2007 Conference - Preliminary Program

Version of December 26, 2007

Notes: If a session currently lacks a chair, please feel free to volunteer to chair the session. Offers to chair sessions, corrections to program entries, and requests for changes in the preliminary schedule should be addressed to William J. Comer, Chair of AATSEEL Program Committee at wjcomer@ku.edu.

Abstracts will be posted as they are edited.

Equipment requests are noted in parentheses following the panelist’s paper title.
CP=Computer projector
OP=Overhead Projector
CD=portable audio CD/tape player
VCR or DVD includes a television)

Non-Panel Events

December 27

AATSEEL Program Committee Meeting
Job Interviewing Workshop
AATSEEL Executive Committee Meeting
AATSEEL President’s Reception for Graduate Students

December 28

SLAVA Breakfast
SEEJ Editorial Board Meeting
Graduate Studies in Slavic Meeting (by invitation only)
Language Program Coordinators' Lunch
Reception for conference participants hosted by the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures of the University of Chicago
ACTR Board of Directors Meeting
Boris Godunov: Video of Princeton University's 2007 Production

December 29

AATSEEL Business Meeting

Professor Nancy Condee, University of Pittsburgh
Keynote Address: The Modern after Postmodernity? Victor Erlich's Contribution to Slavic Studies
Coffee in Exhibit Hall
Book Raffle for Graduate Students in Exhibit Hall (must be present to win)
ACTR Membership Meeting
Russian Poetry Reading
International Association of Teachers of Czech: Business Meeting and “An Evening of Czech Music” with Jeff Holdeman
Robert Chandler, Reading from his recent translations of Andrey Platonov's Happy Moscow and Soul and Hamid Ismailov's The Railway
AATSEEL President's Reception and Awards Ceremony

December 30

AATSEEL Executive Committee Meeting
AATSEEL Program Committee Meeting

Pre-Conference Workshop

December 27 7:00pm-9:00pm

The Academic Job Search from Applications to Interviews

Karen Evans-Romaine, Ohio University
Kirsten Rutsala, University of Oklahoma
Shannon Spasova, Dalhousie University
Malynne Sternstein, University of Chicago
Jason Galie, Defense Language Institute


December 28 8:00am-10:00am

28A-1 Panel: Interpreting Dostoevskii

Panel Chair: Alexander Burry, The Ohio State University

Panelist: Jason Galie, Defense Language Institute
Title: Griboedov and Dostoevsky

Panelist: Gina Kovarsky, Virginia Commonwealth University
Title: Learning How To Look: Nastasia Filippovna in The Idiot

Panelist: Carol Flath, Duke University
Title: New Russian Dostoevsky Criticism

28A-2 Panel: Literature of the 1920s and 1930s I

Panel Chair: Nicholas Rzhevsky, State University of New York
Panelist: Nina Wieda, Northwestern University
Title: Wild Ride in Babel’s Red Cavalry: Genealogy of a Topos

Panelist: Matvei Yankelevich, CUNY Graduate Center
Title: The Ideology Of Reception And The Violence Of Domestication: The Case Of Daniil Kharms

Panelist: Katie Holt, Columbia University
Title: Metaphor and the Desert in Andrei Platonov's “Takyr” and “Dzhan”

Panelist: Yulia Borisova, Northwestern University
Title: “Нa оседлости коммунизм никак не состоится”: Movement As A Way To Build An Ideal Society In Andrei Platonov’s Chevengur

Panel Discussant: Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern, Northwestern University

28A-3 Panel: History and Fiction

Panel Chair: Ilya Vinitsky, University of Pennsylvania
Panelist: Rad Borislavov, University of Chicago
Title: Shklovsky Discovers the Eighteenth Century

Panelist: Maksim Klymentiev, University of Southern California
Title: Inside Stalin’s Wartime Mind: Narrative Structures and Soviet Power Hierarchies in Vladimir Bogomolov’s The Moment of Truth.

Panelist: Kerry Sabbag, University of Kansas
Title: History and Historiography in Grigorii Gorin’s Zabyt’ Gerostrata

28A-4 Panel: Intertextual Connections in Central European Literature

Panel Chair: Michal Oklot, Brown University
Panelist: Piotr Wilczek, University of Silesia
Title: Polish and Central European Literary Canon: A Comparative Perspective

Panelist: Yelena Zotova, University of Illinois at Chicago
Title:Souls without Bodies and Bodies without Souls: Re-contextualizing “Lenore.”

Panelist: Natalia A. Vesselova, University of Ottawa
Title: Sergei Dovlatov and Marek Hlasko: Life and Art in the Sotslager

Panelist: Clarice A. Cloutier, New York University in Prague
Title: Balto-Slavic Timescapes: Tomas Venclova, Josef Brodsky, Vladimír Holan and Jaroslav Seifert

28A-5 Panel: Grammatical Gender as a Source of Metaphorical Thinking

Panel Chair: Karen Evans-Romaine, Ohio University

Panelist: Mariya Y. Boston, UC Davis
Title: The “I” Lost and Found: Poetic Meaning of Pronouns in the Poems “She” and “You” by Zinaida Gippius

Panelist: Marina Rojavin, Temple University
Title: Why The Prince Was Happy

Panelist: Yevgeny A. Slivkin, University of Oklahoma
Title: The Poem Found In Saragossa: The Function Of Gramatical Gender In The Poetics Of V. Sosnora

Panelist: Robert Orr, Ottawa University
Title: Gender in Other Dimensions

Panel Discussant: Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College

28A-6 Panel: Agreement and Case

Panel Chair: Natalia Kondrashova, University of Michigan

Panelist: Christopher Becker, University of Michigan
Title: Case Variation of Direct Objects

Panelist: James Lavine, Bucknell University
Title: Case Dependencies and Nominative First

Panelist: Nicholas Fleisher, UC Berkeley
Title: Russian Dative Subjects, Case, and Control

28A-7 Panel: Language Policy and Populations: Interactions of Language and Identity

Panel Chair: TBA
Panelist: Yuri Shevchuk, Columbia University
Title: Linguistic Strategies of the Imperial Appropriation of the Colonized

Panelist: Svitlana Malykhina, SUNY at Albany
Title: Is Russian in retreat in Ukraine?

