Please be advised that the 2022 AATSEEL Conference in Philadelphia will be a fully face-to-face, in-person conference. AATSEEL does not have the financial or staffing capacity to provide technical equipment or support for other modalities (e.g., remote, blended, pre-recorded). Anyone submitting a proposal should plan to travel to Philadelphia to participate, February 17-20, 2022.

Audiovisual Support for Presenters

Projectors for Panels and Roundtables

Starting with the annual conference in Philadelphia (February 17-20, 2022), AATSEEL no longer requires participants to request projectors. From now on, projectors will be provided for all panels and roundtables.


In Philadelphia, the conference hotel's sleeping rooms and meeting rooms will have complimentary WiFi. (This is not always the case at every conference, but we continue to prioritize this amenity as we select future sites and negotiate hotel contracts and concessions.)

Projectors for Meetings and Other Events

In order to guarantee projectors for all panels and roundtables, we ask professional organizations, groups, and committees that meet annually at the AATSEEL conference to request projectors or other technology. Projectors will not automatically be provided for meetings. Organizers of meetings should write to the Conference Manager when the online program is released each fall to find out if a projector is available during the time of their specific meetings. AATSEEL will try to provide AV support for meetings if at all possible, but panels and roundtables will have priority. To make a request for a meeting or other event, please email the Conference Manager ( by December 1, 2021.

Connecting to Projectors

AATSEEL does not provide laptop computers, adapters, or dongles that connect laptops to projectors. Typically presenters need to connect their laptops to the projector using an HDMI port. Please plan ahead and bring the correct equipment for your specific needs. The hotel AV provider may not be able to provide the connector you need for your specific computer. Sometimes adapters may be borrowed from participants' home institutions' libraries or instructional technology support offices.


Presenters who wish to show video clips using DVDs must use their own laptop with an internal or external DVD drive. A wireless speaker is also recommended.


Presenters may use their own laptop speakers, the projector's speakers, or they may bring a portable speaker that connects to a laptop. A portable speaker is recommended if exceptionally clear or loud audio is required. It is unlikely that AATSEEL will be able to provide speakers on short notice during the conference, so please plan ahead.


Questions about AV? Contact Rachel Stauffer, AATSEEL's Conference Manager: