent Patriots: Tiutchev and Slowacki’s “Agamemnon” Poems about the Polish Uprising

Panelist: Edward Waysband, U of Toronto
Title: The Myth of Orpheus in the Poetry of Osip Mandelstam

Panelist: Polina Dimova, UC Berkeley (DVD/VCR, monitor, speakers)
Title: The Russian Symbolist Dispersion of Light: Viacheslav Ivanov and Aleksandr Skriabin

29B-3 Panel: Origins of Kuzmin’s Works

Panelist: Keith Tribble, Oklahoma State U
Title: From Manuscript to Source: Tracing Kuzmin’s Bibliographical Notes

Panelist: Aleksandr Timofeev, Pushkin State Museum, St. Petersburg
Title: The Problem of Documentary Identification of Western Sources of Mikhail Kuzmin’s Prose (‘Feats of Alexander the Great’ and ‘The Miraculous Life of Joseph Balsamo, Count Cagliostro’)

29B-4 Panel: Intersections of Literature, Religion, and Philosophy

Panel Chair: Ruth Rischin, Independent Scholar

Panelist: Hillary Brevig, U of Pittsburgh (LCD projector)
Title: The Relation of Written Hagiography to Narrative Icons of St. Georgii and St. Paraskeva

Panelist: Martha Kelly, U of Missouri
Title: Music and Knowledge in Leskov’s Cathedral Folk

Panelist: Alyssa DeBlasio, U of Pittsburgh
Title: The Construction of a New Russian Philosophical Paradigm: From the Literary to the Anthropological

Panelist: Irena Avsenik Nabergoj, Scientific Research Center, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Title: Ivan Cankar on the Suffering of Humiliated Girls and the Question of Forgiveness

29B-5 Panel: Soviet Culture from the Thaw to Perestroika

Panel Chair: Olga Klimova, U of Pittsburgh

Panelist: William Nickell, UC Santa Cruz (Overhead projector)
Title: Big Brother is Watching: Adolescent Boys without Fathers in Soviet Film of the Post-Stalin period

Panelist: Anna Oldfield, Hamilton College (LCD projector)
Title: Laughter and the Anxiety of Ethnicity: The New Caucasian Woman in Kavkazkaya Plennitsya and Qaynana

Panelist: Yuliya Minkova, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U
Title: Drawing Borders in the Sky: Pirates and Damsels in Distress of Aerial Hijackings in the Late-Soviet Press

Panelist: Nikita Nankov, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Title: Gorbachev Reads Plato, Plato Reads Gorbachev: Glasnost’, Perestroika, and the Noble Lie

29B-6: Poetry Translation Workshop

Panel Chair: Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College

29B-7: Approaching the Nineetenth-Century Novel as Art Form, Enterprise, and Institution

Panel Chair: William Mills Todd, III, Harvard U

29B-8 Panel: Russian Syntax

Panel Chair: George Fowler, Indiana U

Panelist: Ksenia Zanon, Indiana U
Title: Splitting Nominal and Prepositional Phrases in Russian: What of Linearization?

Panelist: Steven Franks, Indiana U
Title: Semipredicative Case in a Bottom-up Syntax

29B-9 Panel: Pedagogy and Curriculum Development

Panel Chair: Andrew Corin, Defense Language Institute

Panelist: Benjamin Rifkin, College of New Jersey (LCD projector)
Title: Learners’ Goals and Curricular Design

Panelist: Olga Kagan Anna Kudyma, UCLA (LCD projector)
Title: Select Issues in Testing and Assessment of Heritage Learners

Panelist: Tony Brown, Brigham Young U (LCD projector)
Title: Measures of Second Language Writing: A Comparison of Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches

Panelist: Meghan Murphy-Lee, United States Military Academy (LCD projector)
Title: An Analysis of L2 Reading Strategies Among Second-Year Students of Russian

December 29, 3:45pm-5:45pm

29C-1 Panel: North American Dostoevsky Society

Panel Chair: Susan McReynolds, Northwestern U

Panelist: Alina Wyman , U of Illinios, Chicago
Title: Frustrated Love in Dostoevsky: A Bakhtinian Perspective

Panelist: Benjamin Jens , U of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: Silent Communication: Tishina vs. Molchanie in Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov

Panelist: Michael Katz , Middlebury U
Title: F. M. Dostoevsky and J. D. Salinger

29C-2 Panel: Decadent Prose

Panel Chair: Julie Draskoczy, U of PIttsburgh

Panelist: Kirsten Lodge, Columbia U
Title: The Bohemian Des Esseintes: Joris-Karl Huysmans’s Against Nature and Jiří Karásek’s A Gothic Soul

Panelist: Jesse Menefee, Princeton U
Title: Spit Wads and Spiteful Words in Sologub’s The Petty Demon

Panelist: Yelena Zotova, U of Illinois, Chicago (DVD/VCR, monitor)
Title: Alexander Grin’s The Scarlet Sails: The Red Cinderella?