Panelist: Victoria Malko, California State University, Fresno
Title: Acculturation Strategies among Russian University Students in the United States

Panelist: William Rivers, University of Maryland-College Park (CP)
Title: A Propensity Model Evaluation of the Impact of Title VI on Slavic and Mid-Eastern LCTLs

28A-8 Round Table: Restructuring “The Structure of Russian”

Roundtable Chair: Elisabeth Elliott, Northwestern University

Roundtable Discussants:
E. Wayles Browne, Cornell University
Patricia Chaput, Harvard University
Jane Hacking, University of Utah
David Hart, Brigham Young University
Grant Lundberg, Brigham Young University

December 28, 10:15am-12:15pm

28B-1 Panel: New Interpretations of Pushkin’s Evgenii Onegin

Panel Chair: Douglas Clayton, University of Ottawa
Panelist: Milla Fedorova, Georgetown University
Title: The Lover of Julie Wolmar

Panelist: Anna Tumarkin, UW-Madison
Title: The Death of Onegin: Reinterpreting the Finale of Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin

Panelist: Svetlana Soglasnova, Brock University
Title: “Mel'kaiut mimo budki, baby”: Grammatical Iconicity in Eugene Onegin

Discussant: Olga Meerson, Georgetown University

28B-2 Panel: Intertextual Approaches to Tolstoi

Panel Chair: Michael Kelly, Brigham Young University
Panelist: Nina Lee, Columbia University
Title: Anna Karenina: Railroading Madame Bovary

Panelist: Ani Kokobobo, Columbia University
Title: “He did not speak to them without a parable” (Mk. 4:34) – The Metaphorical Truth About God in Tolstoy's Translation of the Gospels.

Panelist: Nathan Klausner, Yale University
Title: The Role of Homer in the Development of Tolstoy's Aesthetics

Panelist: Emily Shaw, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Tolstoy’s Prince Nekhliudov and Schopenhauer: A Failed Marriage

28B-3 Panel: Alisa Rosenbaum/Ayn Rand and the State Institute of Cinematography: From Leningrad to Hollywood

Panel Chair: Boris Wolfson, University of Southern California

Panelist: Elizabeth Blake, Saint Louis University
Title: Contextualizing Ayn Rand's Early Admiration of Hollywood

Panelist: Shoshana Milgram Knapp, Virginia Tech
Title: The Movie Diary of Alisa Rozenbaum/Ayn Rand: Evaluations and Inspirations

Panelist: Dina Schein Federman, The Ayn Rand Institute
Title: The Russian Film Writings of Ayn Rand: Roots of a Romanticist Conviction

28B-4 Round Table: Happiness Soviet/Post-Soviet Style

Roundtable Chair: Lisa Ryoko Wakamiya, Florida State University

Roundtable Discussants:
Marina Balina, Illinois Wesleyan University
Tatiana Mikhailova, University of Colorado-Boulder

28B-5 Panel: Escaping Transition. Narratives of Post-communism in Bulgaria and Romania

Panel Chair: Lilya Kaganovsky, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Panelist: Margarita Marinova, Christopher Newport University
Title: Looking For Answers in Post Socialist Bulgaria: Elena Aleksieva’s Who?

Panelist: Miglena Ivanova, Coastal Carolina University (DVD)
Title: “Wild, Young Cinema:” Zornitsa Sophia’s Mila from Mars

Panelist: Oana Popescu-Sandu, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (DVD)
Title: “Was it, or was it not?” Memory and (tragic) Comedy in the Romanian Transition.

28B-6 Panel: Inter-relationship of Lexicon and Grammar

Panel Chair: Steven Clancy, University of Chicago
Panelist: Alina Israeli, American University
Title: Russian Impersonal Infinitival by and Tense Disambiguation

Panelists: Alexey Shmelev, Moscow Pedagogical University; Irina Mikaelian, Pennsylvania State University; Anna Zalizniak, Russsan Academy of Sciences
Title: : Imperfectivization in Russian: In Search of Functional Correlates

Panelist: Alexander Lehrman, U of Delaware
Title: The Interaction of Morphology and Lexicon in Russian Prepositions

28B-7 Panel: Phonology

Panel Chair: Keith Langston, University of Georgia

Panelist: Frank Y. Gladney, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (CP)
Title: Polish Consonant Clusters Simplified

Panelist: Keith Goeringer, Independent Scholar
Title: Retroflex Neutralization in Dialectal Polish and Mandarin

Panelist: Miriam Shrager, Indiana University
Title: Russian Stress: The Interaction of Morphology and Phonetics

28B-8 Round Table: Standards-based lessons in Pre-college Teaching of Russian

Roundtable Chair: Jane Shuffelton, Brighton HS, Rochester, NY

Roundtable Discussants:
Elena Farkas, University of Alaska
Paavo Husen, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Aurora, Illinois
Natasha Ushakova, Staten Island Tech, Staten Island, New York

28B-9 Round Table: New Trends in Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

Roundtable Chair: Emily Johnson, University of Oklahoma
Roundtable Discussants:
Lori Citti, Johns Hopkins University
Jeanette Owen, American Councils
David Prestel, Michigan State University
Marina Dibrova, Nevsky Institute, St. Petersburg
Irina Shevelenko, Smolny College, St. Petersburg

December 28 1:30pm-3:30pm

28C-1 Panel: North American Pushkin Society: Reconsiderations of Pushkin's Boris Godunov

Panel Chair: Catherine O’Neil, United States Naval Academy

Panelist: Chester Dunning, Texas A&M University
Title: Did Tsar Nicholas Personally Censor Pushkin's Boris Godunov?

Panelist: Gerald Mikkelson, University of Kansas
Title: Functions of Literacy in Pushkin's Boris Godunov

Panelist: Alyssa Dinega Gillespie, University of Notre Dame
Title: The Ethical Dimension of Pushkin's Boris Godunov

Panel Discussant: Caryl Emerson, Princeton University

28C-2 Panel: Dostoevskii: Religion and Ethics

Panel Chair: Gina Kovarsky, Virginia Commonwealth University

Panelist: Eric Schuck, University of Colorado at Boulder
Title: Dostoevskii: Experiencing Ideology through Action

Panelist: Susan Amert, University of Delaware
Title: The Gospel According to Marmeladov

Panelist: Kathryn Duda, University of Chicago
Title: The Idiocy of Ethics or the Ethics of Idiocy?

