October 2016 Online Newsletter

Letter from the Editor

Dear AATSEEL Members,

The AATSEEL Newsletter staff would like to highlight a couple new additions that will continue be regular features of the Newsletter going forward. First, the newsletter will now be available in a two formats—the pdf/e-reader version that is downloadable, as well as a new web version that will exist as an extension of the AATSEEL website. This will increase readership by allowing easy linking to individual articles and provide additional value to advertisers who will receive advertising space in both formats. Second, we have created “Member Spotlight” column with the goal of highlighting AATSEEL members in various phases of their academic careers. This issue spotlights Diana Dukhanova, Graduate Student Representative on the AATSEEL Executive Council. If you are interested in being highlighted or want to suggest another member, please contact me directly via email (aatseelnewsletter@usc.edu). I would also like to extend a warm thank you to Carmen Finashina, longtime editor of the “Recent Publications” column, who has passed her responsibility along to Chas Cassidy.


William Gunn

MiraCosta College

AATSEEL Newsletter Editor