AATSEEL Annual Meeting

27-30 December 2004, Philadelphia

Preliminary Program

The preliminary program published in the AATSEEL newsletter was current as of September 9, 2004. This web publication reflects ongoing changes to the program. In case of discrepancies, the web version of the program should be considered authoritative. If you are interested in chairing a panel which currently lacks one, please contact the Chair of the Program Committee, William J. Comer (wjcomer@ku.edu).


The AATSEEL Constitution restricts participation in the annual AATSEEL meeting to members in good standing.  In conformity with this requirement, on 1 November all persons listed in the Preliminary Program who are not current members of AATSEEL (or who have not received a membership waiver) will be eliminated from the final program.  All persons listed on the program must preregister for the conference by 30 September. The preregistration deadline for all other attendees of the conference is 30 November, although attendees may also register at the door. Preregistration information was mailed to all AATSEEL members in September.  It is also available on the web at: http://www.aatseel.org.  Please direct renewals, registrations, and inquiries to Kathleen Dillon, Executive Director, AATSEEL, P.O. BOX 7039, Berkeley, CA 94707-2306.  Office phone/fax: 510-526-6614, email: aatseel@earthlink.net


Non-Panel Events


December 27

AATSEEL Program Committee (5–7 p.m.)

AATSEEL Executive Council (7–10 p.m.)

Conference Registration (5–7 p.m.)


December 28

Conference Registration (7:30 a.m.–7 p.m.)

Slava/Olympiada Breakfast (8–10 a.m.)

SEEJ Editorial Board Meeting (9:30–11:30)

Conference panels

Exhibits (9 a.m.–4:30 p.m.)


ACTR Board Meeting (5–7 p.m.)

AATSEEL President's Reception/Awards (9 p.m.)


December 29

Conference Registration (7:30 a.m.–5 p.m.)

Conference panels

Exhibits (9 a.m.–4:30 p.m.)

AATSEEL Business Meeting 10 a.m.

Keynote Address: 11:00am

International Association of the Teachers of Czech (3:15–5:15)

ACTR General Membership Meeting (5:15 p.m.–6:30 p.m.)
Reception for Friends and Alumni of Indiana University and Slavica Publishers (9:00-11:00)


December 30

AATSEEL Executive Council (7–10 a.m.)

Conference panels

Exhibits (9 a.m.–noon)

AATSEEL Program Committee (12–1 p.m.)





(The title of each paper links to the abstract.)


Note: Equipment requests are noted in parentheses following the panel titles.

CP=Computer projector

OP = Overhead Projector

CD=portable audio cd/tape player   

VCR/DVD includes a television)


December 28 Session A: 8:00–10:00am


28A-1 Workshop: Managing Job Interviews (from both perspectives)

Chair: Maria Carlson, University of Kansas

Ronald Feldstein, Indiana University

Arlene Forman, Oberlin College

Thomas G. Marullo, University of Notre Dame

Boris Wolfson, University of Southern California


28A-2 Russian Literature in the 1920s and 1930s

Chair: Jason Merrill, Michigan State University

Paper: The Construction of Envy: Olesha and the Soviet Production Novel (Mary Nicholas, Lehigh University)

Paper: Platonov Writes Platonov? How Autobiographical are the Works in the Epifanskie Shliuzy collection? (Keith Blasing, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Paper: The Train and the Tortoise: Animism in Platonov’s Prose (Michelle Kelly, University of California, Los Angeles)


28A-3 Terror and Terrorism in Literature

Chair: Carol Ueland, Drew University

Paper: The Literary Aftermath of Terror: The Effect of the French Revolution on Karamzin's Pis'ma russkogo puteshestvennika (John F. Isham, Drew University)

Paper: Terrorist Manifesto: On Dostoevsky’s Demons and the Political Crime (Vadim Shkolnikov, Columbia University)

Discussant: Marcus Levitt, University of Southern California


28A-4 Discourse and Pragmatics (CP)

Chair: Alla Nedashkivska, University of Alberta

Paper: The Elusive Prefix V- in Verbs of Motion (Alina Israeli, American University and Valentina Zaitseva, University of Virginia)

Paper: Telling Jokes in Russian Discourse (Elena Shmeleva, Institute of Russian Language, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

Paper: The Context of Feminization in Russian (Julia McAnallen, University of California Berkeley)

Paper: Myth and Reality in the Russian Media (Svitlana Malykhina, SUNY - Albany)


28A-5 Historical Linguistics

Chair: Joan Chevalier, Brandeis University

Paper: Jur'ev Den' and the Date of the Codex Assemanianus (Francis Butler, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Paper: The Reference System and Conjunction Usage in Early Russian Legal Texts (Renee Perelmutter, University of California, Berkeley)

Paper: Language and Ethnicity in Recent Approaches to the Reconstruction of Proto-Slavic (Matthew Feeney, University of Kansas)


28 A- 6 Forum: A Dynamic Application for Producing Language Exercises (CP)

David J. Galloway, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Kristin Peterson-Bidoshi, Union College

Kristen Welsh, Hobart and William Smith Colleges


December 28 Session B: 10:15–12:15

28B-1 Adapting on/to the Screen (VCR/DVD)