Ruth Rischin, Independent Scholar

29C-3 Panel: Brodsky

Panel Chair: Yuliya Minkova, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U

Panelist: Sarah Kapp, U of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: The Veshchnost’ of a Poem: A Look at Heidegger’s Notions of (Non)Being and Time in Brodsky’s “The Butterfly” and “The Fly”

Panelist: Alexei Lalo, U of Texas, Austin
Title: Carnal and Sexual Themes in Brodsky’s Poetry: Their Sources and Significance as Anti-Utopian Discourse

29C-4 Panel: Contemporary Russian Film

Panel Chair: Juliette Stapanian-Apkarian, Emory U

Panelist: Tim Harte, Bryn Mawr College
Title: Stalinist Space in Aleksei German's Khrustalev, mashinu!

Panelist: Tatiana Shilina-Conte, SUNY, Buffalo (LCD projector)
Title: “Writing/Filming for Myself and Strangers”: The Poetics of Repetition in Kira Muratova’s Films through Gertrude Stein’s Texts

Panelist: Olga Zaslavsky, Harvard U
Title: Childhood Lost and Recovered: Two Examples from Contemporary Russian Cinema and American Theater

29C-5 Panel: The Russian Writer as Translator

Panel Chair: Hillary Brevig, U of Pittsburgh

Panelist: Elena Ostrovskaya, Russian State U for the Humanities (Moscow)/ Georgetown U (Overhead projector)
Title: Henry Longfellow At The Threshold Of Russian Modernism (Poetic Translations of The Day Is Done)

Panelist: Erika Haber, Syracuse U
Title: Adaptation or Appropriation: How The Wizard of Oz was transformed into The Wizard of Emerald City

Panelist: Stanislav Shvabrin, Princeton U
Title: “Dusty Helmets” Aside: Nabokov Reads, Translates Okudzhava

29C-6 Panel: Twentieth-Century Polish Literature

Panel Chair: Irina Anisimova, U of Pittsburgh

Panelist: Maria Khotimsky, Harvard U
Title: The Merchant of Invisible Fabric: Fairy Tale Motifs in the Works of Bruno Schulz

Panelist: Erin Alpert, U of Pittsburgh
Title: Survival and Community in Memoirs of the Holocaust in Poland

29C-7 Panel: Ukrainian Sociolinguistics

Panelist: Alla Nedashkivska, U of Alberta (LCD projector)
Title: The Interplay of Ukrainian and Russian in Contemporary Ukrainian Media

Panelist: Yuliia Aloshycheva, Ohio State U
Title: Imagining Communities: Use of Foreignisms by Ukrainian Radio

Panelist: Susan Vdovichenko, Ohio State U
Title: Borderlanguage: Language Policy and Ideology in Ukraine

29C-8 Panel: Empirical SLA Research

Panel Chair: Victoria Hasko, U of Georgia

Panelist: Anna Pleshakova, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford (Overhead projector)
Title: Conceptual Integration in Russian Language Pedagogy

Panelist: William Comer, U of Kansas
Title: When my does not translate as мой: Teaching Possessive Constructions in Russian

Panelist: Julia Mikhailova, U of Toronto
Title: The Use of который among Advanced, Superior and Native Speakers of Russian in Interpersonal and Presentational Description

Panelist: Richard Robin, George Washington U (LCD projector)
Title: Lexicalized Aspect in Advanced Speakers of Russian

29C-9 Panel: Contemporary Russian Poetry and the Visual Arts: A Reading and Discussion (LCD projector)

Panel Chair: Olga Livshin, U of Alaska, Anchorage

Panelist: Vladimir Druk, New York

Panelist: Rafael Levchin, Evanston, IL

Panelist: Alexander Ocheretiansky, Chernovik, New Jersey

Gerald Janecek, U of Kentucky

December 30, 9:00am-11:00am

30A-1 Panel: New Approaches to Tolstoy’s Novels

Panel Chair: Katherine Bowers, Northwestern U

Panelist: Emily Shaw, U of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: Two Tragedies and One Happy Ending: Tolstoy’s Self-Sacrificing Women and the Paradox of Renunciation

Panelist: Ilya Vinitsky, U Pennsylvania
Title: “Young and Healthy Worms”: Lev Tolstoy on the Ladder of Being

