Submission Guidelines

To add your conference or meeting to the AATSEEL list,
submit the information requested below via email to
Tatyana Bukina

A. If your conference has its own website

please submit the following details in your email:
  1. title of conference
  2. URL for conference website
  3. dates
  4. location
  5. (optional) deadline for submissions
  6. (optional) conference theme, special session, or other similar information of special note
  7. (optional) email contact information

B. If your conference DOES NOT have its own website

please submit the same information requested above, minus the conference URL. However, you will probably want to include additional details with your AATSEEL listing. Examples might include an extended description of the conference or a call for papers with specific instructions.

To facilitate processing such information for posting on the AATSEEL website, we request that it be submitted in the form of linkable files (HTML or PDF). If these file formats are not available to you, please submit a word-processing file. It will be converted to PDF and posted.

Please do not submit this type of information in plain text format except as a last resort (example: just typing it into the body of an email). Plain-text submissions usually require a good deal of reformatting to make them look presentable on the web.

Thank you for your cooperation.

AATSEEL Meetings and Conferences Listing is maintained by:
Tatyana Bukina