Chair: Olga Mesropova, Iowa State University

Paper: A Reconciling Smile: Humor in the Post-Soviet Police Procedural (A Case Study of the Television Series Streets of Broken Lights) (Elena Baraban, University of Victoria)

Paper: Contextualization of Idiot: Kurosawa’s Film Adaptation (Saera Yoon, Indiana University)

Paper: Russian Christ and National Saints: Cinematic and TV Adaptations of Dostoevsky’s Idiot (Vladimir Strukov, University of Pittsburgh)

Paper: Russian Without the Baggage: The Hero of New Russian Cinema (Gerald McCausland, University of Pittsburgh)


28B-2 Issues of Polish Literature and Culture

Chair: Andrzej Karcz, University of Kansas

Paper: Spatial Dimensions in The Undivine Comedy by Zygmunt Krasinski (Mila Shevchenko, University of Michigan)

Paper: “I see and I describe”. The Interpretation and Adaptation of Mickiewiczian Visuality in the Poetics of Julian Przyboś and Czesław Miłosz (Kris Van Heuckelom, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium)

Paper: Shakespearean Motifs in the Poetry of Wislawa Szymborska in the Context of the Generation of ’56 (Anna Frajlich-Zajac, Columbia University)


28B-3 Modernist Movements in Literature, Arts, and Music (CP, CD)

Chair: Charlotte Rosenthal, University of Southern Maine

Paper: Guro and Kandinsky: Rethinking the Paths toward Abstraction (Juliette Stapanian-Apkarian, Emory University)

Paper: Russian Musical Futurism before the Revolution (Crispin Brooks, Independent Scholar)

Paper: Larionov as Avant Garde Playwright (Keith Tribble, Oklahoma State University)

Paper: More Human than Human: The Somatic Link between zaumniki and telesniki (Peter G. DeMartino, University of Chicago)


28B-4 Roundtable: What is a Slavist?

Chair: William Mills Todd III, Harvard University

John Kopper, Darthmouth College

Nancy Condee, University of Pittsburgh

Kathleen Parthe, University of Rochester

Andrew Wachtel, Northwestern University

Leonard Babby, Princeton University


28B-5 Culture in the Russian Curriculum (CP, CD)

Chair: Jeanette Owen, Arizona State University

Paper: Double-barreled Vysotsky: Using the Songs of Vladimir Vysotsky to Teach Basic Language Forms and Cultural/historical Idioms of Russian Language (Ruby Jones, University of Texas, Austin)

Paper: Perceptions of the Russian National Character by Young Americans: An Insight into National Identification in a Multi-Cultural Environment (Natalia Getmanenko, Brigham Young University)

Paper: Key Insights into Contemporary Russian Culture (N. Anthony Brown, Brigham Young University)

Paper: Teaching and the Canon: Reading Patterns for Twentieth-Century Russian Literature (Donald Loewen, SUNY Binghamton )


28B-6 Slavic Syntax

Chair: Robert Channon, Purdue University

Paper: Splitting Fronted WH-Clusters in Russian and Czech (Olena V. Chernishenko, Princeton University)

Paper: On Bare Noun Phrases in Object Position of DO-Verbs in Russian (Irina Agafonova, Michigan State University)

Paper: Case Marking and Negative Closure: Arguments for A-Chain Reconstruction? (Sue Brown, Harvard University)

Paper: Distributed Clitic Placement (Charles Mills, Knox College)


28B-7 Forum: The Annotated Afanas’ev and Language Across the Curriculum (CP)

David J. Birnbaum, University of Pittsburgh

David Galloway, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Audrey Wood, University of Pittsburgh


December 28 Session C: 1:00–3:00pm

28C-1 Psychic, Bodily and Textual Extremes

Chair: Irene Sywenky, University of Alberta

Paper: Maternal Ambivalence and the Roddom: Examining Arbatova, Sukhanova and Palei (Elizabeth Skomp, Williams College)

Paper: Textual Bodies: The Prose of Valeriia Narbikova (Yelena Furman, University of California, Los Angeles)

Paper: “You Cant Kill Yourself in A Communal Apartment”: Memory, Trauma, and the Gulag (Jehanne Gheith, Duke University)

Paper: Motifs and Attitudes to Illness in the Late Work of Nina Iskrenko (Mary Delle LeBeau, University of Southern California)

Discussant: Vitaly Chernetsky, Columbia University


28C-2 Gogol

Chair: Emily Johnson, University of Oklahoma

Paper: ‘A Devil in the Belly’: Gluttony in Gogol' (Christopher R. Putney, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Paper: Kantianism in Dead Souls: Toward the Ideal through Nothingness (Elizabeth M. Sheynzon, Northwestern University)

Paper: Wearing a Character Inside Out: Politics of Indecision in Gogol'’s “Diary of a Madman” (Maksim Klymentiev, University of Southern California)


28C-3 Linguistic Approaches to Texts and Cross-Cultural Communication

Chair: Masako Fidler, Brown University

Paper: Superstructure of Scientific Paper in Russian (Leonid Ivanov, Institute of the Russian Language, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

Paper: Expressive Syntactic Patterns in Sologub's Story "V Tolpe" (Karina Ross, Ohio Wesleyan University)

Paper: Effective Methodologies In Cross-Cultural Research (Yelena Belyaeva-Standen, Saint Louis University)


28C-4 Reading Soviet Film (CP, VCR, DVD)

Chair: Don Loewen, SUNY Binghamton

Paper: From the Cine-Train to Harold Lloyd: Towards the Notion of Satirical Avant-Garde in Soviet Cinema (Andrei Khrenov, Independent Scholar)

Paper: The Function of Chekhovian subtext in Marlen Khutsiev’s July Rain. (Marina Madorskaya, University of Michigan)

Paper: The Anxiety of (Paternal) Influence in the Films of Aleksei Yurevich German (Tony Anemone, College of William and Mary)

Paper: Who is in the Fog? Approaching the Question of Uncertainty in Yuri Norstein’s Hedgehog in the Fog (Vera Zubarev, University of Pennsylvania)


28C-5 Roundtable: Teaching Slavic Folklore for General Education

Chair: David Cooper, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

David J. Birnbaum, University of Pittsburgh

Nyusya Milman, Virginia Polytechnic University and State College

Andrew Drozd, University of Alabama

Natalie Kononenko, University of Alberta

Jason Merrill, Michigan State University

Margaret Beissinger, University of Wisconsin-Madison


28C-6 Cognitive Linguistics (CP)

Chair: Tanya Yanko, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences

Paper: The Russian Conjuction A as a Language-Specific Word (Irina Mikaelian, Pennsylvania State University and Anna A. Zalizniak, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences)

Paper: Decategorialization and Clines of Grammaticalization: Evidence from Verb Doubles in Russian (Dagmar Divjak, Katholieke Universitiet Leuven)

Paper: Psycholinguistic Investigations of the Metaphorical Motivations for Russian Aspect (Laura Janda, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)


28C-7 Forum: UW-Madison RAILS ("Russian Advanced Interactive Listening Series") (CP)

Benjamin Rifkin, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Shannon Spasova, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Viktoria Thorstensson, University of Wisconsin-Madison


28C-8 Roundtable: Teacher Preparedness? Non-Professionals Teaching Slavic Languages

Chair: Michael Kelly, Brigham Young University

Richard Robin, The George Washington University

Danko Šipka, Arizona State University


December 28, Session D: 3:15–5:15pm


28D-1 Aesthetics and Russian Modernism

Chair: Milica Banjanin, Washington University

Paper: The Russian Symbolists and John Ruskin's Aesthetics (Virginia Bennett, University of Hawaii – Manoa)

Paper: Valerii Briusov’s Fiery Angel and the Demonic Aesthetic (Peter Huk, California Lutheran University)

Paper: Symbolism: South America and Russian Symbolist Poetry (Francoise Rosset, Wheaton College)

Paper: Aspects of Serial Autobiography in Andrej Bely’s Memoirs (Maria Levina Parker, Université de Genève)


28D-2 Roundtable: Teaching Russian Literature in the Twenty-first Century

Robert Maguire, Columbia University

Amy Mandelker, CUNY Graduate Center

Greta Slobin, Wesleyan University

Kevin Platt, University of Pennsylvania


28D-3 Foreigners are Justly Amazed: Non-Russian Revisitations of Russian Works

Chair: Anne Fisher, University of Michigan

Paper: Diagnosing Two Madmen: The Case Of Gogol' And Lu Xun (Donna Oliver, Beloit College)

Paper: A Dialogue with Dostoevsky: Orhan Pamuk's The Black Book (Kathryn D Schild, University of California, Berkeley)

Paper: Mikhail Bulgakov and Salman Rushdie: Similarities and Differences between The Master and Margarita and The Satanic Verses (Anita Kondoyanidi, Liberty Fund, Inc.)

Paper: Basilières Borrows Bulgakov (Jonathan Z. Ludwig, Rice University)


28D-4 Contemporary South Slavic Literature

Chair: Vitaly Chernetsky, Columbia University

Paper: Dubravka Ugrešić: Fashioning the Post-Modern Post-Socialist Dissident (Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College)

Paper: After the Grief and on Becoming Whole Again: The Death of Yugoslavia and the Nascence of Dubravka Ugrešić (Sunnie Rucker-Chang, Ohio State University)

Paper: Return to the Story: Post-War Fiction in the Former Yugoslavia (Radmila Gorup, Columbia University)

Paper: Will Two Solitudes Ever Merge? (Non) Romantic Relationships in Contemporary Ukrainian and Croatian Women’s Writing (Tatiana Nazarenko, University of Manitoba)


28D-5 Linguistics and Pedagogy (OP, CP)

Chair: Olga Kagan, University of California, Los Angeles

Paper: Apologizing in Russian: Acquisition of Pragmatic Competence in Russian by American Learners of Russian (Maria Shardakova, Bryn Mawr College)

Paper: Sophisticated Description: Comparing the Syntactical Complexity of Description in the OPI and SOPI (Julia Mikhailova, Ohio State University)

Paper: Syntactic Errors in Written Russian of Heritage Learners (Anna Geisherik, SUNY, Stony Brook)

Paper: Form and Meaning in the Interlanguage Development of Russian Case (Jennifer Sanders, Indiana University)


28D-6 Phonetics, Phonology and Prosody

Chair: Keith Langston, University of Georgia

Paper: Intonation of Russian Coherent Discourse (Tanya Yanko, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences)

Paper: Geminate Consonants in Russian (Robert Channon, Purdue University)

Paper: From Pitch Accent to Stress in Belarusian and Ukrainian Dialects (Christina Bethin, SUNY, Stony Brook)


28D-7 Roundtable: Teaching Russian at the Pre-College Level

Chair: Todd Golding, Jefferson High School, Lafayette, IN

Jane Shuffelton, Brighton HS, Rochester, NY


28D-8 Roundtable: Integrum Database for Special Purposes (CP)

Chair: Jack Franke, Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA

Anto Knežević, Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA

Alexander Smoljanski, Integrum Company, Germany

Gasan Gusejnov, Deutsche Welle-Russian, Germany


December 28, Session E: 7:00–9:00pm

28E-1 Roundtable: Founding an Organization of Slavic Linguists

Chair: Steve Franks, Indiana University

Wayles Browne, Cornell University

Catherine Rudin, Wayne State College

George Fowler, Indiana University

Jindrich Toman, University of Michigan

Christina Bethin, SUNY, Stony Brook

John Bailyn, SUNY, Stony Brook

David J. Birnbaum, University of Pittsburgh

Barbara Citko, Brandeis University

Laura Janda, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

James Lavine, Bucknell University

Gil Rappaport, University of Texas, Austin


28E-2 Russian Poetry Reading

Chair: Yevgeny Slivkin, Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA

Dmitrii Bobyshev, Urbana-Champaign

Vladimir Gandelsman, New York

Andrei Gritsman, New Jersey

Vera Zubareva, Philadelphia

Valerii Petrochenkov, Washington, D.C.

Ian Probstein, New York

Madlena Rozenblyum, New York

Viktor Sanchuk, New York

Valentina Senkevich, Philadelphia

Aleksandr Stessin, New York

Julia Kunina, New York



December 29, Session A: 8:00–10:00am


29A-1 Chekhov (OP)

Chair: Carol Flath, Duke University

Paper: Depictions of Personality Disorders in Chekhov's Prose: "Ariadne" as Psychopath (Mark Swift, University of Auckland)

Paper: Freedom in Captivity: Identity and Non-Identity with Oneself in Chekhov's Short Story "Mechty" (Nikita Nankov, Indiana University, Bloomington)

Paper: Chekhov's Christmas Message (Tim Langen, University of Missouri-Columbia)


29A-2 North American Pushkin Society

Chair: Ingrid Kleepsies, University of Florida

Paper: Pushkin’s Sonnets (Michael Wachtel, Princeton University)

Paper: О байроновской параллели к Автобиографическам запискам Пушкина (Igor Nemirovsky, State Institute of Russian Literature)

Paper: Belkin’s Hidden Heartbreak: Gaps and Clues in The Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin (Victoria Sevastianova, Dartmouth College)


29A-3 Producing and Marketing Literature

Chair: John Kopper, Dartmouth College

Paper: Tipping The Scales? Valerij Brjusov and the Marketing of Modernism: The Case of Stanisław Przybyszewski (Michael D. Johnson, University of Kansas)

Paper: Истолкование повести Юрия Олеши Зависть в советской критике конца 20-х – 30-х годов (Irina Panchenko, Independent scholar)

Paper: Il'f and Petrov and the Soviet Culture of Collected Works (Anne Fisher, University of Michigan)

Paper: "Less Enjoyable Than A Warm Bowl of Mayonnaise": "Naïve" Criticism of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy in Amazon.com On-line Customer Reviews (Mikhail Gronas, Dartmouth College)


29A-4 Texts in Socio-historical Contexts

Chair: John Hope, Williams College

Paper: Vladimir Dal'’s Tolkovyi slovar' zhivago velikorusskago iazyka (1863-6) as Epistemological Laboratory (Kristin Vitalich, University of California, Los Angeles)

Paper: Constructions of Race and Slavery in 19th and 20th Century Russian Literature (Raquel Greene, Grinnell College)

Paper: “Higher and Higher!”: Aviation and Poetics of Flight in Russian Poetry of the Early 20th Century (Yuri Leving, University of Southern California)

Paper: Creating a Nonexistent Past: May Day in Post-Revolutionary Soviet Newspapers and Literature (Irene Fardin, University of Alberta)


29A-5 Roundtable: The Teacher-Scholar: Finding the Golden Mean

Chair: Caryl Emerson, Princeton University

Tony Anemone, College of William

Carol Ueland, Drew University

Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College

Robin Miller, Brandeis University

Sarah Pratt, University of Southern California


29A-6 Forum: "Rossija v kontekste:" A Content-based Coursepack and Web Materials for Teaching Advanced Russian (CP)

