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The 2019 Conference Program is now available here. Preregistration ended on January 7, 2019. Attendees looking to register in-person at the conference in New Orleans may do so 3:00pm-7:00pm on Thursday, 2/7; 7:00am-6pm on Friday, 2/8; 7:00-5:00pm on Saturday, 2/9.

Looking to share a room at the AATSEEL Conference in New Orleans? Try our Roommate Classifieds

AATSEEL’s Executive Council
Congratulations to the newly elected members:
Gabriella Safran (Stanford University), President
Elizabeth Lee Roby (Friends School of Baltimore), Vice President
Kinga Kosmala (Northwestern University), Vice President
We are grateful to all the candidates for their willingness to serve.

2018-19 Membership Renewal
Memberships for 2017-18 expired on 30 June 2018. Click here to renew for the 2018-19 membership year.

On the timing of the hiring process and professional ethics
As AATSEEL presidents, we would like to bring the attention of the membership to a complex issue relating to the job market and professional ethics. More and more interviews in our field are being conducted at ASEEES and via Skype or other video-conferencing software (a shift that has been in part accelerated by the shift of the AATSEEL Conference to February). This has enabled some institutions to advance their hiring processes, in some cases making offers as early as the middle of December. Such a schedule may be motivated by internal institutional considerations. However, intentionally or not, it also forecloses other hiring processes taking place in later months for which job-seekers may be considered. While we understand that every institution seeks to hire the very best colleagues, such advanced searches ultimately have the effect not only of “beating the competition,” but also of weakening the negotiating position of job-seekers—whose positions are not strong to begin with—by limiting their ability to participate in other searches. It is for this reason that the Modern Language Association “Guidelines for Search Committees and Job Seekers on Entry-Level Faculty Recruitment and Hiring” states that “No candidate should be required before 31 January to give a final answer to an offer of a position without tenure for the following academic year, however early an offer is tendered.” We strongly support this position and encourage colleagues to come together in observance of these guidelines, in order to defend the interests of our younger colleagues in search of employment, who are certainly among the most vulnerable members of our profession.

– Mark Lipovetsky, President of AATSEEL; Kevin Platt, Past President of AATSEEL; Michael Wachtel, President-elect of AATSEEL