28C-3 Panel: Mayakovsky

Panel Chair: Juliette Stapanian Apkarian, Emory University
Panelist: Tatiana Filimonova, Northwestern University
Title: The Influence of Italian Futurism and the Motif of War in the Early Poetry of Vladimir Mayakovsky

Panelist: Kelly Knickmeier, University of Kansas
Title: The Poet and the Propagandist: Mayakovsky’s Apprenticeship at ROSTA

Panelist: Ludmila Shleyfer Lavine, Bucknell University
Title: Vladimir Mayakovsky’s Letaiushchii proletarii: “Agitpoema” or a “Joke”?

28C-4 Panel: Modernist Theatre and Its Inventions

Panel Chair: Carol Flath, Duke University
Panelist: Beata Waligorska-Olejniczak, Adam Mickiewicz University
Title: Function of the theatrical gesture in the Chekhovian poetics of negation on the basis of the drama of A. P. Chekhov The Seagull

Panelist: Galina Rylkova, University of Florida
Title: “What We Need Are New Forms”: Chekhov and Meyerhold

Panelist: Michael D. Johnson, University of Kansas
Title: “My soul is on the threshold of great events”: Vera Komissarzhevskaia and Stanislaw Przybyszewski

Panelist: Nicholas Rzhevsky, State University of New York
Title: Regaining Modernism: The Taganka Theater 2003-2005

28C-5 Panel: Sites of Plotting in Russian Literature: From the Novel and the Thin Magazine to the Internet

Panel Chair: Julie Cassiday, Williams College
Panelist: Robert Belknap, Columbia University
Title: Rarified and Popular Plots

Panelist: Jeffrey Brooks, Johns Hopkins University (Screen)
Title: Worlds Collide: Plotting Interaction of Classes in Nineteenth-Century Russian Fiction and Illustrated Weeklies

Panelist: Catharine Nepomnyashchy, Barnard College-Columbia University
Title: A Congeries of Plots: Case Studies in Classics, Adaptations, and Chat

28C-6 Panel: Student Tasks in the Language Classroom

Panel Chair: Raissa Krivitsky, Cornell University
Panelist: Tony Brown, Brigham Young University (CP)
Title: Argumentation and Debate in Foreign Language Instruction: A Case for the Traditional Classroom Facilitating Advanced Level Language Uptake

Panelist: Teresa Gryminska and Irene Krasner, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (CP)
Title: Effective Use of Task-Based Instruction in the Teaching of Russian

Panelist: William J. Comer, University of Kansas
Title: Taking Classes to Task: Issues in Implementing Task-Based Language Teaching

28C-7 Round Table: Teaching Polish Language and Culture

Round Table Chair: Joanna Kot, Northern Illinois University
Roundtable Discussants:
Alicja Boruta-Sadkowski, University of Iowa
Anna Gasienica-Byrcyn, University of Illinois, Chicago
George Gasyna, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Ewa Malachowsak-Pasek, University of Michigan
Joanna Kurowska-Mlynarczyk, University of Chicago
Svetlana Petkova Vassileva-Karagyozova, University of Kansas

28C-8 Round Table: Connections and Community in Russian with Outreach, Exchanges, and More: Learning Continues Outside the Classroom.

Roundtable Chair: Natasha Ushakova, Staten Island Tech, Staten Island, New York
Roundtable Discussants:
Elena Farkas, University of Alaska
Paavo Husen, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Aurora, Illinois

December 28, 3:45pm-5:45pm

28D-1 Panel: Chekhov’s Drama: Texts and Stagings

Panel Chair: Inna Caron, The Ohio State University

Panelist: Douglas Clayton, University of Ottawa
Title: Clair de lune … sur l’eau: Maupassant and Chekhov’s Seagull

Panelist: Radik Lapushin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Title: Not to Moscow but to Charleston: Chekhov’s Three Sisters and Arthur Allan Seidelman’s Sisters

Panelist: Mila Shevchenko, University of Michigan
Title: The Melodramatic Appropriation of Katabatic Subtext in Chekhov’s On the High Road

28D-2 Panel: Modernism and the Arts

Panel Chair: Maria Shardakova, University of Pennsylvania
Panelist: Irina Shevelenko, Smolny College, St. Petersburg
Title: Empire and Nation in the Imagination of Russian Modernism

Panelist: Juliette Stapanian Apkarian, Emory University
Title: The Other Futurist Woman: Guro’s sister Ekaterina Nizen

Panelist: Suk-Young Kim, UC Santa Barbara
Title: Make Me a Sarafan and Kokoshnik: Russian Costumes in the Early 20th Century American Social Performance

Panelist: Anna Aydinyan, Yale University
Title: Andrei Tarkovsky and Acmeism

28D-3 Panel: Author and Hero Revisited: Ethical and Aesthetic Activity in Russian Prose

Panel Chair: Timothy J. Portice, Princeton University

Panelist: Alex Spektor, Harvard University
Title: Polyphony as Narrative Violence in Dostoevsky’s “The Meek One.”

Panelist: Maria Isabel Kisel, Northwestern University
Title: Chekhov, Zoshchenko, and the Shame of a Hack Writer

Panelist: Yuri Corrigan, Princeton University
Title: Metadrama vs. Melodrama: Authors and Heroes in Chekhov’s Prose

28D-4 Panel: Afro-Russo-Soviet Race Politics, 1799-1940

Panel Chair: Allison Blakely, Boston University

Panelist: Robert Coles, Hampshire College
Title: Russian Racial Attitudes Before Pushkin

Panelist: David Chioni Moore, Macalester College
Title: Langston Hughes’s Soviet Writing: Betweenness and Proxy Politics

Panelist: Romy Taylor, University of Arizona
Title: But Is She Negro? Bare Life, Custodial Detention and J. Edgar Hoover’s Hunt for an African-American Communist

Panel Discussant: Catharine Nepomnyashchy, Barnard College-Columbia University

28D-5 Panel: Polish Literature

Panel Chair: George Gasyna, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Panelist: Marta Napiorkowska, University of Chicago
Title: Wokulski’s Muse: The Social, the Mind, and Reaching the Limit of What Can Happen in Prus’ Lalka.