Jason Merrill, Michigan State University

Irina Agafonova, Michigan State University


29A-7 Slavic Verb and Aspect: Different Linguistic Approaches

Chair: Mica Hall, Medina Joint Language Center

Paper: Семантические модификационные возможности русских глаголов речи (Irina V. Ivliyeva, University of Missouri-Rolla)

Paper: Prescribing and Describing the Usage of Verb Forms in Standard Czech (Neil Bermel, University of Sheffield)

Paper: Aspectological Dictionary of Russian (Alexei Shmelev, Moscow Pedagogical State University and Anna Zalizniak, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

Discussant: Laura Janda, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


29A-8 Focus on Production: Speaking and Writing Russian (CP)

Chair: Lynne deBenedette, Brown University

Paper: Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire: Language Anxiety in Self-Instruction (Jennifer Bown, Brigham Young University)

Paper: Examining Learning and Communication Strategies through Dialogue Journal Writing in Russian (Tatiana Segura, University of Texas, Austin)


December 29 Session B: 10:00–12:00noon


10:00–10:45        AATSEEL Business Meeting


11:00–12:00 AATSEEL Keynote Lecture

David Bethea, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Whose Mind Is This Anyway? Influence, Intertext, and the Legitimate Boundaries of Scholarship


December 29 Session C 1:00–3:00pm


29C-1 Interpreting Tolstoy

Chair: David Macphail, Cambridge University

Paper: Tolstoy’s Use of Metaphorical Analogy in Anna Karenina (David S. Danaher, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Paper: Science and the Aesthetics of Communion in Anna Karenina and What Is Art? (Michael Kelly, Brigham Young University)

Paper: "The Rest is Silence": Reticence and Theology in Hadji Murat (David Herman, University of Virginia)

Paper: Tolstoy on the Lower East Side: Di Kreytser Sonata (1902) (Barbara J. Henry, University of Washington)


29C-2 Functions of Literature in Soviet Times

Chair: Marina Balina, Illinois Wesleyan University

Paper: A Double-edged Sword of Soviet Propaganda: The Feuilletons of Mikhail Kol'tsov, Valentin Kataev, Il'ia Il'f and Evgenii Petrov (Anna Tumarkin, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Paper: Literary Design and Extraliterary Conduct (and the Case of N. M. Oleinikov) (John William Narins, University of California, Los Angeles)

Paper: Russian Anti-Literature in the 20th Century (Rolf Hellebust, University of Calgary)


29C-3 The Poetry of Joseph Brodsky

Chair: Elena Duzs, Dickinson College

Paper: "The River of Time" or "What Gets Left of a Man": A Comparative Study of Brodsky’s Approach to Time-Space in the Context of Russian and European Poetry (Ian E. Probstein, Touro College)

Paper: Staryi baran and His Golden Fleece: Linguistic Depiction of Multi-Layered Reality in Brodsky’s “Twenty Sonnets to Mary Queen of Scots” (Nina A. Tyurina, Northwestern University)

Paper: Minus Minos: Joseph Brodsky’s “Dedal v Sitsilii” (“Daedalus in Sicily”) and “strakh povtorimosti” (“the fear of replication”) (Andrew Reynolds, University of Wisconsin-Madison)


29C-4 Religious Ideas in Russian Modernism

Chair: Maria Carlson, University of Kansas

Paper: The Albigensian Motif of the Celestial Double in The Rose And The Cross by Aleksandr Blok (Yevgeny A. Slivkin, Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA)

Paper: Vox Dei, vox populi: Blok and V.I. Ivanov (Mark Knighton, University of Manitoba)

Paper: “And the Two will be Risen as One” (Marina Aptekman, Wheaton College)

Paper: St. Thérèse de l'Enfant-Jesus: The Radiant Inspiration behind Zinaida Gippius's Siianiia (Sarah Clovis Bishop, Wellesley College)


29C-5 New Approaches to Aleksandr Bogdanov

Chair: Catharine Nepomnyashchy, Barnard College, Columbia University

Paper: Revenants and Revolutionaries: Ideology and Physiology on the Red Star (Douglas Greenfield, Columbia University)

Paper: The Futurist Bogdanov: Proletkul't and Productivist Factography (Devin Fore, Columbia University)

Discussant: Ronald Vroon, UCLA


29C-6 Theoretical Issues in the Teaching and Learning of Russian (CP)

Chair: Neil Bermel, University of Sheffield

Paper: Мотивация, отношение и ожидания студентов в процессе изучения иностранного языка. Качественная фаза (Marina Rojavin, Temple University)

Paper: Considering the Potential of FonF in the Teaching of Russian (William J. Comer, University of Kansas and Lynne deBenedette, Brown University)


29C-7 Roundtable: Models of Instruction in Teaching Polish (OP)

Chair: Piotr Wilczek, University of Silesia

Anna Frajlich-Zajac, Columbia University

Anna Gasienica-Byrcyn, University of Illinois, Chicago

Andrzej Karcz, University of Kansas


29C-8 Russian in Diaspora: Linguistic Perspective (CP)

Chair: Aneta Pavlenko, Temple University

Paper: How Many Lexical Entries do Russian Aspectual Pairs Constitute? Evidence from Language Attrition (Asya Pereltsveig, Yale University)

