Some Slavists ask why they should bother joining AATSEEL when they can belong to the MLA and ASEEES.  The fact is that neither the MLA nor ASEEES puts at the heart of its mission the goals, concerns and interests of those who teach Slavic languages and literatures.

AATSEEL is the only professional association dedicated precisely to these fields; it is the oldest and most important scholarly "home" for Slavists in the United States.

Slavists who belong to AATSEEL

  • Support and receive Slavic and East European Journal (SEEJ), a quarterly journal with the most groundbreaking research in Slavic literature, linguistics, and pedagogy along with reviews of books Slavists need to read and know about;

  • Publish research in SEEJ, joining colleagues in the most important journal for Slavists in North America, benefit from referee reports by the best scholars in the field and, in turn, contribute to the work of other scholars by reviewing their submissions;

  • Can attend and participate in the annual AATSEEL Conference (held in the same city and at the same time as the annual MLA Conference), together with tenured and tenure-track scholars as well as graduate students and independent scholars, hear and give papers, take part in panels and roundtables and job interviews, receive the annual conference program book with its abstracts;

  • Have access to the online annual AATSEEL membership directory;

  • May nominate others for AATSEEL awards, including the book awards;

  • Are eligible themselves for AATSEEL awards, including the book awards;

  • Support AATSEEL and thus the Slavic languages and literatures field in the United States.

Without AATSEEL, there would be no SEEJ and no AATSEEL Conference.

Both these venues are critically important for maintaining our identity as a field focused predominantly on the languages, literatures and cultures of Russia and Eastern Europe, and for ensuring the vitality of our field into the future.
Joining AATSEEL and supporting AATSEEL now with your membership is your way of saying that the future of Slavic studies in the United States is important to you.

AATSEEL works together with ASEEES, ACTFL, ACTR and MLA, along with other associations, to help push the agenda of support for research in Russia and Central Europe and research in foreign languages.

AATSEEL pays dues to the Joint National Committee for Languages and the National Council for Languages and International Studies (www.languagepolicy.org). Your membership in AATSEEL helps support these causes, too.

Membership in AATSEEL is affordable and the web-based membership form makes it convenient to join.