Exhibitors and Advertisers

AATSEEL is deeply appreciative of the many professional organizations, businesses, and departments that support the organization's mission. We are eager to partner with likeminded entities to promote and support the study and teaching of Slavic and East European languages in the United States and abroad. Please contact our Executive Director, Elizabeth Durst (aatseel@usc.edu) or our Conference Manager (aatseelconference@usc.edu) for more information on exhibiting or advertising with us or about sponsoring events at the annual conference.

Exhibitors and Advertisers for 2024

AATSEEL Bridgebuilding Initiatives
Academic Studies Press
American Councils
The Baltic Center
Bard Abroad
Bergstrom Press and Books
Georgetown University Press
Kathryn W. Davis School of Russian at Middlebury Language Schools
Learn Russian in the EU
NYRB (New York Review of Books)
Liden & Denz Language Center Riga
University of Pittsburgh Summer Language Institute