Panelist: Michal Oklot, Brown University
Title: Nihilistic Fulfilling: Matter in the Poetic Cosmogony of Bruno Schulz

Panelist: Joanna Kot, Northern Illinois University
Title: Variety of Form and Critical Reception of Polish Inter-war “Women’s Drama”

Panelist: Joanna Kurowska-Mlynarczyk, University of Chicago
Title: Tymoteusz Karpowicz's Language Traps in Odwrócone Światło

28D-6 Panel: New Trends in Russian

Panel Chair: Alexei Shmelev, Moscow Pedagogical University
Panelist: Vladimir Shmelev and Elena Shmeleva, Institute of Russian Language, Russian Academy of Sciences
Title: Political and Administrative Vocabulary of Modern Russian

Panelist: Maxim A. Krongauz, Russian State University for Humanities and Maria M. Buras, Applied Communications Center
Title: New Trends in Russian Business Communication

Panelist: Irina Levontina, Institute of Russian Language, Russian Academy of Sciences
Title: A Consumer Grammar: Advertising Discourse and Some Active Processes in the Syntax of Modern Russian

28D-7 Panel: Indefinites in Slavic

Panel Chair: Hana Filip, University of Florida

Panelist: Elena Paducheva, Russian Academy of Sciences
Title: Definiteness, Indefiniteness and Non-referentiality of Russian NPs
Panelist: Evguenia Malaia, Purdue University
Title: Event Structure of Russian Verbs: Derivational Morphology and Nominal Arguments

Panelist: George Bronnikov, University of Texas at Austin
Title: Bare NPs in Russian

Panelist: Tania Ionin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title: Specific Indefinites in Russian and the Use of 'odin' as an Indefinite Article

Panelist: Olga Kagan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Title: Speaker Identifiability in Russian

28D-8 Panel: The Prototype AP® Russian Program: Online Assessment and Articulation

Panel Chair: Maria Lekic, Univ. of Maryland

Panelist: Camelot Marshall, ACTR
Title: The Prototype AP® Russian Score Report: Program Results and College-level Placement

Panelist: Ken Petersen, ACTR
Title: Online Language Assessment: Design and Administration

Panel Discussant: Alla Smyslova, Columbia University

28D-9 Round Table: Microstrategies for Teaching Slavic Languages

Roundtable Chair: Svitlana Rogovyk, University of Michigan

Roundtable Discussants:
Ewa Malachowska-Pasek, University of Michigan
Piotr Westwalewicz, University of Michigan
Marija Rosic, University of Michigan
Nina Shkolnik, University of Michigan
Laura Kline, Lecturer of Russian, Wayne State University

December 29, 8:00am-10:00am

29A-1 Panel: Writing and Literature in the Romantic Period

Panel Chair: Victoria Thorstensson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Panelist: Lena Lencek, Reed College
Title: Desidero, ergo sum:The Subject of Empire and the Desiring Subject. Hume, Kant, and Mikhail Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time

Panelist: Diana Koretsky, Bucknell University
Title: Of Gods and Monsters: Byron, Idolatry and Literary Vampirism in the Poetry of Mikhail Lermontov

Panelist: Kathleen Scollins, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Title: Како сделан Акакий: Letter as Hero in Шинель

Panelist: Michael Kelly, Brigham Young University
Title: Deformation and Restoration of the Human Image in Gogol’s Art and Thought: Ascent through Descent, a Slap in the Face, and Moral Responsibility

29A-2 Panel: Chekhov’s Prose

Panel Chair: Michael Finke, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Panelist: Sidney Dement, University of Kansas
Title: Old Story, New Setting: Moscow in A. P. Chekhov’s “Pripadok”

Panelist: Mark Swift, University of Auckland (OP)
Title: Chekhov’s “Dushechka” as Dependent Love Junkie

Panelist: Mark Purves, Brigham Young University
Title: “Ward no. 6” as Ragin’s Muted Cri de Cœur

Panelist: Nikita Dimitrov Nankov, Indiana University
Title: The Depth Model And The Genre Of Confession in Chekhov’s Overlooked Masterpiece “On Ponial!” (“He Understood!”)

29A-3 Panel: International Vladimir Nabokov Society I

Panel Chair: Zoran Kuzmanovich, Davidson College

Panelist: Matthew Walker, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Vladimir Nabokov and the Idea in Nikolai Gogol

Panelist: Emma Lieber, Columbia University
Title: Having Faith in Nabokov’s Pale Fire

Panelist: Stanislav Shvabrin, University of California, Los Angeles
Title: Cockney Ballad, Voronezh Lilt: Vladimir Nabokov’s “La belle dame sans merci”

29A-4 Panel: Post-Soviet Film

Panel Chair: Gerald McCausland, University of Pittsburgh
Panelist: Volha Isakava, University of Alberta (DVD)
Title: The Body In The Dark: Body Representations And Social Identities In Chernukha Art

Panelist: Lena Doubivko, University of Washington and Dasha Prykhodko, University of British Columbia
Title: Frigit Nymphomaniacs: Renata Litvinova’s Reinvention of the Femme Fatale Myth

Panelist: Robert Efird, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Title: A Guided Tour: The Narrator of Alexander Sokurov’s Russian Ark

29A-5 Panel: Milan Kundera and the Art of Anti-Nostalgia

Panel Chair: Lenka Pankova, University of Pittsburgh

Panelist: Klara Lutsky, Centenary College of New Jersey
Title: Kundera’s Reception in the West

Panelist: Anna Zalizniak, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences and Irina Mikaelian, Pennsylvania State University
Title: Milan Kundera’s Metalinguistic Technique and Conceptual Analysis

Panel Discussant: Tomislav Z. Longinovic, University of Wisconsin-Madison

29A-6 Panel: Modality in Slavic

Panel Chair: Tanya Ivanova-Sullivan, University of New Mexico

Panelist: Ljiljana Progovac, Wayne State University
Title: Imperative in Evolution, Acquisition, and Certain Compounds

Panelist: Anastasia Smirnova, The Ohio State University
Title: Temporal Interpretation of Subjunctive Complements in Bulgarian

Panelist: Olga Steriopolo, University of British Columbia
Title: Syntax and Semantics of the Expressive Suffixes in Russian

Panelist: Barbara Sonnenhauser, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Title: Aspect and Modality: The 'Potential' Reading

29A-7 Panel: Lexicon and Semantics

Panel Chair: E. Wayles Browne, Cornell University
Panelist: Irina Ivliyeva, The University of Missouri-Rolla
Title: Рейтинг глагольных модификаций в группе орнитофонов (на примере однокомпонентных модификаторов)

