Special Events at the 2014 Conference

The AATSEEL Conference Program and Executive Committees are planning a number of special events for the 2014 AATSEEL Conference. Please continue to check this page for updates on these, and other special events at the conference.

Advanced Seminars

AATSEEL announces two innovative advanced seminars and a featured workshop at the 2014 AATSEEEL Conference, led by renowned scholars who will provide AATSEEL members with the opportunity to engage in extended discussions with these scholars and gain from their knowledge, expertise and practice:

  • Advanced seminar led by Clare Cavanaugh, Northwestern University
  • Advanced seminar led by Michael Flier, Harvard University
  • Featured workshop led by Benjamin Rifkin, The College of New Jersey, Strategies and Tactics for Facilitating Discussion: Approaches for Language, Literature, and Culture Classes

Pre-registration in the advanced seminars is required. Seminar participants must be members of AATSEEL who are pre-registered for the conference. To take part in an advanced seminar, please email Katya Hokansonat hokanson@uoregon.edu.

Presidential Panels

Panel on Isaac Babel and the Self-Invention of Odessan Modernism by Rebecca Stanton, Barnard College. Panelists: Amelia Glaser (University of California, San Diego), Gregory Freidin (Stanford University), Efraim Sicher (Tel Aviv University)

Panel on Fast Forward: The Aesthetics and Ideology of Speed in Russian Avant-Garde Culture, 1910-1930, by Tim Harte, Bryn Mawr College. John Bowlt (University of Southern California), Wendy Salmond (Chapman University), Julia Vaingurt (University of Illinois at Chicago).

Panel on A Herzen Reader, by Kathleen Parthe, University of Rochester. Panelists: Gary Saul Morson (Northwestern University), Ilya Kliger (New York University), Donna Orwin (University of Toronto).