Paper: Peculiarities of Written Russian by Russian-Finnish Bilinguals (Ekaterina Protassova, University of Helsinki)

Paper: “Frog, Where Are You?”: Vocabulary Breadth in the Oral Discourse of Russian Heritage Speakers (Olga Kagan, University of California, Los Angeles)


December 29, Session D 3:15–5:15pm


29D-1 Dostoevsky and Writing Women/Women Writing

Chair: John Bartle, Hamilton College

Paper: Pushkin, Women’s Emancipation, and the Art of Throwing Stones:Dostoevsky vs. Katkov in the 1861 Scandal-Debate over “Egipetskie nochi” (Ekaterina Yudina, University of California, Riverside)

Paper: Exploring the Integral Nature of Pulkheria’s Letter in Crime and Punishment (Tania Gordeev, Princeton University)

Paper: “Hidden in Plain View”: Dostoevsky’s Revision of Madame Bovary in Idiot (Eugenia Kapsomera Amditis, University of Kansas)


29D-2 Roundtable: Translating Slavic Writers From Other Slavic Cultures

Chair: Larissa Onyshkevych, Shevchenko Scientific Society

Michael Naydan, Pennsylvania State Univerity

Slava Yastremski, Bucknell University

Marta Tarnawsky, University of Pennsylvania

Maria Rewakowicz, Columbia University


29D-3 Border Narratives, Transculturalism and Hybrid Genres

Chair: Yvonne Howell, University of Richmond

Paper: The Uses and Abuses of Memory: Samuil Marshak and His Quest for Belonging (Marina Balina, Illinois Wesleyan University)

Paper: A Writer Without Borders: Autobiographical Voice(s) in Sergei Dovlatov's “The Zone" (Angela Brintlinger, Ohio State University)

Paper: Made in the USSR: The Western Woman in Aksenov’s The Burn (Ann Komaromi, University of Toronto)

Paper: Reading and Writing as Repatriation in Vasilii Aksenov's Recent Work (Lisa Ryoko Wakamiya, Florida State University)

Discussant: Konstantin V. Kustanovich, Vanderbilt University


29D-4 Shapes of 20th-Century Russian Poetry

Chair: Karen Evans-Romaine, Ohio University

Paper: Mandel'shtam’s Translations of Petrarch (Tom Dolack, University of Oregon)

Paper: Chuvash Word Formation in Gennadii Aigi’s Russian Poetry (Sarah E. Dunn, Princeton University)

Paper: Contemporary Histories: Aleksei Parshchikov’s “I Lived on the Battlefield at Poltava” and Derek Walcott’s Omeros (Yulia Borisova, Northwestern University)

Paper: Englishing Metarealism (Patrick Henry, University of California, Berkeley)


29D-5 The Discourses of Russian Romanticism

Chair: Charles Byrd, The University of Georgia

Paper: Antichrist at the Gates: Apocalyptic Discourse in Russia Surrounding the Napoleonic Invasion of 1812 (Michael Pesenson, Bowdoin College)

Paper: The Term Narodnost' in Orest Somov’s “On Romanticism” (David Cooper, University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign)

Paper: Lermontov's "The Dying Gladiator" (1836): Turning to Translation as a Way of Achieving Objectivism (Daria Solodkaia, Princeton University)

Paper: The Romantic Album as Salon Prop for Performing Authorial Identities (Justyna Beinek, University of Toronto)


29D-6 Russian in Diaspora II: Linguistic Perspective (CP)

Chair: Ekaterina Protassova, University of Helsinki

Paper: Prototype Categories in Émigré Russian: Cognition and Culture (David Andrews, Georgetown University)

Paper: Elicited Narrative as a Mediated Task (Victoria Driagina, Pennsylvania State University and Nina Vyatkina, Pennsylvania State University)

Paper: Emotion Concepts in Russian-English Bilinguals’ Narratives (Aneta Pavlenko, Temple University)


29D-7 Roundtable: The Language Situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro (CP, Blackboard)

Chair: Anto Knežević, Defense Language Institute

Wayles Browne, Cornell University

Robert D. Greenberg, Yale University

Danko Šipka, Arizona State University


29D-8 Roundtable: What’s Hot and What’s Not: How to Study Slavic Literature in the Twenty-first Century

Chair: Ron Vroon, University of California, Los Angeles

Cathy Nepomnyashchy, Barnard College, Columbia University

Harriet Murav, University of Illinois

David Bethea, University of Wisconsin-Madison


December 29 Session E: 7:00–9:00pm


29E-1 Poetry Reading: Ukrainian and Other Slavic Languages

Chair: Michael Naydan, Pennsylvania State University

Marta Tarnawsky, University of Pennsylvania

Vasyl Makhno

Viktor Neborak

Larissa M. L. Z. Onyshkevych, Shevchenko Scientific Society

Maria Rewakowicz, Columbia University

Anna Frajlich, Columbia University


29E–2 Special Event:  Film by Vera Zubareva, “Four Funny Families” (CP VCR)


29E-3 Special Event: Vision 2015: Directions in Slavic Studies in the Next Ten Years
Boris Wolfson, University of Southern California
Alla Nedashkivska, University of Alberta
Steve Franks, Indiana University
William J. Comer, University of Kansas