Panelist: Danko Sipka, Arizona State University
Title: Polychronism vs. Monochronism as a Predictor of Lexical Anisomorphism

Panelist: Olga Yoshizumi, Independent Scholar
Title: Indirect Individuation: Discourse Effects of Borrowed Words in Russian

29A-8 Round Table: Culture in Language Class: Incorporating Cultural and Linguistic Aspects of Communication

Roundtable Chair: Marina Rojavin, Temple University

Roundtable Discussants:
Valentina Dunn, Bryn Mawr College (CP)
Shannon Donnally Spasova, Dalhousie University
Mara Sukholutskaya, East Central University (OP)
Evgeny Dengub, Temple University (CP)

29A 9 Round Table: Serving the Profession

Round Table Chair: Elizabeth Durst, Ph.D., Beloit College
Roundtable Discussants:
Dan Davidson, Bryn Mawr College
Tony Brown, Brigham Young University
Jane Shuffelton, Brighton HS, Rochester, NY
Catharine Nepomnyashchy, Barnard College-Columbia University

December 29, 1:00pm-3:00pm

29C-1 Panel: Леpмонтов: незаконченное, неизданное, недосказанное

Panel Chair: Gary Saul Morson, Northwestern University

Panelist: Inna Caron, Ohio State University
Title: Аpбенин без маски, или Жизнь поэта: Lermontov’s Unknown Tribute to Pushkin

Panelist: David Powelstock, Brandeis University
Title: The Lie That Tells the Truth: Lermontov’s Shtoss Between Text and Performance

Panelist: Ilya Vinitsky, University of Pennsylvania
Title: Pechorin’s Last Journey: Literary Models and Historical Background

Panel Discussant: Michael Wachtel, Princeton University

29C-2 Panel: Literature and Social Agendas: Tensions, Accommodations, Subversions

Panel Chair: Scott W. Palmer, Western Illinois University
Panelist: Michael Finke, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title: The Agit-Flights of Viktor Shklovskii and Boris Pil’niak

Panelist: Ronald LeBlanc, University of New Hampshire
Title: A Red Jungle: Boris Pilnyak’s Miaso (1936)

Panelist: Anne O. Fisher, Williams College
Title: “Furmanov voodushevliaet i ukrepliaet, a Dvenadtsat’ stul’ev naoborot razvinchivaiut:” Reader Letters to Il’f and Petrov and the Persistence of Soviet Discourse

Panelist: Alexander Dunkel, University of Arizona
Title: “Multi-Storied” America: Il’f and Petrov in New York

29C-3 Panel: International Vladimir Nabokov Society II: Nabokov's Late Russian-Language Fiction

Panel Chair: Julian W. Connolly, University of Virginia

Panelist: Molly V. Peeney, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Life of Chernyshevsky: Nabokov’s Homage to Kiukhel’beker

Panelist: Yuri Leving, Dalhousie University
Title: Reading as Challenge: On Textological Problems and Literary Commentary to Nabokov's The Gift

Panelist: Kirsten Rutsala, University of Oklahoma
Title: A Cup of Tepid Chocolate: Nabokov’s Response to Tarasov-Rodionov

Panelist: Irena Ronen, Independent Scholar
Title: Pushkin’s Presence in Nabokov’s Unfinished Novel Solus Rex

29C-4 Panel: Russian Literature at the End of the Soviet Period and Beyond

Panel Chair: Yevgeny A. Slivkin, University of Oklahoma
Panelist: Laura Little, Defense Language Institute
Title: Sons of Silver?: On the Question of a “Bronze Age” of Russian Culture

Panelist: Volodymyr Chumachenko, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title: “Pikuliada” of Our Time: “Pulp” Literature as an Aesthetic and Ideological Choice of the Last Soviet Generation

Panelist: Kristin E. Reed, Indiana University (CP)
Title: The Power of Babble: Moscow Conceptualism and Postmodern Language Critique

Panelist: Alexei Pavlenko, Colorado College
Title: Sorokin’s Soteriology

29C-5 Panel: Czech Literature and Culture

Panel Chair: Craig Cravens, University of Texas-Austin
Panelist: Esther Peters, University of Chicago
Title: Footsteps in the Snow: The Paradigm of the Svatováclavská Tradice

Panelist: Christopher Harwood, Columbia University
Title: Bohumil Hrabal’s Metaphysics of Recycling: Dítě’s Body and Haňťa’s Books

Panelist: Daniel Pratt, University of Chicago
Title: Resistance and Dissidence: Hrabal’s Velká cena

Panelist: Malynne Sternstein, University of Chicago (CP)
Title: The Morning after of Cesky Sen

29C-6 Round Table: The Future Shape and Direction of Graduate Studies in Slavic

Roundtable Chair: Maria Carlson, University of Kansas

Roundtable Participants:
Marc L. Greenberg, University of Kansas
Karen Evans-Romaine, The Russian School, Middlebury College
Nancy Condee, University of Pittsburgh
James D. West, University of Washington
Séamas O'Driscoll, Northwestern University

29C-7 Panel: Anaphora in Slavic Languages I

Panel Chair: Frank Y. Gladney, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Panelist: Oscar Swan, University of Pittsburgh
Title: The Myth of the Russian Long-Distance Reflexive

Panelist: Annalisa Czeczuli, University of Pittsburgh
Title: Long Distance Binding Possibilities of Russian Reflexives Sebja and Svoj

Panelist: John Bailyn, Stony Brook University, and Svitlana Yudina, Stony Brook University
Title: A Binding-Theory Approach to Backward Pronominalization in Russian
Panelist: Larisa Zlatic, University of Texas at Austin
Title: Binding inside the Noun Phrase and the Notion of Subject

29C-8 Panel: Balkan Linguistics

Panel Chair: Catherine Rudin, Wayne State University

Panelist: Liljana Mitkovska, FON University, Macedonia
Title: Possessive Locative Constructions in Macedonian

Panelist: Victor Friedman, University of Chicago
Title: Balkan Morphosyntax, Balkan Phonologies, and Eurology

29C-9 Round Table: Retention of the Russian Language by Heritage Speakers in the USA

Roundtable Chair: Alla Smyslova, Columbia University

Roundtable Discussants:
Olga Kagan, UCLA (Screen)
Marina Rojavin, Temple University
Elena Vasyanina, Moscow State Linguistic University (OP)

December 29, 4:00pm-6:00pm

29D-1 Panel: Approaches to Pushkin and Romantic Poetry

Panel Chair: Kerry Sabbag, University of Kansas
Panelist: Amanda F. Murphy, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: Genre Bending: Revisiting Pushkin’s Southern Heroines

Panelist: Daria Solodkaia, Princeton University
Title: The Mystery of Hermann’s Failure in “The Queen of Spades”: Cracking Pushkin’s Personal Code

Panelist: Tatyana Alenkina, Moscow State University
Title: Translating Drama: From John Wilson’s “The City of the Plague” to Alexander Pushkin’s “Pir vo Vremya Chumy”.

