Events and Panels of Interest at the 2022 Conference for P-12 Teachers

Curated by Lauren Nelson (Pritzker College Prep)

Friday, February 18, 2022

AATSEEL Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion (AWGDI) - open to all who wish to be involved (Seminar B)

Workshop: Implementing DEI Principles in a Russian Language Classroom: Innovative Practices & Strategies

SolidariTea: Racial Justice (Salon 10) Interactive social hour for likeminded practitioners and educators to share methods and strategies for antiracist and abolitionist teaching (+complimentary afternoon tea)

Session 1-4 Roundtable: Learning by Doing in Intermediate and Advanced classroom

Session 1-8 Roundtable: Study Abroad 2022: Innovations in Overseas Language Immersion

Session 1-9 Roundtable: Teaching Methods with an Eye towards Equity

Session 2-4 Roundtable: Technologies Supporting Immersive Language Learning

Session 2-5 Roundtable: Focus on Diversity: Language, Geography, Culture.

Session 3-4 Forum: Using Etazhi: Second Year Russian Language and Culture in the Intermediate Russian Classroom

Session 4-4 Roundtable: Увези меня с собою в облака! Virtual sojourns in lieu of study abroad

Saturday, February 19, 2022

SolidariTea: LGBTQIA+ Justice: Interactive social hour for likeminded practitioners and educators to share methods and strategies for inclusivity of learners of diverse gender and sexual orientation identities (+ complimentary afternoon tea)

Session 5-1 : Stream 6A: Data, Technology, and Language Acquisition: Panel

Session 5-4 Roundtable: Creative Uses of Learning Management Systems during the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Session 6-1 : Stream 6B: Data, Technology, and Language Acquisition: Roundtable

Session 6-3 : Intercultural Competences in Teaching Russian

Session 6-4 Forum: Using Rodnaya Rech' to Teach Heritage Learners of Russian

Session 6-8 : Who Studies Russian and Why?

Session 7-4 Roundtable: Teaching Advanced Russian Through Film and Media: Best Practices and New Approaches

Session 7-5 : Virtual and Remote Learning: Russian and Ukrainian

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Session 9-3 Roundtable: Kino and Russian Rock: Collaboration and Culture Learning through an Online Game

Session 9-4 Roundtable: Testing and Assessment for Online and Face-2-Face Teaching

Session 10-3 Forum: Using Panorama (GUP 2017) in Advanced Language Classroom

Session 10-4 : Motivation in Language-Learning