December 30 Session A: 8:00–10:00am


30A-1 Czech Literature and Culture (CD, Tape, Piano)

Chair: Julie Christensen, George Mason University

Paper: The Fin-de-siècle Czech Song: The Music of Neurasthenic Male Modernism (Geoffrey Chew, University of London)

Paper: Between Art and Life: Voskovec and Werich and The Affair of 1934 (Holly Raynard, University of California, Los Angeles)

Paper: The Power of Language and its Subversion: Jaroslav Hasek’s Brave Soldier Svejk and As the Commander of the City of Bugulma (Karin Beck, Columbia University)

Paper: Kill Me, Kill You: Karel Čapek’s Femme Fatale Princess Wille (Lenka Pankova)


30A-2 Literary-Cultural Trends of the Russian 18th Century

Chair: Yekaterina Vernikov, Indiana University

Paper: Anna Ioannovna's Italian Decade and Its Impact on Russian Eighteenth-Century Culture and Beyond (Olga Partan, Wellesley College)

Paper: Orthography as Mirror of Culture: The Case of Sumarokov (Marcus Levitt, University of Southern California)

Paper: Aleksandra Murzina’s Raspuskaiushchaiasia roza: Imagining a Female Readership (Amanda Ewington, Davidson College)

Paper: Nerves, brain or heart? The Anatomy of Feeling in Russian Sentimentalism (Valeria Sobol, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)


30A-3 Revisiting Soviet Literature

Chair: Boris Wolfson, University of Southern California

Paper: Self-Defeating Heroism in Kavaler zolotoi zvezdy (Andrew Hicks, Columbia University)

Paper: Beyond kotliarevshchyna: Rereading Oleksandr Il'chenko’s Novel The Cossack Never Dies (Polina Rikoun, Harvard University)

Paper: “Sud'ba cheloveka”: Andrei Sokolov’s Sexual Metamorphosis (Alexei Pavlenko, Colorado College)

Paper: Myth as Reality: Understanding Anatolij Kim’s Early Fiction (Erika Haber, Syracuse University)


30A-4 International Vladimir Nabokov Society (OP)

Chair: Priscilla Meyer, Wesleyan University

Paper: Nabokov and Olesha Revisited: Inspiration? Influence? Irritation? (Molly V. Peeney, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Paper: Nabokov: Some Possible 'Cryptomesiac' Title Origins (Alexander Dunkel, University of Arizona)

Paper: The Poet in the Prose: Nabokov’s Metaphorical Thinking (Viktoria Ivleva, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Discussant: Zoran Kuzmanovich, Davidson College


30A-5 Imagined Geographies and the Petersburg Text

Chair: Christopher R. Putney, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Paper: Eccentric Elements in a Traditional City: Gogol'’s “Rome” from the Perspective of the Petersburg Tales (Linda Shipley Mayhew, University of Texas, Austin)

Paper: Gospoda Golovlevy as Devastated Idyll (Irina Makoveeva, University of Pittsburgh)

Paper: Eccentric Consciousness in Exile: Underground Delirium in an Epic Domain in Tarkovsky’s Nostalghia and Makine’s Le Testament français (Sharon L. Allen, Princeton University)


30A-6 Technology, Media and Language Teaching (VCR)

Chair: David Danaher, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Paper: Creating a Basic Electronic English-Russian Production Dictionary forBeginning Russian Learners (James Brown, University of Hawaii)

Paper: Online Russian Courses: A Communicative Approach in Cyberspace (Natasha Anthony, University System of Georgia, and Iryna Kozlova, Georgia State University)

Paper: Using Student-made Video for Evaluation of Oral Communicative Skills (Katya Nemtchinova, Seattle Pacific University)


30A-7 Slavic Morphosyntax

Chair: Irina Agafonova, Michigan State University

Paper: The Case for Individuation: Accusative and Oblique-case Objects in Czech and Russian (Mark Eliot Nuckols, Ohio State University)

Paper: Syntactic Peculiarities in Upper Sorbian from a Contrastive Perspective (Gary H. Toops, Wichita State University)

Paper: “Possessive Adjective” Construction in Upper Sorbian: Introducing a New Inflectional Category of ‘Function Adapter’ (Sung-ho Choi, Chungbuk National University)


30A-8 Forum: In Preparation for Golosa, 4th Edition

Karen Evans-Romaine, Ohio University

Richard Robin, The George Washington University


December 30 Session B: 10:15–12:15


30B-1 The Royal Person and the Mythologized Life

Chair: David Prestel, Michigan State University

Paper: Saintly Princes and Princely Saints: Writing the Sacred in Medieval Rus' (Jonathan Stone, University of California, Berkeley)

Paper: Deviant Behavior of Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich as the Trigger of his Success andFailure (on material from Russian and Polish literatures) (Maya Kucherskaya, Higher School of Economics, Moscow)


30B-2 Religious Ideas in Dostoevsky’s Texts

Chair: Nina Perlina, Indiana University

Paper: Eight Temptations of Rodion Raskolnikov: St. Nil Sorsky Psychoanalysis (Nariman Skakov, University College, Oxford)