Panelist: Polina Rikoun, Ohio State University
Title: Defying Empire, Defying Fate: Narration as a Mode of Resistance in Ryleev’s “Voinarovsky”

29D-2 Panel: North American Dostoevsky Society "Inter-textual Approaches to Dostoevsky”

Panel Chair: Susan McReynolds Oddo, Northwestern University

Panelist: Gary Rosenshield, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: The Miser Redone: The Transformation of Pushkin's The Covetous Knight in Dostoevsky's "Mr. Prokharchin"

Panelist: Eugenia Amditis, University of Kansas
Title: “The “Camellia” and the “Camel”: Dostoevsky’s Borrowings from the Courtesan Legend in The Idiot’s Nastas’ia Filippovna.”

Panelist: Nina Familiant, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: George Sand and Fedor Dostoevsky: Two Quests for the Ideal

Panelist: Natalia Kazakova, Sarah Lawrence College
Title: Ivan Karamazov as Prototype:Another Literary Reminiscence in Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita

29D-3 Panel: Institutional Spaces in Soviet Culture

Panel Chair: Ona Renner-Fahey, University of Montana

Panelist: James Frank Goodwin, University of Florida
Title: Novyi mir in the Institutional Spaces of Early Soviet Literature

Panelist: Thomas Seifrid, University of Southern California
Title: Staging Paradise: The Spatial Logic of Puppet Theater and Early Soviet Culture

Panelist: Frederick H. White, Memorial University
Title: Asylums for Undesirables, Degenerates and Madmen: A Russian Institution of Social Control

Panel Discussant: Yuri Leving, Dalhousie University

29D-4 Panel: Russian Poetry of the Twentieth Century

Panel Chair: Nina Wieda, Northwestern University

Panelist: Viktor Finkel, Independent Scholar
Title: Пересечение трех великих поэзий

Panelist: Christine Dunbar, Princeton University
Title: Active Heroes in Contemporary Russian Poetry: Free Will and Pushkin’s “Prorok”

Panelist: Olga Livshin, Northwestern University
Title: Passion and Irony Intertwined: Eroticism in the Perestroika-Era Poetry of Nina Iskrenko

29D-5 Panel: Hesychasts And Epicureans In Eighteenth-Century Ukraine

Panel Chair: Vitaly Chernetsky, Miami University
Panelist: Svitlana Krys, University of Alberta
Title: Paisij Velychkovs'kyj’s Doctrine of Hesychasm as a Competing Model of Being in Early-Modern Ukrainian Culture

Panelist: Natalia Pylypiuk, University of Alberta (OP)
Title:Hryhorij Skovoroda in the Garden of Epicurus

Panelist: Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj, University of Alberta (CP)
Title: Towards a Concordance of Hryhorij Skovoroda’s Works

Discussant: Vitaly Chernetsky, Miami University

29D-6 Panel: Dialectology

Panel Chair: Miriam Shrager, Indiana University

Panelist: Bora Kim, Indiana University
Title: Distribution of Vowel Quantity in Czech Dialects
Panelist: Irina Barclay, Appalachian State University
Title: Finnish Roots in Kashin Place-names

Panelist: Jeff Holdeman, University of Indiana
Title: Uki, yusy, yery, yati (Уки, юсы, еры, яти): Church Slavonic or Russian? Scripts, Orthography, and Language in Russian Old Believer Cemeteries in the Eastern U.S., Poland, and Lithuania

29D-7 Panel: Anaphora in Slavic Languages II

Panel Consolidated with Anaphora I

29D-8 Panel: Issues in Interlanguage and Cross-Cultural Pragmatics

Panel Chair: Yelena Belyaeva-Standen, Saint Louis University

Panelist: Maria Shardakova, University of Pennsylvania (CP)
Title: L2 Speech Acts in Cyber Communication

Panelist: Lisa DeWaard Dykstra, Clemson University (CP)
Title: The Role of Gender in Pragmatic Listening

Panelist: Meghan Murphy-Lee, United States Military Academy at West Point
Title: The Application of Speech Act Theory in the Russian Language Classroom

Panel Discussant: Jane Hacking, University of Utah

29D-9 Panel: The Russian Language Flagship: Innovative Models for Developing Level 2 to Level 3 Proficiencies in the U. S. and Overseas (Screen)

Panel Chair: Dan Davidson, Bryn Mawr College

Panelist: Cynthia Martin, University of Maryland
Title: Achieving Advanced/Level 2 Competence in the Russian Stateside Flagship University Context: Diagnostic Tools, Curriculum Design for Individualized Instruction, and Web-based Learning Modules

Panelist: Karen Evans-Romaine, Ohio University
Title: The Russian Flagship at the Middlebury Summer School

Panelist: Olga Kagan, UCLA and Elena Boudovskaia, UCLA
Title: Russian Flagship Program at UCLA: Instructional Goals and Curriculum Development

Panelist: Maria Lekic, Univ. of Maryland
Title: Testing for Level 3 Attainment and Beyond in the Overseas Russian Flagship Program: Comparing Interlanguage Speech Samples Elicited through the European Framework (“TORFL”) and the ILR/OPI Elicitation Techniques

December 29, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Russian Poetry Reading

Chair:Polina Barskova

Anton Tenser, Chicago, IL
Anna Glazova, Northwestern University
Dmitry V. Bobyshev, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Daniil Cherkasskiy
Milla Fedorova, Washington, DC

December 30, 8:00am-10:00am

30A-1 Panel: Romantic Poetry and Prose

Panel Chair: David Powelstock, Brandeis University

Panelist: Liza Ginzburg, DePaul,Chicago, IL
Title: The Cadencial Function in Iambic Tetrameter Quatrains from Derzhavin to Pasternak

