Working Group on Diversity and Inclusivity (AWGDI)

Working Group on Diversity and Inclusivity (AWGDI)

In response to AATSEEL's statement on racial injustice and police brutality, in the Summer of 2020, AATSEEL Executive Council members established several actionable items for the organization to foster diversity, equity, access, and inclusion. Among these items was to "create a committee on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues". The roster of AWGDI members for 2020-21 follows.

José Alaniz (University of Washington)

Anindita Banerjee (Cornell University)

Devin Browne (Pittsburgh Brashear High School)

Lindsay Ceballos (Lafayette College)

Jinyi Chu (Yale University)

Leah Feldman (University of Chicago)

Tom Garza (University of Texas at Austin)

Andy Kaufman (University of Virginia)

Martha Kelly (University of Missouri)

D. Brian Kim (University of Pennsylvania)

Mark Lipovetsky (Columbia University)

Colleen Lucey (University of Arizona)

B. Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz (Howard University)

Natalie McCauley (University of Richmond)

Colleen McQuillen (University of Southern California)

Lauren Nelson (Pritzker College Prep)

Cassio de Oliveira (Portland State University)

Sunnie Rucker-Chang (University of Cincinnati)

Gabriella Safran (Stanford University)

Rachel Stauffer (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Roman Utkin (Wesleyan University)

Julia Vaingurt (University of Illinois, Chicago)

José Vergara (Bryn Mawr College)

Michael Wachtel (Princeton University)

Emily Wang (University of Notre Dame)