Paper: Stepan Trofimovich’s Profession de Foi: How to Express “The True Faith” (Charles H. Arndt III, Connecticut College)

Paper: Perceiving Providence in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov (Elizabeth Blake, Independent Scholar)

Paper: The Age of Guilt: Children and Sin in The Brothers Karamazov (Anne Hruska, Stanford University)


30B-3 Philosophy

Chair: Kevin Platt, University of Pennsylvania

Paper: Erotic Rhetoric Construction in Hrygoryj Skovoroda’s Philosophy (Victoria Gaidenko, Khmelnitskiy Humanities and Pedagogic Institute, Ukraine)

Paper: Розанов и Достоевский. К вопросу о нравственном парадоксе. (Natalia Kazakova, Long Island University)

Paper: Thinking about the Unimaginable: Cartesian Traces in Dostoevsky’s Thought (Anna Kaladiouk, Keene State College)

Paper: Bakhtin and Scheler: Toward a Theory of Active Empathy (Alina Wyman, University of Chicago)


30B-4 Russian and East European Film-Makers Abroad (VCR)

Chair: Sylvia Swift, University of California, Berkeley

Paper: Otar Ioseliani and the French Connection (Julie Christensen, George Mason University)

Paper: From High Art to Pop Art—the Americanization of a Russian Cineaste (Steven P. Hill, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Paper: Life and Work in the Community of Russian Expatriate Actors: the Shaynes and Tamiroff (Dennis K. Shayne, Independent Scholar)

Paper: The Contribution of Andrei Tarkovsky to Contemporary Film Theory (Lily Alexander, University of Toronto)


30B-5 The Postmodern and Russian Literature

Chair: Lisa Ryoko Wakamiya, Florida State University

Paper: Mamleev's Shatuny as a Negotiation of the Absolute and the Abject (Jan Terence Peters, Northwestern University)

Paper: Origin of Uncertainty: Darwin and Postmodernism in Viktor Pelevin (Shannon Spasova, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Paper: “Empty Is My Native Land”: The Problem of the Absent Center in Aleksandr Zel'dovich’s Moscow (Keith Livers, University of Texas)


30B-6 Multilingualism, Identity and Language Politics (OP)

Chair: Karina Ross, Ohio Wesleyan University

Paper: Russian as the "State" Language of the Russian Federation (Joan Chevalier, Brandeis University)

Paper: Rhetoric of Presidential Elections: Ukraine vs. Russia (Antonina Berezovenko, Columbia University)

Paper: Russian Language Use in the Multilingual Context of Israel: Looking into a Dominant Language Constellation (Larissa Aronin, University of Haifa, Israel)

Paper: The Intersection of Gender and Ethnic Stereotypes as Reflected in Crimeans' Linguistic Behavior (Mica Hall, Medina Joint Language Center)

Discussant: Keith Langston, University of Georgia



December 30 Session C: 1:00–3:00pm


30C-1 Creating Pushkin

Chair: Raquel Greene, Grinnell College

Paper: Zhukovsky as an Editor of Pushkin (George Rueckert, University of Washington)

Paper: Pushkin not Flooded: Toward the History of the Pushkin Myth and Anti-Myth (Anna Gessen, Harvard University)

Paper: Russkii Bunt: Proshkin’s Film Adaptation of Pushkin’s Kapitanskaya Dochka and Istoriya Pugacheva (Melissa Sokol, Brown University)


30C-2 Identities in (Im)migration

Chair: Jerry McCausland, University of Pittsburgh

Paper: The Fruits of Travel. Vladimir Korolenko's Bez iazyka as an Ethnic Passage (Margarita Marinova, University of Texas, Austin)

Paper: The "Russian from Central Casting": Wladimir Kaminer and his German Best-Sellers (Adrian Wanner, Pennsylvania State University)

Paper: Intergirl Revisited: New Gendered Discourses of Russian Orientalism in the West (Alexandra N. Leontieva, University of Limerick, Ireland)

Discussant: Marina Balina, Illinois Wesleyan University


30C-3 Exploring the Reading Process (OP)

Chair: Meghan Murphy-Lee, University of Arizona

Paper: Reading Russian is Easy: Techniques for Developing Reading in a Russian for Reading Course (Lora Mjolsness, University of California, Irvine)

Paper: Lost In Between: The Case of Russian Heritage Speakers (Ludmila Isurin, Ohio State University and Tanya Ivanova, Ohio State University)


30C-4 Slavic Morphology

Chair: Irina V. Ivliyeva, University of Missouri, Rolla

Paper: Anglicisms in Russian After Perestroika (Olga Yoshizumi, Brown University)

Paper: Vzjamši, Šotši and the Role of Hierarchy in Morphological Variations (Hakyung Jung, Harvard University)

Paper: North Russian Nominative Singular Masculine of o-stem Desinence –e in a Teleological Perspective (Kwon Kyongjoon, Harvard University)


30C-5 Forum: MERLOT: Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching

Natasha Anthony, University System of Georgia


Abstracts Copyright © by their authors. All rights reserved.