Panelist: Georgii Moskvin, Moscow State University
Title: Любовный конфликт в сказке «Ашик-Кериб» и в Герое нашего времени

Panelist: N. N. Puriaeva, Moscow State University
Title: Творчество М.Ю.Лермонтова в восприятии М.П.Погодина

30A-2 Panel: Tolstoi and His Views

Panel Chair: Ronald LeBlanc, University of New Hampshire
Panelist: John Wright, Columbia University
Title: Criticism of Doctrine through Cognitive and Linguistic Constructions in Tolstoy’s “Kholstomer”

Panelist: Tom Roberts, Stanford University
Title: The Structure and Immanence of Epiphany Scenes in War and Peace

Panelist: Sarah Mohler, Truman State University
Title: Bakhtin, Goethe, Tolstoy, and the Visualization of the Chronotope

30A-3 Panel: Experiencing Stalinist Russia

Panel Chair: Romy Taylor, University of Arizona
Panelist: Jessica Sanders, University of Southern California
Title: The Dynamics of the Sublime in Kanal imeni Stalina: Reforging the Soul in Stalin’s Image

Panelist: Yuliya Minkova, New York University
Title: Transcending the Body in Soviet Literature of WWII

Panelist: Elizabeth R. Kaplan,
Title: The Drama Metaphor in Shalamov’s Kolyma Tales

30A-4 Panel: Russian and East European Expatriate/Trans-National Film and Theatre (TV/VCR; TV-DVD, OP)

Panel Chair: Lina Steiner, University of Chicago

Panelist: Robert Bird, University of Chicago
Title: The End of Nostalgia: Andrei Tarkovsky’s Emigration

Panelist: Steven P. Hill, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Title: From Lwowska to Frau Lorre to Lovsky

Panelist: Anna Wexler Katsnelson, Harvard University
Title: Peculiar Persistence of Socialist Realism: the Case of One Dissident Expat Filmmaker

30A-5 Panel: Slavic Identity and Symbolic Geography

Panel Chair: Polina Rikoun, Ohio State University
Panelist: Melissa Frazier, Sarah Lawrence College
Title: O. I. Senkovskii and Romantic Empire

Panelist: Tatiana Kuzmic, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Title: August Šenoa, the Habsburg Monarchy, and the Southern Slav Question

Panelist: Edith Clowes, University of Kansas
Title: The Periphery and its Cultures: Liudmila Ulitskaia’s Imagined South

30A-6 Panel: Myths and Mythmaking: From Folklore to Literature

Panel Chair: Jonathan Perkins, University of Kansas
Panelist: Irena Avsenik Nabergoj, Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts
Title: The Psychology of Temptation as the Key to the Darker Side of Human Existence

Panelist: Agnieszka Gutthy, Southeastern Louisiana University
Title: Magic, Devils, and the Power of Darkness in Kashubian Tales and Beliefs

Panelist: Karen Underhill, University of Chicago
Title: Galician Mythmaking: Bruno Schulz, Nachman of Bratslav and the Hasidic Storytelling Tradition

30A-7 Panel: Morphology and Morphosyntax

Panel Chair: Irina Ivliyeva, The University of Missouri-Rolla
Panelist: Angela Shpolberg, University of Odessa
Title: Проблема системной топографии русских союзов

Panelist: Tanya Ivanova-Sullivan, University of New Mexico
Title: The Delimitative Prefix pro- in Russian

Panelist: Elena Boudovskaia, Columbia University (CP)
Title: An Innovative Ending in Genitive Plural of Feminine Nouns in Transcarpathian Ukrainian Dialects

30A-8 Panel: From Words to Texts: Linguistics and Cultural Issues in Language Teaching

Panel Chair: Meghan Murphy-Lee, United States Military Academy at West Point
Panelist: Ginka Dimitrova, College of Tourism - Varna, Bulgaria (CP)
Title: Lexicographic Description of Linguistic and Cultural Terms: Toward a Thesaurus-type Dictionary

Panelist: Alexander Burak, University of Florida
Title: Assessing Translation Quality at Word Level

Panelist: Natalya V. Bogdanova, St. Petersburg State University
Title: Образование слов без словообразования

Panelist: Max Petrenko, Purdue University and Elena Grishanina OP
Title: Toward the Study of Poetics of Anton Chekhov: The Case of Contextual Synonyms

December 30, 10:15am-12:15pm

30B-1 Panel: Aesthetics and the Rise of Russian Realism

Panel Chair: Rolf Hellebust, University of Nottingham
Panelist: Vadim Shkolnikov, Columbia University
Title: Dilettantism and Realism: On the Aesthetico-Political Nexus of Herzen’s Early “Philosophical” Journalism

Panelist: Svetlana Grenier, Georgetown University
Title: Adultery by the Book: Who Is to Blame? in Natalie Herzen’s Affair

Panelist: Victoria Thorstensson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: Art as Life in the Nihilist Generation: Rereading Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons

Panelist: Bella Grigoryan, Columbia University
Title: The Prosaics of Housekeeping in Goncharov’s Novelistic Imagination

30B-2 Panel: Russian Literature at the Turn of the 20th Century: Symbolism and Other Movements

Panel Chair: Frederick H. White, Memorial University

Panelist: Jon Stone, University of California-Berkeley
Title: Distilling Symbolism’s Essence: Ellis and the Return of Russkie simvolisty

Panelist: Katherine Bowers, Northwestern University
Title: “Он спал и Офелия снилась ему”: The Recurrence of the Ophelia Image in Blok’s Poetry

Panelist: Dennis Ioffe, University of Amsterdam
Title: Russian Modernist ‘Life-Creation’, its ‘Decadent’ Milieu and Cultural Roots. Self-fashioning Strategies in the Context of the Silver Age.

Panelist: Michael Pesenson, Swarthmore College
Title: The Concept of the Jewish Antichrist and the rise of Anti-Semitism in Russia at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

30B-3 Panel: Literature of the 1920s and -30s II

Panel Chair: Anne O. Fisher, Williams College
Panelist: Irina Panchenko, Independent Scholar
Title: Смысл и судьба малоизвестного рассказа Юрия Олеши «Ангел»

Panelist: Daiva Litvinskaite,
Title: About Utility Pipes, Streetcars, and Other Important Matters: Nostalgia and the Poetics of Estrangement in Vladimir Nabokov’s Guide to Berlin

Panelist: Robert Chandler, Queen Mary, University of London
Title: Platonov and the White Sea Canal

30B-4 Panel: Russian Writing on/in the West

Panel Chair: William J. Comer, University of Kansas
Panelist: Tatyana Malikova, Voronezh State University
Title: Russian literature of the Third Wave and Hetero-images of the English-language Literary Field

Panelist: Lisa Ryoko Wakamiya, Florida State University
Title: On Vasilii Aksenov's Translation of E.L. Doctorow's Ragtime

Panelist: Nyusya Milman-Miller, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Title: Broccoli, Borsht and Heinz-57: Food and National Identity in the Prose of Lara Vapnyar.

