Guide to Transliteration

Because HTML does not support Cyrillic or eastern European Latin letters as easily as western European Latin, AATSEEL information on the web is provided in the following ad hoc transliteration system:

  • Diacritics that are not supported by ISO 8859-1 are stripped from eastern European letters. For example, Czech names will have long vowels marked, but will not have hacki.
  • Cyrillic is transliterated according to the "scholarly" system (e.g., c [not ts], x [not kh], j [not i]), except that letters that cannot be represented by the supported ISO 8859-1 character set are transliterated according to the LC system (e.g., sh, ch, shch, zh).
  • Note that c+hachek will therefore be rendered on the web as c in Czech, while the Cyrillic ch letter will be rendered as ch on the web. In the printed (paper) program, both will be rendered as c with a superscript hachek.