30A-2 Panel: The Silver Age and its Intertexts

Panel Chair: Jason Strudler, Princeton U

Panelist: Daria Solodkaia, Princeton U
Title: Andrei Bely’s Petersburg: Tailoring Gogol’s “Overcoat”

Panelist: Juliette Stapanian-Apkarian, Emory U (LCD projector)
Title: Touching the Green Stripe: The Visual and Verbal Art of Ol’ga Rozanova and Elena Guro

Panelist: Daniel Pratt, U of Chicago
Title: The Revolutionary Ja

30A-3 Panel: Stalinist Culture

Panel Chair: Erin Alpert, U of Pittsburgh

Panelist: Julie Draskoczy, U of Pittsburgh
Title: Charting Unmapped Territory: Tourist Guides from the Belomorkanal

Panelist: Romy Taylor, U of Arizona
Title: The Pattersons Join the Party

Panelist: Maksym Klymentyev, Independent Scholar
Title: Inside Stalin’s Wartime Mind: Narrative Structures As Actualizations of Soviet Power Hierarchies in Vladimir Bogomolov’s The Moment of Truth

30A-4 Panel: Interactions between Literature, Film, and Folklore

Panel Chair: Tatiana Shilina-Conte, SUNY Buffalo

Panelist: Jana Kutin/Andre Broido, Independent Scholars
Title: Смена технологий в русском фольклоре

Panelist: Andrei Khrenov, Independent Scholar (DVD/VCR, monitor)
Title: “Forget Passion and Turn to Jest”: The Alternative Modes of Representation in Soviet Arts and Cinema of the Twenties

Panelist: Greta Matzner-Gore, Columbia U
Title: “A Copy of a Copy”: Reenactments in Mess-Mend and The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks

30A-5 Panel: Languages in Contact

Panelist: Christine Watson, Uppsala U (Overhead projector)
Title: A Seventeenth-Century Russian translation of Stryjkowski’s Polish Kronika

Panelist: Jeffrey Holdeman, Indiana U (Overhead projector)
Title: The Americanization of Russian Old Believer Surnames in the Eastern U.S.

December 30, 12:15pm-2:15pm

30B-1 Panel: Dostoevsky and the Twentieth Century

Panel Chair: William Mills Todd III, Harvard U

Panelist: Inna Tigountsova, Memorial U
Title: Two Tales of Death: Dostoevsky’s “Gentle Creature” and Petrushevskaia’s Time: Night

Panelist: Rolf Hellebust, U of Nottingham
Title: The Magic of Words – Not Only in Dostoevsky

Panelist: Alastair Renfrew, U of Durham
Title: Dostoevsky in Tynianov and Bakhtin: From Parody to Genre

Caryl Emerson, Princeton U

30B-2 Panel: Nineteenth-Century Writers on Writing and Art

Panel Chair: Hillary Brevig, U of Pittsburgh

Panelist: Zoran Panjak, Ohio State U
Title: Mischief and Mystification: The Literary Stunts of Nikolai Gogol

Panelist: Esther Peters, U of Chicago
Title: The Stomach for Writing: Understanding the Connection between Digestion and Writing in Nikolai Gogol

Panelist: Michael Johnson, U of Kansas
Title: (Romantic) Life Upon the Wicked Stage: Images of the Artist and Amorous Relationships in Chekhov’s Skazki Mel'pomeny (1884)

30B-3 Panel: 1920s Poetry

Panel Chair: Lindsay Ceballos, Princeton U

Panelist: Ludmila Lavine, Bucknell U
Title: Mayakovsky’s Poetry of Commerce

Panelist: Marianna Landa, U of Maryland
Title: Voicing the Ineffable: Maksimilian Voloshin’s Poems on Russia and Terror

Panelist: Christopher Lemelin, Dickinson College
Title: Creation ex Anxiety: Exile, Influence, and Creative Power in Tsvetaeva’s “The Lute”

30B-4 Panel: History and Fiction in the East European Novel

Panel Chair: Irena Avsenik Nabergoj, Scientific Research Center, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Panelist: Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College
Title: Black Humor in Danilo Kiš's Tales of the Totalitarian

Panelist: Antje Postema, U of Chicago
Title: Puma on a Rope: Utopian Tensions in Pavić's Dictionary of the Khazars

30B-5 Roundtable: Second Life in the Russian Language Classroom

Panel Chair: Benjamin Rifkin, College of New Jersey (LCD projector)

Panelist: Richard Robin, George Washington U

Panelist: Edo Forsythe, National Cryptologic School

Panelist: Shannon Spasova, Dalhousie U