Panelist: Elena Koudinova, Independent Scholar
Title: Facing Fear: Anna Fain and Terrorism in Israel

30B-5 Panel: Women and the Construction of Self

Panel Chair: Edith Clowes, University of Kansas

Panelist: Ona Renner-Fahey, University of Montana
Title: Constructions of the Self in Nadezhda Durova’s Kavalerist-devitsa

Panelist: Susan Larsen, University of Chicago
Title: “From Sleeping Beauty to Citizen: The Dawn of the ‘Girl Question’ in 19th-Century Russian Journals for Girls”

Panelist: Adrienne Harris Boggess, University of Kansas (CP)
Title: Fighter Pilot to Folk Hero: Representations in the Memoirs of Soviet Women Warriors

30B-6 Panel: Literature of Exile

Panel Chair: Agnieszka Gutthy, Southeastern Louisiana University
Panelist: Anna Gasienica-Byrcyn, University of Illinois, Chicago
Title: The Essence of Tragedy in Mostwin’s Novella Jocasta

Panelist: Lee Hobbs, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (CP)
Title: The “Stage Central/Eastern European” in American Travel and Expatriate Narrative

Panelist: Tatjana Aleksić, University of Michigan
Title: Exile in the Fiction of post-Yugoslav Emigrant Writers

30B-7 Panel: Productivity and Defectiveness

Panel Chair: James E. Lavine, Bucknell University
Panelist: Andrea Sims, Northwestern
Title: Defective Russian Verbs as a "Productive" Pattern

Panelist: Matthew Baerman, University of Surrey
Title: The Historic Roots of Russian Defective Verbs

Panelist: Jane Hacking, University of Utah
Title: Morphological Productivity and the Russian Abstract Nominal Suffixes -ost’, -stv-

Panelist: Brian Joseph, The Ohio State University
Title: Are There Inherent Weak Points in Paradigms? Evidence from Slavic Verbs

30B-8 Panel: Teaching Language Through Culture

Panel Chair: Galina Rylkova, University of Florida
Panelist: Ekaterina Ites, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Title: The Genre of AZBUKA as a Multimodal Representation and Tool of Acquisition of Russian Language-Culture in the College Classroom.

Panelist: Marya Zeigler, Department of Defense
Title: Chekhov’s and Shenderovich’s Van’ka: Teaching Language and Culture at the Advanced Level through Kukly (VCR)

Panelist: Raissa Krivitsky, Cornell University (CP)
Title: From Pushkin to Cheburashka: Teaching Advanced Russian through Popular Culture

December 30, 1:00pm-3:00pm

30C-1 Panel: Dostoevsky and His Legacy

Panel Chair: Inna F.I. Tigountsova, University of Denver
Panelist: Zaur V. Agayev, Princeton University
Title: Dostoevsky’s Petersburg—Space and Mythology of the City in the novel Crime and Punishment

Panelist: Brian R. Johnson, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Title: Epilepsy and “Mystic Horror”: Intersecting Nervous Disorders in Dostoevsky’s The Insulted and the Injured

Panelist: Jesse R. Menefee, Princeton University
Title: Spotting Dostoevsky in a “Dark Alley amongst Broken Fences and Chagall’s Cows”: Beat Author John Clellon Holmes Rewriting The Possessed

30C-2 Panel: Russian Poets and their Images

Panel Chair: Eugenia Amditis, University of Kansas
Panelist: Jason Strudler, Princeton University
Title: Two Poets and Three Firegods: Vyacheslav Ivanov's Place in Khlebnikov's Mythical Universe

Panelist: Farida Tcherkassova, University of Chicago
Title: On the Unity of Mikhail Kuzmin’s Poetry

Panelist: Elena K. Murenina, East Carolina University
Title: The Art of Understanding a Poet in the Age of Exile: Alfred Bem and Marina Tsvetaeva (1920s-1930s)

Panelist: Matthew McGarry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Title: The Poet and the Leader: A Reappraisal of Pasternak’s «Мне по душе строптивый норов...»

30C-3 Panel: The City and Cityscapes at the Start of the 20th Century

Panel Chair: Steven P. Hill, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Panelist: Megan Swift, University of Victoria
Title: Deluge, Demise and Disappearance: Writing the End of St. Petersburg

Panelist: Stiliana Milkova, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Sightseeing (in) Petersburg: Tourist Guidebooks to the Late Imperial Capital

Panelist: Brinton Tench Coxe, Columbia University (DVD)
Title: Seeing Moscow: Lev Kuleshov’s Mister West and Aleksandr Medvedkin’s New Moscow

Panelist: Lina Khawaldah, Indiana University, Bloomington (CP)
Title: Visualizing the Unseen: Rodchenko’s Monocular Discourse with Urban Space

30C-4 Panel: The Verb in Slavic

Panel Chair: George Fowler, Indiana University
Panelist: Christian Hilchey, University of Chicago
Title: Perfective Doublets in Czech

Panelist: Irina Mikaelian, Pennsylvania State University
Title: Russian Aspectual System: Why Triplets Do Not Compromise Pairs?

Panelist: Mark Nuckols, The Ohio State University
Title: Transitivity in Czech and Russian: The Animacy Paradox

30C-5 Panel: Methods, Materials, and the Language Classroom

Panel Chair: Jeffrey D. Holdeman, Indiana University
Panelist: Katie Janicka, Bryn Mawr College
Title: The New Generation of Polish Language Textbooks and the Classroom

Panelist: Elena Selezneva, Michigan State University
Title: Use of Technology in Language Learning: Students’ Perspective

Panelist: Elisabeth Elliott, Northwestern University and Lisa Yountchi, Northwestern University (CP)
Title: TPR and Mastering Russian Multi- and Unidirectional Verbs of Motion