Macintosh Central and East European Fonts and Keyboard Drivers

Special Note for Mac OS X Users:

Mac OS 10 includes basic fonts and keyboards. For most users this is all that will be necessary. To engage the fonts and keyboards in system 10.* go to System Preferences and choose International. Choose Input Menu and you will see a long list of input options. In some cases you are provided the option of the typewriter layout of the language and a layout more user friendly to North Americans. For example, for Czech you may choose Czech which uses the typewriter layout found in the Czech Republic or Czech-QWERTY which places the z and y in the location more familiar to Americans.

Setting up fonts and keyboard drivers for Macintosh


  • Unicode
  • AppleStandard
    • TrueType
      • Apple's Central European Fonts. Get Disk One and Disk Two. Fonts from Apple's Czech and Polish versions of system 7.0.1. Contains 10 fonts (not all TrueType) including Courier CE, Helvetica CE, Palatino CE, and Times CE. Can be used to write in Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian.
    • PostScript
    • Bitmapped
  • ISO 8859-2
  • Other
    • PT Courier CE. Free download from ParaType. Both TrueType and PostScript.

Keyboard drivers

Sites for troubleshooting with Central and European Latin Fonts.

Font Archives

Commercial Sites

These links are provided purely for informational purposes. No endorsement or guarantee is made for any product.

  • Smart Link Corporation. Offers several fonts for East European languages for the Mac. Supported languages include Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and Slovak.
  • Tilde
  • Ogonki. A site for Polish fonts.
  • Linguist's Software. Their package EuroSlavic covers Albanian, Croatian, Czech, English, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Sorbian.

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